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Monastery Friendship is an affectionate and almost fraternal feeling that brings people together in one, and transforms the self into a us. It allows you to participate and share everything with each other: which means rejoice when others rejoice and suffer when the other suffers. Love alone with "a capital" may come to that.

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Quality of the behavior

Friendship is therefore the affection that combines reason with sentiment. The reason is a faculty of where you know things, facts, discern and judge, it intervenes to investigate and establish with each other, when possible, a mutual resemblance life, habits, human aspirations and why no, even in those divine. The feeling as a vehicle of affection that the reason makes it pure and sweet. The friendship from this point of view is an ideal to be pursued with determination because: "He who finds a friend finds a treasure".

In friendship, even if it does not reflect the ideal of a loving feeling, brotherly love, pure and disinterested, it is also possible to always cultivate the desire to have beside a faithful person, trustworthy that can enhance my existence.

Many stressed by this inward movement have sought the true friendship, but with time have been disappointed if not betrayed right in feeling. Here, then, the need to properly screen a priori the situation. After passing this evaluation, you can open one's heart to the good and generous person, able to pursue with the true good.

Others, treacherously, using the bond of friendship to tighten beneficial relations whose purpose is the interest, the passion if not the vice. The report thus set may not be stable and even overcome the difficulties, because when there is no interest or gratification, it breaks. This does not happen in real genuine friendship because it has within itself the capacity to overcome trials and suffering.

Even the friendship that is based on appearance is bound to wreck, because it is deception. In fact it is possible to establish a loving relationship with those who are miserly, dishonest, lustful and selfish? How is it possible to maintain friendship through flattery, the lack of esteem, of fraud, of deception, interest or simply to lean on a group? Friendship cannot be a matter of calculation, even may be just a matter of affection. "A faithful friend is medicine that gives life." (Sir 6:16). There is, in fact, stronger medicine, more effective or more excellent for our wounds, in all earthly things, which have next to those suffering along with us into misfortune or enjoy our successes.

However friendship is always exhilarating experience because the person discovers the joy to meet and share the pleasure of being together, the desire to love one another. In friendship you can share your thoughts and expectations even without the words, it is a feeling among the most beautiful to live because it gives emotions, complicity and gratuitously makes you richer.

The friendship as a virtue gives flavor to all the other virtues, with his strength represses the vices, tempera adversity and moderates prosperity and anything can be enjoyable without a friend. "For if one falls, it can be raised by Comrade: woe to him that is alone, if it falls there is no one to help him up." (Ecclesiastes 4:10). And who has no friends lives in solitude.

Without doubt the best friend possible is Jesus: "I no longer call you servants, for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you all things that I heard from my Father" . (Jn 15:15). He offered the model of true friendship to us when he said: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Mt 22,39). If you think it is impossible to prefer the friend to yourself, at least try to put it on your same level. If you care to be a friend but do not know the feeling then you do not want good, because the model is based on love. In friendship, which is a gift, you can imagine the loving presence of God, because there is always something mysterious in his birth when gushes is not expected because God has opened the doors of the heart.

As you'll find another that is not in you? How can you demand from other loyalty, sincerity, selflessness, loyalty, if you're a liar, unfair, interested, unfaithful and selfish? First you have to find in you the things you want from others and only after you can offer to that person that you believe have the things you want.

The friend who is not afraid to open his heart and offer what is contained in it. The friendship, from this point of view, it is a journey towards friendship with Christ because He is the true light and the summary model from true words: "Love your neighbor as yourself".

Friendship has simple and chaste eyes; courteous and forthright. If there are sighs will be for the sky. Freedoms only to the spirit. The moans only to God because he is not sufficiently loved. The friendship does not survive the shame because it needs the virtues.

The friend becomes an enemy when he wants to lead us to sin, to ruin, to damnation. These are clear evidence of a false friendship whatever sin. If the friend is prey to vice, our friendship is vicious, because it lacks the basis of a sincere and solid virtues replaced by an apparent morality or a sensual look.

Friendship takes time, of silence, of sensitivity to spring from the heart words which are not meant only friend, but describing the mystery of life, and it is something that grows as a gift, because through love yourself , you can immerse yourself in the love of God living as a force within us.

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