Saint Therese of Lisieux

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Saint Therese of Lisieux
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Doctor oh the Church

Saint Therese of Lisieux is widely known as the saint who has taught the world the "little way of spiritual childhood" and often spoke of the need to "become small before God" and found "a whole way straight, very short, a small whole new way "to go to heaven.

Anxious that this "little way" to be taught to the Christians, S. Teresa is not afraid to reject firmly the faith of the wise and intelligent. His way of reaching to the sky is the way of simplicity, the way of myths and pure of heart. Treaties complicated, where faith seems to be reserved to theologians and a few elected not interested. Teresa never tires of repeating that the Good News is revealed to the children and that the Word of God gives wisdom to the simple.

S. Teresa in its smallness and humility is the mother and the model of all the children of God emptied of everything, gets herself a gift from the Father. Feels nothing, and God becomes everything. Leaves fertilize by grace, let God act in itself, like a child in the hands of the father.

The extreme spiritual gesture shown by Teresa is leaving the only path that leads inevitably into the arms of God Teresa has no other desire that hide in the arms of God, to be stroked by him, to be bathed in ' ocean of His mercy. Abandonment is the definitive gesture of trust more definitive and authentic, because it is the complete surrender to his will and is the total submission to the will of the Father.

S. Teresa disrupts the church and the world as a "hurricane of glory" (Pius XI). Even during his life there was an incredible wave of miracles (the famous "shower of roses"), which persuaded the Christian people that God credited the "little saint" making it a glorious and powerful. Similarly, there was also a wave of conversions: men who literally felt guided by the hand of this sweet girl.

Even today the whole world is coddling Teresa: it is called the most popular girl on earth. Teresa cries all that Jesus wants to forgive, he wants to heal us, wants to inundate his love, because he himself has need of love.

To Him we go with the weight of our sins. And he is happy to purify. He does not get dirty hugging, while his embrace cleanses us: "Behold all that Jesus expects of us do not need our works, but only of our love. He was thirsty, but said: Give me a drink, the Creator of 'universe called love for his creature. He was thirsty for love".

Therese of Lisieux puts us in touch with his soul. Acute contemplative, rich in experience and wisdom, shows us the easiest route to reach the end of life: to enter into intimacy with God as a Father's merciful and tender toward those who, convinced of his weakness and his own misery, he turns to him with boundless confidence.

Transmits its message in simple language and disarming and shouts that there should be holy, not the result of one man's effort, but a gift of God.

Turning our gaze to Teresa born in us a longing to become like those to whom Christ gives children inherit the kingdom of heaven. You will understand that life is a good thing that the human being receives, without any merit. A gift and a means to receive and give love and so realize the essence of being human: "We need to love and be loved".

Today the whole church loves this wonderful saint, a woman, the youngest doctor of the bi-millennial history. Teaching of Teresa we can and we must get through his life told in the light of a love relationship. One cannot but be fascinated and surprised to see the wonders of God on the soul of this Saint, who had the courage to surrender to his mercy. "If your heart accuses you of sin, God is greater than your heart."

Who makes his own life, an exchange of love, experience the freedom and happiness, but those who allow themselves to steal intelligence, love or faith, give up living and fell in the loneliness they experience frightening even today many people . Situation that can still be overtaken looking for a personal meeting, a powerful experience, an authentic guide who introduces us to a life worth living for that God to whom the little Teresa speaks with his whole life, and intense search continues of his face.

The steps of this route will be unveiled at the location proposed here below, which will attempt to reveal the substance of the rich spirituality of this great saint, for those who wish to begin to inebriate her fragrance.

MeditationsThe breath of the soul.
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DecalogueThe ten comandments.
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