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How to pray

* Environmental and psychological arrangements for praying well.

* Think of a union.

* The prayer of healing a powerful means.

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To pray well

You must free the heart from all worries or trouble that you have accumulated during the day. You must take your mind away from thoughts that chase past events or those of tomorrow.

If possible, find a quiet place away from the noise that affect the senses and distract the mind from meditation. When you find it, the body gets used to pray at the same time, sometimes make up for the bad habits will.

Now you begin to pray meditating on Jesus' sacrifice and the essence of his heart, so there is the flame that warms your heart.

It elevates the prayer of supplication for your miseries and those of brothers.
Open your heart to God's love.
Praise him with Psalms.
Thank him, finally, to the infinite graces received.
Jesus alive is next to you, listening to you, comforts you and invites you to follow him. And you, in prayer and listen to it you will not be disappointed by the immense graces that will be given to you.

Jesus is love. You enter into communion with him if you love in all the extension that he loves. The soul that loves is introduced in the house in which resides the Love itself, then you can talk to him. Prayer is such a conversation, and Jesus does not resist the love that question. "He does the will of those who do his will," says the psalmist.

By Love these divine communications that make happy all beneficiaries who produce such amazing exclamations: "Lord, I beg you, stop the flow of your love ... I'm sick." Jesus attracts the praying souls with an irresistible force, binds them to him, holding them, plunge them into the fire of love which is his Being; ripping their hymns of praise and burning adoration.

Think of union

Think of union with God, through prayer, it may see a blasphemous audacity if not an insult to the divine Majesty, however, if the infinite mercy has deigned to grant this incomparable gift, rejoice.

When the soul enters into communion with the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit, the soul provisions put it in a position to acquire the sense of divine transcendence. Facing on the infinite, the soul feels remarkably small, weak and helpless. Remains as destroyed by the majesty and holiness of God learn to know, in an instant, it’s nothing. And he cries like Peter: "Get away from me, oh Lord, for I am a sinner".

In the light of God, the soul sees itself only darkness and misery, has acute sense of presenting to Him empty-handed, while relives the past before his eyes, heavy sins of infidelity, of resistance to Love.
Before the presence of the thrice-holy soul discovers that the gift of God is free. In the supernatural field, in fact, she has no right everything is a gift of divine mercy.

When faith was put to the test, when you dragged miserable and painful dryness in a helpless, he could not always dominate a little bit of resentment and bitterness. Sometimes, in fact it was next, was there to scold God to leave it in that state.

If then the light, from time to time, was to illuminate the darkness, it seemed a matter of course that God would give similar consolations. You had not realized that in Christianity everything is freely given and everything comes from above!
You are not yet able to understand what it means"the gift of God!"

But when you open your heart to God, you feel that God's action wraps you, that God communicates to you and you should let yourself be invaded by endless Love!
Then the soul instinctively would be grab by itself by the powerful Love of God, but again you would learn to your cost that you do not have the power to reach God by your own initiative. God escapes. He goes to the soul only when he wants, how he wants, to his good pleasure.
There is no way by which the soul can buy with greater intensity the sense of the extraordinary greatness of God. ... "If you knew the gift of God"

Finally, and perhaps above all, receives the conviction that the spiritual ascent is accomplished only through Jesus, in Him and with Him. The soul does not know at all how to go: Jesus transformed the whole, he has elevated you to the level of divine life and introduced you in it. The Divine Master has earned this extraordinary grace, applies it to him and constantly communicates.

Jesus, after having built-in by himself, associates you to his own life, the life which He spreads and lives in his Mystical Body, the Church. So living the life of Jesus, the soul comes to the Holy Trinity as one of the members of Jesus, united to the other, to all the Saints, and first among all creatures, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother.

With Jesus the soul presents the Father his prayer, participating in the prayer of the Son, to his offer, the filial love that the Holy Spirit inspires. The Holy Spirit teaches the soul in order to know the Father and the Son, to speak to them with simplicity and with great confidence. It has no fear, because you feel at home, a true daughter of the Heavenly Father.

The prayer

Particularly suitable and very effective, whether that faith, for those who want to receive the grace of the beloved Jesus. In the booklet that we offer free there are many suitable prayers for every type of request. For those who want to receive a free booklet must complete the form membership is free.

Prayer of Healing

In tribulations, in anguish, in fear
Let my cry, I come to you as one of the apostles in the boat
To your mercy in the storm, "Master, we are lost!".
So You dominate the wind and the sea,
the wind ceased and there was great calm.
Appeases the storms of my soul and drive away my fears.
Deliver me from the fears that do not give me peace.

In the torment of the disease, the pain,
I want to beg like the leper who has gone to you.
Hast given the hand, you have touched him
and said: "I will; be cleansed!" and he was cured.
I'm here waiting, you tend to me your hand and touch me.

When the severity of the disease closes I hope,
I want to cry out like the blind man of Jericho:
"Son of David, Jesus, has mercy on me!"
And despite many reproached, he only shouted louder.
Thou then you called and said:
"What do you want Me to do for you?" and he was cured.

It does not matter if many want me to be silent,
I do not want to kill my hope and succumb,
but cry out even louder: "Jesus, have mercy on me!".
I look forward that You ask me: "What do you want Me to do for you?".

You have relieved the apostles while they were weary and tired
on the boat tossed about by the waves for the wind was contrary.
You have walked on water, and have told them:
"Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid.".

To Peter, who wanted to meet you, you said: "Come!".
When, for the violence of the wind, you became afraid and began to sink,
you ran to his aid and have reached out.
As soon as you went into the boat, the wind ceased.

If you walk to meet thee,
if I'm falling into the abyss of despair
and faith does not supports me, I beg you help me,
give me your hand and save me.

Come Jesus, because where you are the evil cannot be.
You rescue all sickness,
you have answered every cry,
you moved out all misery.

The blinds have regained their sight, the deaf hears, the dumb speaks Paralytics health, the dead life Now hear my incessant cry: "Come Jesus, heal me!"

In your name Jesus and enclosed your power
and only your presence can heal.
I stand before you, Lord Jesus.
Even though I am a sinner I entrust myself to you.
Do not look at my sins and forgive me,
wash me with your blood, and I will be released.

Listen to the cry for help that I feel from the bottom up.
Enter into my heart, save my soul,
Heal from this affliction and suffering.
Touch me and I'll be healed.

Thank you Jesus for everything you're doing for me.
Thank you for your love.