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In the ray of God

Do you want to be truly happy in your life? Do you want the integral well-being? This book can be called a route to true happiness; it really is a very serious proposal that deserves the utmost attention for those who truly wish his personal welfare and that of the entire community.

The basic problem that is faced is pressing and always current meaning of life.

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Joseph comment

I define this new book as a route to true happiness. The analysis of personal situations, special cases, and contemporary culture is done with precision and accuracy, without neglecting anything, going all the way to the logic underlying every day.

The proposed solutions are inclined not only towards the psychological or psychotherapeutic discourse, but do you see how the existential problem must be sought in the deepest reasons of the human spirit made in the image and likeness of God.

On this side there are so thorough and profound thoughts that are worth alone to think this book a real gift for those who like to confront the light of his own mind.

Rosa comment

I read the books published by Guelpa brothers, the last "In the radiance of God" gave me many answers and the opportunity to put into question at every argument that it is treated. One evening, while I was reading, I thought it would be interesting, discuss topics that the book contents with other people, I was just reading the beginning. Fantasy? Imagination? Surely I have been conditioned by the title.

As I read slowly, it was formed before my eyes a scene that has accompanied me throughout my reading of the book. I saw clearly and with disbelief, a clearing, a circle of stones, in the circle a fire which gave off heat. Around the fire, young and old people, women and men, deep in discussion, talking about, asking questions, and many questions unanswered. On one side a stream with clear water. High in the sky on a white cloud He was lying on his stomach, with his chin resting on the palm of his right hand, our Lord. He watched this group of his children, listened often changing expression, now enjoyed, now angry, but always with the eyes full of love and so much tenderness. I saw the expressions on a face that only felt my mind and not visible to my eyes. In fact, I could not describe Him.

The question everyone asks him, almost obsessively was: "What is the meaning of my life, because this emptiness inside of me?" and other of this kind, looking at large companies, making impossible dreams, imagining projects that will never come true. If not everything, but the essentials of the many answers are in the book. These are the arguments that answered our questions. Christians will say "coast" travel the road that leads to Jesus, the atheist will travel the road without realizing that that they are following Jesus, then they found themselves changed and perhaps also converted. Reading the book does not do miracles, but it happens that sometimes a book totally changes our mentality. Soon we realize that life only makes sense if you look around and pay attention to the little things of everyday life, the little things give happiness.

You do not need to think about big things. During life, we enrich, with the experience that every day brings us new things, we learn that suffering strengthens us, the joy softens us, a book enriches our mind, it is our food, makes us open. We learn truths from others, we explore what we already knew. And all this is "nothing"? "In the ray of God" is a book for everyone, is a required reading, to be recommended. I remember reading somewhere: a painter depicts Jesus knocking at a heavy door. During the exhibition that the painter does, a visitor approaches the painter and says he has done a door with no handle. The painter replied, that door is the human heart which could be opened only from the inside. Reading this book does not open the door of our heart to Jesus, but it helps us, it invites us to do so. And 'written in my opinion for readers to share with us this wonderful opportunity. Opening the heavy door will learn to love.