Passion of Jesus



The liturgical season of Lent and Holy Week is an invitation to all Christians to live deeply the mystery of suffering, identifying with Jesus. Here is the turning point of the spiritual journey: the one who understands the value of suffering lived in union with Jesus, it is guaranteed to achieve full identification with the model.
Conchita, o.c., pag.155

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Live the Passion of Christ

The Gospels were born and developed around a fundamental nucleus that is the accounts of the Passion of Jesus. For example, if you took away from Mark's story of the suffering of Jesus Christ, would remain little of his gospel.

In fact, the early Christians were greatly impressed by the death of Jesus on the cross. It is not a minor fact that God's son incarnated for our salvation has been subjected to the cruelest punishment that man could devise.

But mainly because you cannot live the way of holiness unless identify herself with this heartbreaking mystery of suffering of the Redeemer who wants to obtain our salvation through the cross.

St. Ignatius, in the third week of the exercises, aims to deeply meditate on the passion and death of Jesus, assigning each day some milestones of the whole sequence of the passion starting the institution of the Eucharist.
From the book: "I will open a way in the desert"

A cry of love

Welcome! Along this road leading to Calvary Jesus wants to speak to your heart: listen to him!
It's the paschal path winding, in its final part, through the painful and dramatic stages of Christ's Passion and cross to end in the explosion of joy of the Easter after the silence of the Holy Saturday.

Towards Resurrection

It's like a purifying light breaking widely into the conscience of every Christian who let himself be overcome by the emotion of so deep a love from God's son who goes as far as giving all himself for us.

Meditating on the different stages of Christ's Passion has a great power on our soul. It is proved by the peace we feel, by the affections that it provokes, by the strength invading us, by the New Hope is given us.

This impressing darkness falling upon the world the very moment of Jesus' death it's but a symbol of another eclipse, a total one, overhanging the conscience of God's son who has become a man and is experiencing within himself, owing to a free choice of extreme love, the meaning of the complete loss of his Father.

Don't wait

  • If you want to experience his pains to know his immense love for you.

  • If you have a flesh heart and not a stone one.

  • If you are waiting for a sparkle to spring out and set an uncontrollable fire of love in your heart.

  • Then don't wait, listen to what your heart is whispering and start going through these wonderful pages from the book: "I will open one road in the desert".

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If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18:20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

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