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I was totally immersed in material things, especially those that satisfy the body, particularly those relationships that had as its goal the pleasure. After I used people to wrest from them the pleasure so wished.

My morale was perfectly consistent with the non-sense that was in me, so the problem was inside me.

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A life

Then, one day, I realized, through divine illumination, that all the ills of the world can be resolved only with prayers and consecration to God.

Since the age of eleven, dear brothers, I suffered inner torture. Fear has clouded my mind and always has been accompanied by twisted thoughts which removed my peace in God. I was seduced by life and its illusions. I lived with sinful inclination to sexual pleasures, however when I committed evil, I always thought of Christ because behind every sinner is Satan.

True, I was and I am a weak of will man. I graduated without studying and I want to do nothing. I'm nervous and always in crisis, I start reading, but after a while I get tired, I zoned, I do not go forward. I do not know anything. I will not in any expression of life. A force fights me, and bar the way to the victory for me.

In my youth, to relieve my pain, I turned to a psychologist. Nothing helped me; nobody helped me, even people "educated spiritually." I no Priest, I am sorry to say, I found help and peace, indeed I obtained only disappointments. By the time I realized that no medicine can cure me. My problem is worse than cancer.

I got the hell inside me. I lived in idleness, I went through spiritual crises, but no one gave me a support. My life, however, is not over yet and I do not want to die a defeated and sinner. I would like to die after having devoted my life to God.

By the time I realized that all my anxieties, my crises, my quirks concealed meaning: "Seeking God" because it is truth what the Gospel says: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and the rest will be given you more".

One day, I realized, through divine illumination, that all the ills of the world can be resolved only with prayers and consecration to God. Now I recited the Holy Rosary, then I turned on the computer and I searched on Internet sites Web that dealt with the topic of prayer. Always I am visiting these Web sites, but never seemed to me your page. This time Christ wanted to help me making me know your noble apostolate. God wanted to grant my request in to find me someone to help me to pray.

Brothers, help me to find the prayer continues, out of this deficiency that I carry inside and makes me live in idleness and despair. I am ready to pray with you, alone I cannot, I do not know how to pray and for that I ask for help. Please pray to God so that he can get the victory over Satan, and can get out of idleness, despair, sex, and through prayer can become a penitent and a servant of the Lord.

Brothers help me! Satan possesses me because I live in the shadow of God, though apparently I do not have a physical illness.

After joining your group, I immediately acquired serenity, joy and hope. For years I was looking for someone who could help me, but I've never found anyone. I always went on the internet to surf the Web Sites fabulous full of spirituality, but not yours. Even if you were on the internet, for me it was unknown and unseen.

When Christ knocked in my heart I went on the internet and I was immediately on your web site. He made me understand that: "your prayer group was founded by Christ, that Christ wants your prayer group.".

In spite that than my soul is dominated by Satan strongly, my pain, my spiritual crisis, it is my wish to heal. The cry for help has come in front of the Throne and He has sent me to you, so that I could raise it to help our brothers who are left behind and suffer without finding a way out.

Yes, Jesus has opened me a door, perhaps because they are ready to work for him. I was a traitor of Christ and therefore a madman, but now a new dawn has arisen, the bearer of so much peace, serenity and love.
. Massimo