We have grouped the questions that are frequently asked before to join the prayer group.

Prayer Group

  • Why was the Invisible Monastery founded...?

  • Why to pray...?

  • For whom to pray...?

  • What are the prayer intentions...?

  • The group can pray for my intentions...?

  • Why should you pray with the book...?

  • If prayer is not answered, there is a why?


Why was the Invisible Monastery founded...?

The prayer group was founded to all those people who want to pray but do not have the opportunity to leave the house to go and pray, or family impediment, or do not have in their town a group of active prayer.
They can, as well, join our proposal to pray together, from their own home, with many wonderful brothers and to Jesus' words resound in their hearts: "If two of you on earth agree about anything they ask, my Father in heaven we will give it "
Matthew ch. 18 vers. 19

Why to pray ...?

Prayer is one of the real occupations of our lives. We are holy because of our prayer. Prayer is perhaps the easiest thing in the world. The Lord says to the Apostles that they should pray always; therefore, this practice should be an easy thing, at least in some forms of prayer.

For whom to pray.

For many with the decreases prayer due to the increase of years, because the religious life does not develop in harmony with all the other parts that make up the personality.
At fifteen life develops, but godliness remains childish. Prayer, so, thin out gradually.
From seventeen to twenty years, while the personality is being completed, the lack of religious education, the passive assistance to the Mass, the Sacraments frequently inadequate, kill the spiritual life. We are adults around, but not in prayer.
Maybe we confused the prayer with the recitation of mechanical formula that seemed to us useless, childish, or, perhaps, understandable. No one has explained or did understand that those beautiful words were a bridge between the human and the divine.

I never pray.

Do not pray because they did not understand that prayer is asking God for everything you need to live and affordable. He turns to His mercy so filial, to obtain spiritual gifts and material necessary to live, to exit from impotence, to bridge the infinite distance that separate us from Him. It is, in short, a soul ascend to God to leave the valley of the shadow of our imperfections.
Through prayer God talks to you, you respond, it embraces you, caresses you in a sweet way. Find in Him a Father, a friend, a brother, a burning fire that makes your heart beat with love. What would you like most?

For those who pray...?

For all those who have lost hope and the will to live. For those who are alone, abandoned, desperate, bites in the flesh by the disease, and wander in the darkness to the frantic search for a light, a crack, a rescue that fill the void of their hearts. Intercede for them, through a passionate prayer is an act of charity very pleasing to God.

What are the intentions of prayer...?

In the page of intentions, placed on the website of the "invisible monastery" they are published all the requests made by our members and on which the whole world group please. Our prayer is therefore not a generic prayer, but it is aimed at those who need and have requested it.

The group can pray for my intentions...?

You may report your personal needs by e-mail and the entire prayer group will pray with you and for you. You too can experience the mercy of God and you will be amazed.

Why you have to pray with the book...?

To raise supplication to God, for your miseries and those of brothers, to meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus, to open the heart, to praise with Psalms, to thank him for the graces received we recommend using the booklet of prayer, because there it is all this.

If prayer is not answered, there is a why?

When a prayer is not answered, the defect is in the request or in faith. If is in the request, it should be not answered, If, however, the defect is in the faith, then it is right that prayer is not heard.


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