Meditate on the faith

Reflecting on the spiritual condition


Reflection on the spiritual condition is like undertaking a deep and personal journey that leads us to explore our inner self. This journey begins with self-observation, examining our beliefs, values and experiences that have shaped us. It is an investigation of our connection to the universe, our understanding of the divine and our place in the great design of the universe.

The practice of meditation helps us to free ourselves from the constant noise of our mind. Through meditation, we can silence the mind, open the heart and listen to the silent voice within us. This voice can guide us towards a greater understanding of ourselves and our spirituality.

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The breath of the soul

Captured by the "self" man loses the ability to understand God as it is a topic of immediate interest-free. Moreover, the slave of pride and selfishness person does not know who she really is where it comes from and where it goes, does not even know where they come from the energy to face life.

Breaking down this treacherous personal pride allows the space to look beyond the small world for personal gain vitality, to open up to wisdom, to educate the heart and throw it forcefully to the conquest of eternal life.

Every man has in him the desire to enter into direct contact with the divine, beyond all the representations proposed by the official Church. Turn off this desire to devote himself to work, business, lack of time not to spend one's thinking reed, turn off the sun brings the spirit and being in the range where anguished night gloomy darkness.

The society of our times does not seem to encourage the growth of personality capable of serenity and introspection in the midst of the vicissitudes of life. There is much talk of quality of life, but the number of stressed and depressed people is never been higher. There is also the tendency to form standardized individuals, with no originality, which absorb all the same information and consume the same pastimes. The company is also a skeptical world, relativism, in which the basic moral values are challenged.

Pascal wrote: "The unbelievers who have not found God and are living without looking crazy and unhappy." Continues the great philosopher and mathematician: "It is crucial for life to know whether the soul is mortal or immortal, if there is an afterlife after death, if there is a God who welcomes us and judge us." This prospect of winning the infinite life compels us to play to win the great prize of infinite happiness.

However, many are content with a weak mind that neither meet nor satisfy the hunger for spirituality, never completely died down because it is rooted in the soul. It is therefore essential to draw on the meditations to redeem the lukewarm and the addiction accommodative to bring abundant fruit and a new light that can illuminate the mind.

We must regain a renewed awareness of self through the meaning of life. It should renew the relationship with the Almighty and with his brothers, able to regenerate the energy to shake the conscience, awakening the enthusiasm and love for the gift of life. In short, we need to establish the dialogue with God the Creator of the soul through a journey of faith and hope, to achieve that spiritual bridge between heaven and earth, which is essential for spiritual growth and dignity.

Meditating on topics that may answer pressing questions: If the soul exists, the apathy, sin, hell, the value of time, the Word of God and other reflections necessary to reactivate the potential for good is often buried under a thick blanket of indifference.

You can travel through the pages that follow, an exploration, which would find items for personal reflection and return to the breath of the soul.

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If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18:20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

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