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I was my fault I was away from you, Jesus, as well as I was away from myself.

You saved me from the darkness before the last breath.

Now, I feel emotions in my heart, in my soul and I am in peace.

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Story of a Soul

Master, I'm here to write you while I look at a picture where are depicted the Last Supper with your twelve apostles. Under the framework, in the sofa, I see my mother sitting in my mind with the suffering face for his illness. Now, I feel emotions in my heart, in my soul and I am in peace because I know that with Her I am safe. You Lord loves her, you have always loved her, protect her, and she is now next to you, that you are eternity.

I thank you that she was a wonderful mother, I have faith in you and know that you are my neighbor. As you know, my light, you learned to drive Corrado up to me, I was far from myself, away from you. I admit that his speeches about You I did not understand them, and I said: "Yes" interiorizing and meditating on them. Only later I could not understand. I know, that through them I have just been saved, I was drowning in darkness; you took me by the hair, before the last breath. She prayed for me and I saw you with a white robe, waiting for me to tell you: "Save me!" You approached to me and I felt Your right hand on my head, "Arise Jerusalem! Stripped of your sadness". I cried with joy.

My Jesus, I was angry with you and with the whole world, my days were a survival, the pious nights were often nightmares. Now I hear you, I feel Peace, I feel Love. My prayer is praise for You and Mary. Receive me in communion with me, it is joy to the soul. When I enter in your church, I feel protected, in dialogue with You...

On Wednesday when I knew I had to be operated on, I said, "Lord, I offer you my troubles, and your will it is always done, not mine." Master, I do not feel sad because I see them as signs; I did not realize to be on the path of self-destruction. All the evil that dominated my mind, drop by drop, undermined my flesh, and I do not even realize!

"Corrado thanks! I opened my eyes and I realized how much I was sick!" I can only say to you Master and Corrado: "My fault, my fault, my greatest fault" I could no longer pray and now, I have no voice because my throat is sick. I wanted a family: a man, therefore, not to feel alone, and my stomach is sick.

In my last phone call with Corrado, he asked me a question on trust, saying: "Tell me the name of a friend you trust blindly?" I replied. "I am skeptical to the friendships." After that answer, I asked myself many questions: "How can I trust, if I do not trust anybody? Will I have always reserves? How can I love if you do not love me?"

My Jesus you revealed me that you won my deafness, have faith in you means instantly get the answer: "Yes" in the grace that we ask. I believe the Lord that everything will run the best for me since you are with me, I want to live my life with you and to show others that happiness is only in Your Love. Love is the supreme hope! Love does wonders!

Master Yesterday I was in the mountains and I attended the Sunday mass. In the church there was a beautiful painting of the Madonna of the three hills that surrounds, with a white coat, all of the underlying mountains. In that instant I felt myself surrounded by that mantle. The heart was beating me and I remembered Corrado and all the brothers of the Monastery, all the people who love me and those who, at that time were suffering, my own suffering; then I went on to say: "Thank you, thank you, thank you ..." This is my life again!

These days the Lord has given me the opportunity to meet young people who have lost both parents and a sister, my best childhood friend.
I saw in their eyes the same anger that I had, I know it's not your fault, You have conquered death, you yourself have said: "Father, if you can take away this cup from me." Gently I tried to comfort them, but before you speak, I asked for help to you, thanks to you I have been heard because they know that I know what it means to lose a loved one.

Jesus! How could I bear witness that You are "Hope" without you I have made credible. I remember the words of Corrado: "Julia, it all makes sense ..." Lord, he has often told me about talents. I have always said that I do not have "talent", but he told me that is: impossible, everyone has !! I learned with you to console and to have words of light, at that moment their tears have ceased, Maestro it is a talent? Soon it will come the time of my dialogue with Corrado, my Hope Professor, thanks for this brother who does wonders with You. Praise you for Corrado because one day He will be in your heaven, He brought me back to you, give him all the graces that are necessary to still help so many Souls.

Lord, my new call to suffering wants to be a sign of purification, this pain wants to be an offering to You because You know what it means to suffer.
I have faith in you and the same faith joins me to Corrado and to the Brothers of the Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity and it comes from the heart this song:
"I thank my Lord I am not afraid, because with my hand in the hand of my friends, I do not feel tired and I look straight ahead of me because you're in my way: You. I left behind me, each fear, each doubt, I feel a great joy in his heart, when I think of how good are you my Lord;
Made the heavens above me, made the sun, the sea and flowers. But the best gift that made me my Lord is WAS LIFE and his Love".

Best wishes to you Corrado, because you told me that we are all part of the "Creation". The Lord takes care of all ... A Rose also in the middle of the garbage is still a rose. Thanks I love you, indeed I love you! An embrace with immense affection.
. Giulia