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To fly in God's sky

Perhaps, you has lost the practical sense of the spiritual life and maybe you are not taking into account the truth of original sin and its consequences still lives in each of us. No wonder John the Evangelist says that the "world is all placed in the evil one."

Jesus taught us the word "watch and pray to not succumb to temptation, because the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

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Joseph Comment

An unsolved problem and allowed to grow dramatically in the mind has a devastating effect. In this case the will has, as an imperative and unique thought, the need to find a solution; however, if there are no reference points here arise in us as ghosts fear, anxiety, insecurity and oppression, a mixture of ingredients that make you look insomnia.

A live in peace we will forward towards a dark tunnel, where, as eclipses of the sun, we will be projected into forms of depression that, in the most extreme cases, will also be resistant to the most effective medicines.

The sense of temporariness the refusal to live as the nonsense have devastating effects on the mind and this occurs for the loss of fundamental values. The optical changes to the believer who, sure of the love of God, deals with joy, happiness and faith the difficulties of life certain to win.

Rosa Comment

The Volume "To fly in the sky of God" has shown in me feelings very difficult to describe. My windows are not the jewelers, but the libraries, when I discovered the site of the Invisible Monastery of brotherhood and Charity, after wandering on the Internet and tried other Catholic sites, I stopped. I had the feeling that I had come to the right place, now I'm sure. In addition there were four books to read, my curiosity was such that on arrival. I am dedicated to the reading of the last one, "To fly in God's sky."

I read it fast. With this first reading I have not had an opinion; I have remained, however, confused and inexplicably attracted. I said to myself, is neither catechesis nor evangelization via the Internet, or even a warning made by two fanatical Christian people, as I know many. I am dedicated to further reading, to understand better. As I went on with the reading, my alleged ideas were eclipsed. As I was reading I had the feeling of not being alone. Was I dreaming? Those phrases, those words were fixed in my mind, penetrated into my heart giving me emotions never felt reading a book, I was happy; I was reading the answers to my many questions.

I am a great reader, especially of spiritual books lately, I have a well-stocked library, reading them I have opened my heart, my mind; I have strengthened the desire to know and love God. Despite the beauty, and their valuable content, simplicity of this book, was disconcerting, he has the gift to make you feel part of what you see, you know, I felt part of the book, I lived it, this was the first time that this happened to me, I was in those pages, I lived those words, I heard them live and I felt alive. Old and new sentences, they talk and they make themselves understood by the educated person and not, I'm sure the feelings that are equal for all even if lived and incorporated according to the mood of the moment, according to their own life experiences. I felt like if I was talking with a spiritual father, who explained to me with its sweetness, without catechesis, without imposing, but with the simplicity that only love and humility can give. I sensed a genuine faith, love for God, love and amazement I felt also in me.

I wondered how it was possible that by reading a simple book, re-enactments of events and not be happy. No other reading has given me so many emotions, awakened dormant feelings and joy to learn that it is not necessary to do great actions to be in God's grace, just living their daily lives by eliminating all these defects of character, wrong attitudes towards others, grudges and resentments that do more harm to us than the person to whom they are addressed. Evils that hinder the journey of the spiritual life, and the simple everyday life. If even just one sentence of this reading remains etched in my mind it is sufficient to breach on the street which is called love. And the love you know, health all spiritual ills and does accept the physical ones.

Now I have a real awareness that if I fall, I fall so often and always have skinned knees, God is beside me to help me patiently to get up stronger than before. I have to learn to use my knees just to help a brother or sister who extends his hand to get "the" and "begging for alms" gives her a smile and a caress, because I'm no different from her or from him in the eyes of God and men.

Elizabeth comment

Many today feel lost and empty and run after false idols or dubious ideologies. We are living a moment of confusion, loss of ideals, moral and religious values. The souls wander blind in search of themselves, or worse, have abandoned any research. This rich book "To fly in the sky of God" is shown as an enlightening way to the real goal: the search for ourselves, the Way to the Truth, the Supreme Good. This research, as already observed St. Augustine, is done not "out", but "inside" of us.

The work of the brothers Guelpa introduces and guides the "path" by following the evangelical teachings of the Master. The book indicates what are the steps to take to reach that state of grace that frees us and allows us to get closer, to receive the love and guidance of the Creator.

Eradicate pride, the main enemie of our salvation, our true essence, created to love. Conquering humility, fighting the major sins which darken the mind and soul.

Make ready, finally, to make that inner journey of seven stages (Remember St. Teresa of Avila - "The Interior Castle") which, through great suffering and struggle against the "human" and through a constant and deep prayer which leads to abandon our old and worn clothes to prepare a "new dress" with which to introduce ourselves to the Lord and do His Will.