Corpore et anima unus

Monastero The Church teaches that every spiritual soul is created directly by God, it is not "produced" by the parents and is immortal; it does not perish at the moment of separation from the body at death, and again will join the body at the final Resurrection.
(Catechism of the Catholic Church in paragraph 6, II 366).

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The wounds of the Soul

Every creature would like to try an overflowing joy and an irrepressible happiness where the mind, delighted by so much joy, joins the immense and joyful song of the heart. So the whole being is projected to transcend reality in union and harmony with the whole, in harmony with the breath of the whole creation that rises to the sky. Reached this state would always remain there to enjoy every instant that pure happiness that eludes the investigation of reason, but which is able to ignite the heart.

Exaggerated concerns, morbid attachments, the suffering, but even more the passions, vices wound the soul and prevent it from developing that energy incredible and necessary that only she can tap into the love of God to reach true and only happiness.
If you leave it wrapped in darkness for a long time, wilts like a flower. Obscured by vices and hit in its essence, the soul cannot be open to God's love, and while the body solace of human affairs, groans desolate darkness of the mind.

It is therefore very important to know what are the flaws and the causes of the deep and deadly wound to the soul. In fact, it must find their own miseries, highlight the imperfections, enter the wounds of the heart, down to the depths of his soul where lurk solitary beaches and pains unutterable, hidden sufferings of unsuspecting nature to bring them to light, and correct it. Otherwise, these sufferings preserved oblivion besides not benefit the soul, find a trigger that will awaken them also creating health problems.

It is not easy to take the first step to recognize their wickedness and poverty, as this is to judge severely its work. Nevertheless, you must diligently turn our gaze to the depths to find the passions that dominate and win. Undertook the Battle and its combat do not beat yourself if you fall because it is very easy to get lost in the blizzard of the senses or be overwhelmed by the wild flow of the passions.

To discover the treacherous enemy must understand the consequences of sin, the passions, the unruly desires, impulses that lead to evil. These, in fact, are the wounds that tear the soul and make it unable to escape from the vicious vortex of the failures, the anxieties and fears. The passions are to the heart what the strings are to the harp, which must be harmonized so that we can say: "I will praise you with the harp.".
(Ps. 42,4).

Many devote the majority of their time to meet the yearnings and the many desires of the flesh, so they neglect the needs of the soul and lose the right to enter the real joy. The rest is useless to pursue the lusts of the flesh without being able to fully satisfy, since the end vanish. So it is for diseases that affect the human body, such as the concern of growing old, and anxiety that modern man has of getting old, getting sick and dying.

He tries in every way, by all means and also with eagerness to take care of your body and soothe the physical pain. Perceive in themselves also the discomfort that not everything can be treated with medical therapies because sometimes the disease is in the soul.

In these times, talk about the vices and virtues in addition to being out of fashion is ridiculous and useless. Here are some examples:
  • Selfishness, for example, is interpreted as a healthy love of oneself.
  • Narcissism is almost encouraged by the company because it stimulates investment in the aesthetic improvement of the person, through the excessive use of the gym, cosmetics, solar baths, sophisticated and expensive clothes, holidays in exotic locations, by ship, or who knows where...
  • Envy is identified as a healthy competition.
  • Anger should be expressed without any shame otherwise, they say, can come physical or mental illnesses.
This understanding prevents people to improve themselves, to cultivate the virtues, to convey to others something good.

Fight against evil passions is not to fight against themselves, and for themselves, so that the best of us to appear fully to light. Thus arises the need for a process which will lead to further which are the passions that disturb the soul. Can be summarized in the seven deadly sins:
  1. Pride.
  2. Avarice.
  3. Lust
  4. Anger
  5. Gluttony
  6. Envy
  7. Laziness.
Once started the flight, we can free ourselves from the bondage is, both from the tyranny of evil passions, and retrace a path of freedom with joyful hearts, overflowing with love. All receive God's invitation to convert the bad habits, so that through the grace of God, the vices finally give way to virtue. Browsing the web site you can find out all about the wounds of the soul, its origin, and how to find them heal, just so you can recover that joy long-awaited, so sought after, but never found, because it was hidden among the secrets of your heartbeats. Many are the causes that prevent the soul of being virtuous.

As when the sun rises and is not visible from the ground if there are clusters of clouds, so the habits and bad education hinders the virtues. If you dissolve the clouds, the radiance of the sun becomes visible from the earth, also when they are cut off bad habits, become visible the virtues consequently cease the desires of thoughts, by the light of the mind.

Everybody knows what is good or evil in itself. However, all if you know what is good why do you do what is bad? There is only one wisdom useful to man which God has placed in the natural law and that he can awaken through the exhortations of Scripture to seek in all things the purity of the mind. It is illusory to believe that it is easy to get, because it affects the natural complex of our soul.

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