The Demon

Impressive monster

Monastero The eclipse of the Christian sense of life goes hand in hand with the sunset of that reason that with the faith raised the human spirit to the contemplation of truth.

The Church, in the face of a new paganism that advances, has remained the only one to counter the return of irrational passions and atheistic thought that deny God's existence to relegate man to exist for a certain time and then to dissipate in nothing.

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The demon ruthless monster

Men at this time claim that they do not believe in the existence of Satan, but then, without knowing it, fall into their minds, become followers and spread their Maleficent Spirit in all areas of human life. We do not know how it works, otherwise we would be more careful in our work and be more vigilant in thinking because he, who is very skilled, is capable of encompassing evil as a necessary asset. Satan, the Rebel, the Corruptor, the Cursed, with his serpentine tongue, is the Father of lying and attracts us on the path of lies.

Under his lash, Malefic drags the hearts of men into doubt and then leads them step by step to despair. It does not matter much to material ruins but to spiritual ones, its primary interest is to separate ourselves from God and then to work with complete tranquility. Use his cunning and all his charm to sinuous in the darkest recesses of our being, which at this time may seem restful, but that they are just insidious. These shadows may take the name of money, power, selfishness, ambition, meaning, materialism. Moreover, he can take advantage of our pain, the need, the abandonment, the disappointments to win the resistance and let us surrender to his strength.

Satan is tireless in acting. It's around us, it's in the darkness and works to bring it to ourselves. Use atheism, disbelief, indifference, to act openly and enter easily into our soul. Entering with his hellish breath, he destroys all honesty, all morality, goodness to replace them with those passions that seize on the flesh, foments greed, to induce the pleasure of greediness, lust, to lower man to the instinctive laws of the brutes.

The demon uses seduction and lies, hiding and masks for not being discovered. His greatest cunning is to make us believe that He does not exist, so that he can operate in silence and without any kind of obstacles. This modus operandi seems to be, at present, very effective.

To be deceived and not discovered, sometimes it is masked by the angel of light. It also has the power to stimulate human senses, such as vision, touch, hearing, memory, and imagination of every man. The man who moves away from God and his Grace is at the mercy of his disruptive action, he traps him in his networks, deprives him of the will, and darkens his mind. It inoculates its poison and paralyzes the victim by removing the ability to fight against the powers of darkness, and the unfortunate will remain in this state until the last day of his life.

Aid to the action of the demon is provided by the means of communication that are often at the service of evil spreading consumerism, hedonism, materialism, cult of the body and sex through pornography. Man so, ignorant of sin, is perpetually damned forever, a timeless one, extended for eternity, where there is no end.

Sometimes we ask: but the problem of evil is just a philosophical question that remains at the level of thought and therefore suits the change of society, or does this malicious temptress actually exist? Faith, the revealed Christian Wisdom, asserts him with certainty. We do not understand this obvious truth because our intellect has been obscured, betrayed, deviated not only by the Demon, but by what surrounds us.

Try to analyze your heart, if you look at it in pride, envy, jealousy, hatred, desire for power, possess, desire for success, you are in a dangerous condition because these are the roots in which spells of crime, wars and every type abuse generates sometimes unhealthy suffering.

Do you want to get out of this situation to find peace, serenity, joy and trust in the future? Repent and confess your sins, so you will be able to be free, with the acquired Grace and the infinite Mercy of God, a righteous thought and a renewed faculty of acting freely. Think, you can also cut down idols, such as money and more, that had replaced God in your heart. Remember that the way is Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Do not underestimate these meditations because the problem is perhaps yours too. It is written at Valtorta’s dictates, where Jesus says, "I wanted to talk to you because now ninety percent among you is like Eve intoxicated by the breath and the word of Lucifer and you do not live to love but to satiate yourself, you do not live For heaven, but for the mud ... you have killed the soul and the cause is depraved. Verily I say unto you, that the transgressors overcome you in the honor of their loving-kindness "(The Poem of God's Man page 119).

After these brief introductory notes, browse through the following pages, you will be able to know the ordinary action of the demon, how he uses his subtle voice, the cunning of his actions, his way of tormenting us and scaring us, but how to free ourselves from his pitfalls. It is not about academic discussions but about the reality that you yourself have to face to determine how to live everyday life and what eternal destiny awaits you. To weigh between good and evil, between you and God, and it will not be easy because the Tentor will make it impossible to make you direct to the way he is more congenial than that of hell.

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