Saint Joseph


Monastero Saint Joseph, bridegroom of the Blessed Virgin Mary: a just man, born of the lineage of David, was the father of the Son of God Jesus Christ, who wanted to be called son of Joseph and to be subject to him as a son to his father. The Church with special honor venerates him as patron, placed by the Lord in the custody of his family..

In the Roman Martyrology, 19 March, n. 1

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Saint Joseph the Patriarch

The life of Saint Joseph has been truly overthrown by mysterious initiatives of God, initiatives beyond any possibility to understand.

Saint Joseph let himself to be driven lead because he was just and "just" is the man who lives of faith.

Where will the Lord drive him? He does not know it, God does not tell him, He does not explain him anything and he still obeys. It always said yes with his life, not with his words. It had never questions nor doubts.

And how fecund this silence is! It allows that between the word of God and the obedience of Saint Joseph there is not solution of continuity. God says and Saint Joseph does.
"Do not be afraid...", and he does not fear, all troubles end.
"Stand up...", and he stands up, there he is already on the road.
"Come back...", and he is already coming back.
This immediacy of Saint Joseph at any nod of the Lord shows his beautiful inner disposition!

This example of Saint Joseph is wonderful: although he is the head of the house, he is simply in service with a familiarity made of abandonment and of continuous dedication. Saint Joseph does not estimate the life of Jesus and of the Virgin according to his requirements, but he puts his life at disposal of theirs. He does not leave the Egypt when it is suitable to him, but when the interest of Jesus requires.

His patronage is not less or more triumphal, but it is something deeper coming from a lower reality. Saint Joseph makes us to understand the content of the service for the Reign and helps us to be in the history of the salvation those people who believe in Christ, obey Christ and trust Him.

By initiative of God Saint Joseph is extremely involved in the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word:

  • Saint Joseph is the spouse of Mary

  • Saint Joseph will be the putative father of Jesus

  • He will allow the Incarnation to be performed as historical event, as human and social fact.

  • Saint Joseph will be the head of the family of Nazareth, he will support it with his work, he will defend and save it, but still leaving the part of protagonist to God.

  • Saint Joseph is the keeper of the highest and most holy virginity, Mary’s one, and of the immaculateness of the Son of God. And how did he? He did not say: here I am and I will defend both of them, but he disappeared. It has kept the holiness of Jesus and Mary escaping all people’s notice except for theirs.

Saint Joseph allowed the Lord to sweep up and to lead himself on mysterious ways. He gave up understanding and accepted to believe; he gave up to command and accepted to obey.
Nevertheless, believing, he let himself be driven by the Gentleman and He introduced him very intimately in the mystery of the Incarnation and the salvation.

Shall Saint Joseph, this most beloved patron of the spiritual life, help us to be very present only to the heart and the eyes of God, and it will be much better if much more people forget us, so that in disappearing at people’s and even our sight, our ego can get lost in the humble and silent adoration of the infinite greatness of the only God and our Lord.

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