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Monastery The ancient traditions reveal that the language that connects us to God is represented by the feelings and emotions. If our emotions have the power to influence the matter, so it is clear that we can contribute to change.

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The power of prayer

Pray with all my heart, it means to feel the feelings that our dream has already taken place, so the emotion affects the DNA and, through the emotions would we be able to choose a reality that through the spiritual is revealed.

The ancient traditions invite us to prayer to get all this. Therefore, Jesus maintained that if we have faith we can say to the mountain: "Move!" and it will move! We have to experience the thrill as if our prayers were already heard, and at the end of the prayer, activate feelings of gratitude. With feelings of gratitude, they release hormones in the body (eg, DHEA) that strengthen the immune system and sustain life. The chemical changes that occur within us, interact in a quantum with what is outside of us through the essence that unites all that exists. Therefore, when you pray, you must think about how you would feel if your request was already made, and feel gratitude for what we got. Feeling is the prayer, and the feelings are the language. What we choose to get to be perceived as a real fact.

If our life presents us with experiences of pain, how do you change our feelings? If we allow the pain to remain within us without any hope, this can ruin our lives and our health.

Modern science is telling us that everything around us is only a mirror of the emotions that are within us. This applies both to the emotions "positive" that affirms life, love, gratitude, that produce DHEA and the release of endorphins, which strengthens the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve the basic metabolism, stimulate neurological function and improve memory capacity, both for emotion "negative" that deny life, generate fear and anger, and through the production of Cortisol causes an increase in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, lower immune response.

In summary, the experiences of life that cause pain, if they are not resolved, create an alteration on the physical level that can lead to a disease even after many years. The circumstance capable of enriching these adverse events is given by prayer. This virtuous practice allows us to bring to light what is inside of us. When we have realized that we can really change things, we will accept the world as it is. Prayer, in fact, does not change the facts but changes our perception of them and reality, giving us strength and health. We must learn to find beauty where others do not see it.

We must remember the words of Jesus: "Whatever you ask the Father in My name, It will be given!" And again: "Ask and you will receive, you will find; knock, and it shall be opened!" And "Have you not, because you ask not"
(Jas. 4:2).

In the Acts of the Apostles, it is told a story of victory, a constantly developing story. The early church overcame all resistance, overcame every obstacle and no defeats from Jerusalem to Rome, and under the eyes of paganism entrenched most obstinate unbelief. These victories were possible because it was a praying church, prayed all the faithful, not just occasionally, but with perseverance.

The prayer today has the same power as then, God has not changed, His ear listens to the voice of prayer as being, His hand, has the same force as in the past to save. Prayer is the only key that opens all the deposits of the grace and the infinite power of God. What you will get will be exactly proportional to the time and heart you put in prayer.

The Lord is the light, and we are like mirrors, and when we have fellowship with Him, we reflect the rays of His glory in the world. Moses went up the mountain and stayed for forty days with God, contemplating that ineffable glory that shone in his face to the point that, when he came down from the mountain, he had to cover his face with a veil, to hide from the eyes of his fellow Israelites, the blinding glory. Even so we, going up on the mountain of prayer, alone with God, we will receive the rays of His glory, and when we go among the people of the world, will shine for the glory that we contemplated.

"But those who hope in the Lord renew their strength, they put out wings like eagles, they run without getting tired, walk and not faint" (Isa. 40:31). Let us kneel before God and raise to him a constant prayer, sincere and fervent, to free us from every passion, for help in our miseries. Only when our soul is purified, He will make us accept the wonders of his greatness.

A special invitation
If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18:20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

If you want to match the invitation, or just pray from your home, click here and you will find an extraordinary prayer group. You will, therefore, be spiritually united with so many brothers spread across all continents, and your life will change.

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