Invisible Monastery

Group of Prayer



We want to be the voice of all the suffering in order to share in fellowship, is the joy as well as the suffering. Do not extinguish, therefore, the overwhelming flame of love that is in your heart.

Reply with impetus the love of God praying with us for these needy brothers who are sailing in a sea of suffering. Join the prayer of intercession and you will receive many blessings in return.

Join us

We are praying for you

At dusk, when the sky will light up the first stars we will pray for you my brother who feel the death in your heart, we will pray for you that are sick and afraid, we will pray for you that live in anguish and pain. We wish that our prayer is like a small light of a candle and come to your heart, heating it. We wish it is like a caress that dry your tears or a hug in which everything is repaired. We think of you my brother trusting in our Lord who always listens to our hearts and has a plan of love for all of us.

Intentions list

ANTONYDeliverance family member from all evils spirits
EILEENFor complete remission of cancer
SHIRLEYFor the conversion of my husband
JOEFor me to be heal from anger and hate
MONISHAMy daughter has an untreatable problem
GEMMAGood health all my children
RAYANAFor my doctorate and for my marriage
JOSE JR.Healing of the breast cancer of my daughter
ANGELAFor spiritual protection
ROBERTFor My wife
DEBORAHFor my dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer
CATHYHealing of my spine, the neuropathy in my foot
DEBBIEFor my children
JUDESafeguard of my priestly vocation
ELLENFor a hand tremor
REGINAPray for my children
RENUKAHeal my Sickness
CAROLYNMy father's lung cancer and heart
ROSEMARIETo continue life without my husband
LINDAFor my son
JOHNFor spiritual growth
MARIEFor healing of my marriage
KOVIHealing from spinal arthritis
SARAHFor the conversion of heart
ANTOINETTEFor peace and serenity
VIMALTo get good job
MCHUGHFor my mother's health
OSWYNHeal our entire family
MUMBUAPrayers of deliverance from satanic attacks
ANNAFor restoration of my difficult marriage
JULIUSAssistance in Evangelisation
ESTHERI need to get children
MARYFor financial situation
ROSATo get a job
JANETEFor my total healing of cancer
LORNAFor my total healing of cancer
CAROLINEReceive a gift of the Holy Spirit
ALSTONFor my family
MARIANFor my children
SHARONFor the conversion of family members
KEVINConversions for my family
MARIOFor my wife
MONICAFor secured future
MARINAFor the conversion of my father
IGNATIUSA difficult economic situation
SUNISHPor healihy and work
ALOYSIUSPatience and love to my wife
GLORIAFor my sons
JONGOKTo recover eye
MICHAELFor reconciliation
GALLOFor speedy recovery
CONNIEFor me a new job
INAFor my daughter Erin
DIVYAPray for me
MARIAFor my personal peace
THERESAHealth in mind and body
GEORGEFor my mother Eloisa
LERATOPeace for family
EDNARecovery from illness
THABISOGod's strength in my vocation
SANDRAPeace in my family
PEARLA new job
WINNIEGood health for my son
JACQUILINEA happy marriage and children
MARGARETGod's blessing for my whole family
BELLAGood health and blessings
ROSALIACareer progression
MAETSANEGood health for my family
AUDREYWell-being of my family
PRISCILLAFor my daughter
PEARLPeace in our family
CLAUDIAFor me and my family
MAETSANEPeace in my family
YOLANDEHealth and happiness
TERESAHealth of my children
ANTONELLAFor difficulties at work
JAMESFor all my family members.
JOHNPersonal intentions
ANNAMy husbands battle with cancer
PAULAHealing off blood sugar problems
JUDITHFor peace in the world
PATTIHealth and happiness
IRENEFor all family members
ANGELAFor my husband
CLEAREFinancial and work stability
RODNEYFor world peace
LAILLAA job for my son
THOMASMy wife's health
MICHAELThe healing of Laurie
JOANFor the health of my child
MICKAELFor my mama Gloria
SHEILAFor the marriage
CHERYLFor my health
PAULAHealing in body for Doug
MARYMy marriage
SUZANNEHealing from depression
ELYThat my financial problems
MIRELAFor employment and health
RAMIROFor my brothers
MARILYNFor me and my husband
TERESINAFor my daughter Natalia
MARTHAFor a financial breakthrough
TRACIEFor my husban family
ANDRESMy spiritual growth
CALMy vocation
DARINAFor my health
IVOFor find job
NINAFor depression and fibromyalgia
GEMMARestore to health of my sons
ALLENFor financial difficulties
CORNELIAFor my broken heart
OKEKEFor financial problem
TONYProtection on me and my family
MYRTLEHealth for my fly
JENNIPray for a lost love
ELIZABETHPray for my friend Gordon
JULIEFor the repair of our mariage
LISAI need to learn more about the LORD
DEBORAHFor the recovery of my beloved Miriam
SENKAFor financial freedom
JIMMYFor Mary Elisabeth
JEAN LOUISIn order to recover health
RACQUELPray for everyone
GLORIAThe healing of my legs
MICHAELFor my spiritual being
ERIKFor financial crisis
DAWPray for my Mother
BARBARAFor the families of Natalie
DAWNPray for my Mother
PAULI have problem of vocation
ALINETo recover my lost boyfriend
MAGDALENOJesus to illumine my way
LUISFor the health of Irene
JORGEFor the health
BARBARAFor personal conflict
VIRGINIAFor find job
GIAMPIEROFor my brother
TILDINACancer to the breast
OSCARFor the economic situation
ANITAFor the health of the mother
ROSSELLAFor the depression
GIOVANNAFor the peace in the family
MONICAFor my daughter and my necessity
ELISABETTATumor to the brain
RITADepression and for the job
RENZOFor the health
MARINAFor the conversion of the daughter
ROBERTAFor the health of the father
GIUSEPPINAIn order to join the family
ANNAFor the peace in the world
GIUSEPPEFor the health
MERCEDESFor the health
MARCELAFor Jose sick of cancer
MARIOFor the health
ROSARIASick of Cancer
ROSETTAConversion family
DANIELADifficult economic situation
TONINOConversion and spiritual way
NIVEShealth of the mother
VIRGINIOConversion and guarigione
ANTONELLADesire of a Son
LEONDINAFor having a Son
ANNAFor the daughter and family
CARMELATo do will God's
TIZIANAGift of a son
DIEGOFor the health of Sandra
GIUSEPPINAFor the family
RICCARDOTo recover from the drug
TERESAFor the family
MARIAFor the mother it has the cancer
RUTHFor the mother
ELEONORAFor the guarigione of the mother
CLAUDIAFor the physical health
PIERAFor the health
VITTORINAConversion of Massimo
ANNAFor serious difficulty of the Family
FILIPPOFor the health of the brother
SONIAFor the recovery of Daniele
DONATELLAFor humility of a friend
ALGINAIn order to change the heart
CELESTEPrayers for the pregnancy