Prayer of intercession and supplication for the needy brothers.

Group of Prayer

We want to be the voice of all the suffering in order to share in fellowship, is the joy as well as the suffering. Do not extinguish, therefore, the overwhelming flame of love that is in your heart.

Reply with impetus the love of God praying with us for these needy brothers who are sailing in a sea of suffering. Join the prayer of intercession and you will receive many blessings in return.

We are praying for you

At dusk, when the sky will light up the first stars we will pray for you my brother who feel the death in your heart, we will pray for you that are sick and afraid, we will pray for you that live in anguish and pain. We wish that our prayer is like a small light of a candle and come to your heart, heating it. We wish it is like a caress that dry your tears or a hug in which everything is repaired. We think of you my brother trusting in our Lord who always listens to our hearts and has a plan of love for all of us.

Intentions list

JOE	      For me to be heal from anger and hate

MONISHA	      My daughter has an untreatable problem

GEMMA	      Good health all my children

RAYANA        For my doctorate and for my marriage

JOSE JR.      Healing of the breast cancer of my daughter

ANGELA	      For spiritual protection

ROBERT 	      For My wife

DEBORAH	      For my dear friend diagnosed with breast cancer

CATHY	      Healing of my spine, the neuropathy in my foot

DEBBIE	      For my children

JUDE	      Safeguard of my priestly vocation

ELLEN	      For a hand tremor

REGINA	      Pray for my children

RENUKA	      Heal my Sickness

CAROLYN	      My father's lung cancer and heart

ROSEMARIE     To continue life without my husband

LINDA	      For my son

JOHN	      For spiritual growth

MARIE	      For healing of my marriage

KOVI	      Healing from spinal arthritis

SARAH         For the conversion of heart

ANTOINETTE    For peace and serenity

VIMAL	      To get good job

MCHUGH	      For my mother's health

DAVE	      For Job

OSWYN	      Heal our entire family

MUMBUA	      Prayers of deliverance from satanic attacks

ANNA	      For restoration of my difficult marriage

JULIUS	      Assistance in Evangelisation

ESTHER	      I need to get children

MARY ANN      For financial situation

ROSA	      To get a job

LORNA	      Por mis hijos

JANETE	      For my total healing of cancer

LORNA	      For my total healing of cancer

CAROLINE      Receive a gift of the Holy Spirit

ALSTON ALAN   For my family

MARIAN	      For my children

SHARON ANNE   For the conversion of family members

KEVIN	      Conversions for my family

MARIO	      For my wife

MONICA	      For secured future

MARINA	      For the conversion of my father

IGNATIUS      A difficult economic situation

SUNISH	      Por healihy and work

ALOYSIUS      Patience and love to my wife

GLORIA	      For my sons

JONGOK	      To recover eye

MICHAEL	      For reconciliation

GALLO	      For speedy recovery

CONNIE	      For me a new job

INA	      For my daughter Erin

DIVYA	      Pray for me

MARIA	      For my personal peace

THERESA	      Health in mind and body

GEORGE	      For my mother Eloisa

LERATO	      Peace for family

EDNA	      Recovery from illness

THABISO	      God's strength in my vocation

SANDRA	      Peace in my family

PEARL         A new job

WINNIE	      Good health for my son

MELTA	      Peace for family 

JACQUILINE    A happy marriage and children

MARGARET      God's blessing for my whole family

BELLA	      Good health and blessings

ROSALIA	      Career progression

MAETSANE      Good health for my family

AUDREY	      Well-being of my family

PRISCILLA     For my daughter

PEARL	      Peace in our family

CLAUDIA	      For me and my family

MAETSANE      Peace in my family

YOLANDE	      Health and happiness

TERESA	      Health of my children

ANTONELLA     For difficulties at work

JAMES         For all my family members.

JOHN	      Personal intentions

ANNA	      My husbands battle with cancer

PAULA	      Healing off blood sugar problems

JUDITH	      For peace in the world

PATTI         Health and happiness

IRENE	      For all family members

ANGELA	      For my husband

HELENA	      Re-christianisation of Australia

CLEARE	      Financial and work stability

RODNEY	      For world peace

LAILLA	      A job for my son

THOMAS	      My wife's health

MICHAEL       The healing of Laurie

JOAN	      For the health of my child

MICKAEL	      For my mama Gloria

SHEILA	      For the marriage

CHERYL	      For my health

PAULA	      Healing in body for Doug

MARY	      My marriage

SUZANNE	      Healing from depression

ELY	      That my financial problems

MIRELA	      For employment and health

RAMIRO        For my brothers

MARILYN	      For me and my husband

TERESINA      For my daughter Natalia

MARTHA	      For a financial breakthrough

TRACIE	      For my husban family

ANDRES	      My spiritual growth

CAL	      My vocation

DARINA        For my health

IVO           For find job

NINA          For depression and fibromyalgia

GEMMA	      Restore to health of my sons

ALLEN	      For financial difficulties

CORNELIA      For my broken heart

OKEKE	      For financial problem

TONY	      Protection on me and my family

MYRTLE	      Health for my fly

JENNI	      Pray for a lost love

ELIZABETH     Pray for my friend Gordon

JULIE	      For the repair of our mariage

LISA	      I need to learn more about the LORD

DEBORAH	      For the recovery of my beloved Miriam

SENKA	      For financial freedom

JIMMY	      For Mary Elisabeth

JEAN LOUIS    In order to recover health

RACQUEL	      Pray for everyone

GLORIA	      The healing of my legs

MICHAEL	      For my spiritual being

ERIK	      For financial crisis

DAW	      Pray for my Mother

BARBARA	      For the families of Natalie

DAWN	      Pray for my Mother

PAUL	      I have problem of vocation

ALINE	      To recover my lost boyfriend

MAGDALENO     Jesus to illumine my way

LUIS	      For the health of Irene

JORGE         For the health

BARBARA	      For personal conflict

VIRGINIA      For find job
GIAMPIERO     For my brother

TILDINA	      Cancer to the breast

OSCAR         For the economic situation

ANITA	      For the health of the mother

ROSSELLA      For the depression

GIOVANNA      For the peace in the family

MONICA	      For my daughter and my necessity

ELISABETTA    Tumor to the brain

RITA          Depression and for the job

RENZO         For the health

MARINA	      For the conversion of the daughter

ROBERTA	      For the health of the father

GIUSEPPINA    In order to join the family

ANNA	      For the peace in the world

GIUSEPPE      For the health

MERCEDES      For the health

GIUSEPPE      For a job

MARCELA	      For Jose sick of cancer
MARIO	      For the health

ROSARIA	      Sick of Cancer

ROSETTA	      Conversion family

DANIELA	      Difficult economic situation

TONINO	      Conversion and spiritual way

NIVES	      health of the mother

VIRGINIO      Conversion and guarigione

ANTONELLA     Desire of a Son

LEONDINA      For having a Son

JOSE          For the father ill

ANNA	      For the daughter and family

CARMELA	      To do will God's
TIZIANA	      Gift of a son

DIEGO	      For the health of Sandra

GIUSEPPINA    For the family

PASQUALINA    For the family

ANNALISA      Leukaemia

RICCARDO      To recover from the drug

TERESA	      For the family

MARIA	      For the mother it has the cancer

RUTH	      For the mother

ELEONORA      For the guarigione of the mother

CLAUDIA	      For the physical health

MARIAGRAZIA   Job for Laura

PIERA	      For the health

VITTORINA     Conversion of Massimo

ANNA	      For serious difficulty of the Family

FILIPPO	      For the health of the brother

SONIA	      For the recovery of Daniele 

DONATELLA     For humility of a friend

ALGINA	      In order to change the heart

CELESTE	      Prayers for the pregnancy


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