Saint Rita


from Cascia

Saint Rita is one of the most loved Saints today; she is the subject of an extraordinary popular devotion, because people love her for the extraordinary "Normality" of her daily life, when she was spouse and mother, then widow and finally nun.

Advocate of the impossible cases

The veneration for this small nun from Cascia increases more and more because of several recoveries, conversions, scents and so on.

Life did not avoid Saint Rita anything:

  • When she was very young she was give in marriage to an irascible and brutal man and she had two children. However, thanks to her tender love and passion, she could modify her husband’s behaviour so that he became more docile.

  • Saint Rita shared the hard life of her small village.

  • Her husband was assassinated and in a little time also her sons died.

  • However she did not loose heart, she did not ask for revenge but she could sublimate her pain through the forgiveness of her husband’s murders. She did her best untiringly for reconcile her husband’s family with his murders again, stopping the hatred spiral.

  • She entered a convent where she lived for 40 years in assiduous contemplation, penance and prayer, completely given up to God.

  • 15 years before she died, Saint Rita received the particular "thorn" of that plague which was printed painful on her forehead, causing incessantly the terrible pains and suffering of the thorns crown.

Her life was marked by the cross, as she accepted the pain tightening her soul and tearing her flesh because she understood the wisdom of the Cross. Then she turned her pain into love giving without asking for return and into a sweeping force of spiritual elevation: love praising God although suffering in a purest and highest sort of charity.

Saint Rita diffused the joy of the immediate and generous FORGIVENESS, of the aimed PEACE, of the intense and sincere LOVE for brethren, of the complete CONFIDENCE in God as His sons, of the CROSS carried with Christ and for Christ. She exhorts us therefore to rely on God so that the divine designs happen.

The force of Saint Rita is in her ability to talk to every heart, to share all our problems. No way how sad you are address yourself to her with confidence. She will tun your prayers into burning and appreciated calls to God. Her intercession is so powerful that devout people call her "Saint of impossible cases, advocate of hopeless cases".

Go on and know this humble woman who with is still today our great master. Let’s ask her to intercede for our troubles, need and fears, but first of all let’s ask her to teach us how to accept suffering as well as to forgive heartily, and to make us to settle our mind and heart in God "so that beyond the changing things of world our hearts are fixed there where there is the true joy"

A special invitation

If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18,20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

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