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A day will come in which men will be so tired to hear talking about the man that they will cry of joy when they'll hear about Jesus.
Saint Curate D'Ars

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Our strength is rooted in hope and faith in Jesus Christ. It is he who draws us with the overwhelming power of his love.

Invisible Monastery of Charity and fraternity

God does not want any other thing but our decision; all the rest is done by him. Of undecided souls the devil is not afraid.

Saint Teresa

Prayer is a request to God to enter more and more into His knowledge, to understand more and more of His will, to ask him the strength to realize it, it is a dialogue with the Lord, made individually and collectively.


The authorization granted by the Ecclesiastical Authority both the booklet and for the prayer group, certifies that the proposal is consistent with and is focused in evangelizer the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.

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Now that you stay with us, you can do a virtuous path and help, through prayer from your home, the needy brothers who often despair, are in pain, in the night of evil, knocking as a last hope to the Monastery, for healing and comfort.


A day will come when men will be so tired of hearing about the man who will weep for joy when you talk to them about Jesus.

Saint Curate D'Ars

Read and endlessly reread the Holy Gospel always before the mind acts, words, thoughts of Jesus, in order to think, speak and act like Jesus.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Every day is a day to love, to dream one more day, one more day to live.

Father Pio

To know God we must do purpose of life serching for God..

Maria Valtorta

The prospect of winning the infinite life compels us to play to win the great prize of infinite happiness.

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  • Pray every Wednesday with our book that we send for free, simply request it.
  • If you have any health problems, you are in suffering, no listening to you, send an e-mail and we will pray for you and with you.
  • If you want to fly in the sky of God, he combines the spiritual readings prayer that can inflame your heart. If you want to see some titles click here.
  • If the Mercy has heard your requests Send your testimony and praise God together.
  • The booklets you can find them in these versions.
  • Listen to the words of Jesus: If you do not come to me how can I give you Grace?
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