Virgin Mary mother of Jesus

Mary the mother of Jesus


Mary of Nazareth is the name of the mother of Jesus. The Gospel certifies that he lived in Nazareth when he received from the angel Gabriel the announcement that he would have conceived the Son of God by remaining a virgin.

Many illustrious Saints presented the Virgin Mary as "Mother of Mercy", the Hope of the desperate", the Queen of the poor", "Star of the sea", "Our Advocate", "Mediatrix of all graces".

The Virgin Mary opens the abyss of God’s mercy to those who want, when they want and how they want; so that there is no sinner, no matter how unfair, who is lost, if Mary protects him.
(Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, De laudibus Virginis Matris)

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Immaculate Virgin Mary

Who is rising like the dawn, beautiful like the moon, dazzling like the sun?
It is a light beam addressing sweetly to Her heart. The hand of the very Holy Mary seeds there where Her Heart is and She makes luminous fruits to grow for being worthy to the brightness of Heaven.

Walker, who, like me, you have heard the call of this tender Mother, of Mary, who still wishes to instruct our small heart in order to inflame it so that it burns more and more of infinite Love.

Even the light is turned white to such presence of Mother, and like the sun peeps out in the morning, shall we ask Mary for the light illuminating our way. Serenity, joy and peace are an exclusive sky for those people able to raise the heart to the infinite love, beating also with a motherly heart; if you search with devotion you will be able to feel Her love towards Her sons.

Very Holy Mary is the Mother who is calling

She calls because she is mother, mother of Jesus and ours, and she loves Jesus handling him our souls and She loves us giving us Jesus. Anxiety and delicacy, joy and martyrdom bloom by her from the same stalk: a no limit love offering her heart, rest for every tired hour, light for every dark hour, and shelter for every threatened hour.


Once again Mary will tell us the good novel, she will tell us all His pain, will repeat us all His love. And she will suggest: "Do, what Jesus will tell you to do" and Jesus spoke with His behaviour and told us what we must do: love God, who is Father, love all people, who are brethren.


Do not reject the invitation of our Mother Mary. It is the most sincere, it is the Holiest, and it is the most effective. Perhaps She has been calling for a long time: her voice seems to grow faint because of the fatigue, to be broken by tears...
"Come! There are many things that only I can tell you, there are many treasures that only I can give you. Come! I am calling you home: the house of the mother is the house of the sons; Jesus’ house is my house, it is yours.
Why are you afraid? Come and rest yourselves on your mother's heart!".

Mary, very loved Mother, take me by the hand

My very sweet Mother, I want to listen to You.
I really need a Mother for my soul.
How gentle voice I am hearing, your voice so full of Heaven!
I am tired of the world,
Which has given me nothing else than suffering and unhappiness.
Tell me of Jesus, of His secrets of mercy,
Drive me to Him, press me to Him
And teach me how to comply with His will.

Going on you will know the basis of devotion to the very Holy Mary, our beloved Celestial Mother, Her life, Her pains, Her great Heart of Mother and through the reasoning of Saints as Bernard, Alphonso, Augustin, Thomas and Therese, you will be driven through a fascinating way to find the most sublime truth. Moreover you will know different kinds of devotion for meeting the wonderful heaven.

Rejoice, rejoice my soul and be glad with Her because
many good things have been prepared for those who praise Her.
(Saint Bonaventura)

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If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18:20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

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