Theological Virtue

Monastery For the Christian doctrine, hope is the virtue for which man desires and expects eternal life from God.

The Christian puts his confidence in the promises of Christ and the support and assistance of the Holy Spirit, to keep the blessed and eternal life.

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When things are good for what hope is needed? The success, full health and the money inebriate the mind and give the feeling of omnipotence. Our energy is enough for us, the future belongs to us and the Welfare of today seems to manifest tomorrow, almost as if it was the eternal present.

The satisfaction as joy fallacious of the possession pushes us towards the belief that we can fold also the destiny towards our wishes, convinced that we can do without aid is next.

Suffering, as a result of time that flows, it can to emerge in our life and determine despair for a destiny suffocated and destroyed by pain. This despite, in the darkness of the suffering can he to be born insatiable need to hope, can to openhorizons of good and revive that spark that it was under the ashes that is to believe in the love of God. In his love, in fact, we can tap into that firmness indispensable to give rise a new tomorrow.

Yes, when evil bites, failure collapses and friends are closed in their selfishness, you feel alone, abandoned and betrayed, then there is no other choice: necessary hope to yet to live. Hope then reveal all his power in give us one day of joy, we will emerge from nothing, from the darkness who had us collapsed suffering.

Hope there will walk on border between the finished and infinity, long the boundary marked by time and eternity , one threshold between the relative and the absolute, between death and immortality, between the abyss of nothingness and ofeverything , between the human and the divine, to be overcome here and now. It is urgent to choose between his own destruction or, conversely, trust with confidence to promises of God, since, until there is life, we can draw with both hands inthis immense resource . Where there is love, there is hope.

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If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18:20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

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