The word


Group of Prayer

My Word, says Jesus, is the Word of the Father and love of the Holy Spirit. It is a spiritual manna that fills with sweetness and, if preserved and practiced, opens the doors of eternal life and gives a place in Paradise.

I am the Master, I am The One who finds his delight in the children who listen, because you need to live, believe and walk according to my word. I am the Way, Truth, Life. Outside of Me there is no other way, truth and life.


Do not be surprised if you fall through weakness in the fall, because it is natural that the weakness is weak and poverty is miserable. Do not stop to commiserate, stand up and propose to stop offending God. Entrusted with confidence in His Mercy and then resume the moment of the path to virtue.

Do not act impulsively and not fall in anxiety with restless hearts and troubled, because you will be upset because of reason and judgment. Those in a hurry, says Solomon, run the risk of tripping and bumping into everything.

"The presumption of being strong prevents many to be stable; no one will be really strong if you do not feel weak" (St. Augustine).

Strengthens the resolve not to sin again and abandoned confident in the arms of God. Do not doubt his forgiveness and eternal salvation: "Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you" (Ps 54,23).

The Prophet says: "Those who hope in the Lord, shall renew their strength, they put out wings like eagles, run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint" (Isaiah 40,31).

The inspirations that God can give you are perceived as invitations or even as inner remorse you hear come from the heart to shake you, to push you to the virtues and to His Love. Do not oppose, but listen to them calmly, you give your consent; it is the right way to become virtuous and pleasing to God.

Taken from: "How to meet the love of God"

Hear the Word

The Bible is the word of God that speaks to our hearts. Those who want to live in Jesus must hear these divine words that induce wisdom and, through the Spirit, enlighten the intellect.

"If you remain in my word, you are truly my disciples, knowing the truth and the truth shall set you free". (Jn 8.31 to 31).

Jesus is the One who loves God to the very end because he hears the voice of the Father and obeys unconditionally to the will of the Father.

Each one in their own predisposition to listen, pay attention first to know intellectually, then, if growing interest, listens to emotions that the Word has stirred in his heart. These emotions will fall in the depths of our being to guide our actions, to lead us towards a total sharing both towards God and towards our neighbor.

Happiness and joy can be reflected on that of Jesus, in him, in fact, you can find the path of love that allows you to dive on his heart. He wants us to be protagonist of our future in His omnipotence. He wants to welcome us as children to flood us with joy and happiness. She asks nothing, only invites us to open our hearts to understand. It is the voice of love whispering to every heart, is up to us to listen.

The way to be winners is this alliance that should be sought by all means. Thus, convinced of human misery, and some of our nothingness, we appeal to Him who can do everything.

'Oh Lord we seek you. Have mercy on us, so that we can talk to you. Lord hears this prayer that our souls may not fail. Oh God of virtues convert us, show us your face and we shall be saved.

Says the Lord, "I am your salvation, your peace, your life" (Ps 34.3). If you are united to Me you will find peace. Do not worry about what is transitory, but the eternal aims. Thus leaving aside all the superfluous and make yourself acceptable to your Creator, so that you can achieve true bliss.


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