The Passion

Maria Valtorta


The person

Maria Valtorta was born 14 March 1897 in Caserta Lombard parents who had moved temporarily in this city. She was just eighteen months old when his parents moved to Caserta in Faenza and after some years they moved to Milan. In 1907 his family moved to Voghera, where he had the opportunity to learn French.

On the first Sunday of October of 1908 in Casteggio received his first communion. In March 1909 at the age of twelve he was forced by her mother to attend the prestigious College "Bianconi" in Monza where he received an excellent classical education. After five years of study, the same mother forced her to get out of college to follow his family to Florence. Here she first met Roberto and Mario then both good guys worthy of friendship, but the domineering mother drove them out.

In 1917, within the group of Samaritan nurse and worked for almost two years in the military hospital of Florence.
In 1920 she was attacked by a juvenile delinquent who, unleashing a strong shot on side with an iron bar, the damaged the spine. He remained in bed for three months was the taste of his future full infirmity. In the same year he went with his parents in Reggio Calabria, here that he experienced some psychic perceptions and reappeared enthusiasm for St. Francis.
In 1924 he returned with his family to Viareggio to lead a secluded life. Reading the book "Story of a Soul" by St. Therese of Lisieux, she made the mature decision to offer himself as a victim. After this act is growing dramatically his love for Jesus.
In 1929, he in Catholic as a delegate and let him work there until his forces.
From 1 April 1934 does not get up out of bed, becomes the instrument in God's hands now that his mission is to suffer, to atone and love.

In 1942 he received a visit from Father Romuald Migliorini Mary of the Servants of Mary, a former Missionary assigned to the friary of Viareggio, for four years he became her spiritual director. In the following comply with a request of the confessor and, despite the resistance to reconsider a painful past, agrees to write his autobiography. And in the period of a few months filled with their own writing seven books to narrate their lives without hesitation.
In April of the year 1943 a Good Friday, Mary, for a supernatural impulse, he began to write, as under stress the beginning of a work that will bring it to write intensely between the years 1943-1947 and to the extent reduced until 1953, one hundred twenty-notebooks.
He wrote in difficult circumstances, in time of war. He was sitting in bed and rested the common school books on a cardboard bent knee. And although exhausted by toil and suffering, he wrote under inspiration at any time.
He wrote in difficult circumstances, in time of war. He was sitting in bed and rested the common school books on a cardboard bent knee. And although exhausted by toil and suffering, he wrote under inspiration at any time.

Father Migliorini, in spite of the prohibition of Maria Valtorta to disclose his writings before his death, because she was so inspired, he circulated copies of some writings. And this disclosure fragmentary attracted the attention of the Inquisition, which ordered the withdrawal of all manuscripts in circulation.

Mary, after seeing hang the work, it gradually closed in on itself in a sort of psychic isolation. She had never idled ended up staying idle and limited to mechanically repeat the greeting or the last words of a sentence. He never asked for anything and he let feed like a child.

He died in his room in Viareggio, October 12, 1961, and died as soon as the priest Father Innocent Rovetti, reciting the prayer for the dying then in use, gave her the invitation: Parts, Christian soul, from this world. An extreme act of obedience. She was buried in Viareggio. Ten years later, the remains were exhumed and placed in the tomb of the parents. Obtained permission ecclesiastical July 2, 1973, the body was exhumed and translated in Florence in the Chapel of the Chapter to Great Cloister of the Basilica of the Saints Annunziata, where he is venerated his tomb.
The writings of Maria Valtorta soon reached the streets of the world from the distant countries, without advertising, but with the power of love.

Source of life

Jesus says: You saw my suffering. They have been designed to repair your faults. Nothing in my body was excluded from them, because no man is blameless, and all parts of your physical self and morality are tools that you can serve, to commit the sin.
But I have come to undo the effects of sin with my blood and my pain, washing your individual physical and mental parts in them for to purify it and to make them strong against the trends guilty.

My hands were injured and imprisoned, having tried to carry the Cross, to repair all the crimes made by human hands...
The Feet of your Saviour, after weary and bruised on the stones of my journey of Passion, were slain, immobilized to repair all the evil that you do with your feet, making them the means to go to your crimes, theft, fornication...

My meat you are spotted, bruised, torn to punish me in all the exaggerated cult, idolatry that you give to your flesh and your loved one on a whim sense of affection or even that in itself is not reprehensible but which make it so a loving parent, a spouse, a child, a brother more than they love God .. I did a plague of my meat to remove the poison out of your sense of modesty, not of non-compliance, ambition and admiration for the meat set to return to dust. It is not the meat with the cult that brings the meat to the beauty. It is with the detachment from it that gives it the eternal beauty of God in Heaven.

My head was tortured by a thousand tortures: the beating, the sun, the screaming, plugs, to repair the faults of your mind. Pride, impatience, unbearable, impatience. I made it a body tortured, locked in a casket decorated with blood, to repair everything that flows from your thinking.

And in Cape had their eyes and his mouth was, in his nose, and his language. To repair your looks so love to see what is bad and so forget to seek God, to repair to too many and too much lying and dirty and lustful words you speak instead of using her lips to pray, to teach, to comfort, had the torture her nose and tongue to repair your goodies to your sensuality and sense of smell, so also commit the imperfections that are ground to more serious faults, and faults with the greed of food superfluous, without mercy, who hungry, food that you can afford many times resorting to illegal means of income.

My organs were not exempt from suffering. Not one of them. Suffocation and cough for the lungs bruised by the barbaric lashing and made edematous by the position on the cross. Shortness of breath and pain in the heart moved and made sick by the cruel scourging, the moral pain that had preceded it, the effort of the climb under the heavy weight of the wood, anemia consecutive to all the blood that had already spread. Liver congested, congested spleen, kidneys bruised and congested.

Taken from "The Notebooks of 1944" by Maria Valtorta - Publishing Center Valtortiano.

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