The silence

The silence


Peace in the soul

Speaking of silence may seem a paradox, especially today where people's minds are constantly bombarded with images, information and messages.

We live in an emotional roar in which it is difficult get away, and then you need to find the time to look inside and stop the spiral of so much activity, say or be.

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Silence is the atmosphere of the life of God. An infinite silence, in fact, precedes the revelation of God in creation, "While a quiet silence enveloped all things and night was halfway through its course, your omnipotent word was in heaven, from their royal thrones" (Sab 18.14).

The Word is born by the silence of the Father, and silence work God's greatest mysteries. Jesus keeps a strict silence until the age of 30 years silent and live hidden in a workshop. His Blessed Mother speaks very little. In paradise the soul lives deep in the blessed divinity, with the kidnapped and hidden in God senses.

The more life participates in the flow without time or space of charity which is communion with God, the more silence brand and deeply feeds.

Silence won with the constant hard effort every day to purify thoughts and create the right relationship with God for the conditions. It is a liberating medium that precedes the prayer.

In the silence, when we try to hide our poverty under the roar of thousands of voices, our misery, stripped by vanity and illusions, it reveals with brutality. In the essence of the sounds we perceive our nothingness pleasantly empty and in this way exacerbate the ability to perceive the breeze of God.

In the silence there is constant progress towards perfection, so we must speak little with creatures to talk more with God and the angels, speak little to not use language as a sword, speak little to progress in virtue.

Too glib tongue dissipates the gathering in the Spirit in the multiplicity of words the devil leads us and inhibits charity, patience to misplace, the rebellion, to distraction. Nothing wilts the heart custom as gossip without moderation.

Silence preserves the soul of the disturbance, gives peace, make you courteous, and remove contradictions, anxieties and animosities. The violation of silence causes murmurings, rebellions. It's more excessive talkativeness offends modesty, prudence staggers, disintegrates humility, charity cleared by Irony and discourtesy.

We learn to speak little to purify the heart, a clear conscience, lighten sins and make the sweetest and fervent prayer completing happiness. And vice versa: the words we use to give glory to God and do some good.

To practice silence, keep quiet. We do not participate in matters of this world, do not return to slander, backbiting, useless actions, lamentations, suspicion and no more because judgement should keep only to the desire of God's presence rejecting useless things.

Silence can be compared to a gem of great value that many do not know; you can get even slowing natural loquacity, limiting the inner turmoil smoke accumulating useless words that trigger thousands of defects.

To hear the voice of the Lord privacy must remain silent desires, ambitions, personal interests, false judgments, concerns, worries that the sum of these factors off the inherent spirit of faith. In silence, peace in serenity, it can trigger in our hearts a fire of love that makes us like the paradise of delights.

Not only in the stillness of the soul is more available and docile to the Word, but has abandonment and open to hope. Immersed in silence, listening, supports their desire to dialogue with God through prayer. Dialogs will be filled with love and fervor.

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If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18:20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

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