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The living and true God ceaselessly calls every person to the mysterious encounter of prayer. This love passage of the faithful God always comes first in prayer; the passage of man is always a response. As God reveals himself and reveals man to himself, prayer appears as a reciprocal appeal, an event of covenant.
Catechism Catholic Church n.742

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Invisible Monastery

The prayer group was founded to all those people who want to pray but do not have the opportunity to leave the house to go and pray, or family impediment, or do not have in their town a group of active prayer.
They can, as well, join our proposal to pray together, from their own home, with many wonderful brothers and to Jesus' words resound in their hearts: "If two of you on earth agree about anything they ask, my Father in heaven we will give it"
Matthew cap. 18 vers. 19


Prayer is one of the real occupations of our life. We are saints by reason of our prayer. Praying is perhaps the easiest thing in this world. The Lord says of the Apostles that they must always pray; therefore this practice must be an easy thing, at least in some forms of prayer.

The stages of prayer

For many, as they grow older, prayer diminishes, because religious life does not develop harmoniously with all the other parts that form the personality.
At fifteen, life develops, while piety remains infantile. Prayer thus gradually thins out.
From the age of seventeen to twenty, while the personality is being completed, poor religious instruction, passive attendance at Mass, inadequate attendance at the Sacraments, kill the spiritual life. We are adults in everything, but not in prayer.
Perhaps we confused prayer with the recitation of mechanical formulae that seemed useless, childish or, perhaps, incomprehensible. No one explained or made us understand that those beautiful words were a bridge between the human and the divine.

I don't want to pray

You do not pray because you have not understood that prayer is asking God for whatever is necessary and convenient for you to live. It is to turn to His Mercy in a filial way, to obtain spiritual and material gifts necessary to live, to come out of helplessness, to bridge the infinite distance that separates us from Him. It is, in short, an ascent of the soul towards God to leave the dark valley of our imperfections.
Through prayer God converses with you, answers you, embraces you, caresses you in a gentle way. You find in Him a Father, a friend, a brother, a burning fire that makes your heart throb with love. What more do you desire?

You should pray

For all those who have lost hope and the will to live. For those who are lonely, abandoned, in despair, bitten in the flesh by sickness, and wander in the darkness in a frantic search for a light, a glimmer, a succour to fill the emptiness of their heart. Interceding for them, through passionate prayer, is an act of charity very pleasing to God.

Your requests

On the Intentions Page on the "Invisible Monastery" website, all the requests made by our members and on which the whole world group prays are published. Our prayer is therefore not a generic supplication, but is aimed at those who are in need and have made a request.

Others pray for you

You can report your personal needs by e-mail and the entire prayer group will pray with you and for you. You too will experience God's mercy and be amazed.

Prayer booklet

To raise supplication to God, for your miseries and those of your brethren, to meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus, to open your heart, to praise Him with Psalms, to thank Him for the graces you have received, we recommend using the prayer booklet, because there it is all there.

I have no answer

When a prayer is not answered, the flaw is either in the request or in the faith. If it is in the request, it is right that it is not answered, If, on the other hand, the flaw is in the faith, then it is right that the prayer is not heard.