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All books included in the series have been published with the permission of the Ecclesiastical Authority.

Christian moral texts are, ascetic and theological, suitable for those who, through good and simple meditative reading, want to start a spiritual journey that leads directly to the Heart of Jesus.

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Prayer booklet of the Invisible Monastery

Pray is to open the heart to not be alone, to be listened to, to walk on the path of virtue, to be attracted by the Divine heart.

Let's join our hearts in this wonderful initiative and we can not only help our brothers in need, but we can raise our soul to God.
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In the Master's footsteps.

I Volume
Oh! Man, stop for a moment to reflect, it will not be wasted time, who knows that the intellect is illuminated and heart complaints his rights. Maybe you'll understand a gentle reminder, do not turn away and listen, could rejoice forever. After the din of the world you will find a bit of silence and silence the much desired peace, but little known.

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Open a road in the desert

II Volume
Mary prays and comes as the Mother of all and of each believer. God the Father opens a new road in the spiritual desert of this time strangely invaded by hordes of evil who perpetrated the greatest atrocities in human history.

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One Look to the soul

III Volume
See, the kids when they play, they seem birds singing their joy and you, why are you so disappointed, perhaps the sun warms you, the breeze will not mess up your hair and the flowers do not caress you? Nothing satisfies you because you have sadness inside; constantly push you towards something that could make you happy. Past the moment, you start all over again. Peers, but, in my heart you will see that you are not missing the joy of loving you are being.

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To fly in God's sky

IV Volume
The successful series of the earlier books are all dedicated to the spiritual formation of the Christian. Arising from life lived under the banner of fidelity to the inspiration front. Our Catholic tradition has always promoted ascetic works who have deeply affected the spirituality of great saints and great mystics.

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Within God

V Volume
The basic problem that is faced is hot and always current meaning of life. The proposals are solutions to see how the existential problem must be sought in the deepest reasons of the human spirit made in the image and likeness of God.

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How to meet God’s love

VI paperback volume
he prospect of winning the infinite life compels us to play to win the great prize of infinite happiness...

Some are meek as long as things go to their genius, but as soon as they are touched by some difficulties come on.

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The secret of salvation

VII paperback volume
It is a fascinating and exciting journey in an itinerary of deep spirituality, and not only: it indicates, through a simple and easily actuable scheme, the way of salvation for those who concretely wish to follow the footsteps of Jesus (from the preface by P. Carlomagno).

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