Our Lady of Oropa

Mary in Oropa


Marian shrine

"Mary, our times have upset your maternity needs".
John Paul II - Oropa, 16 VII 1989

In the beautiful conca of Oropa, at 1200 meters, lies the majestic sanctuary of Oropa dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus - Our lady of Oropa -. Marian devotion that is lost in the mists of time.

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The Black Virgin Mary in Oropa

In order not to perish, they came to Oropa in III-II century BC the "Celtic-Ligurian," pushed by the Roman legions. In this place they found sources, streams, large boulders suitable for the worship of "master" female deities to protect the fields, families, etc.. Oropa, in fact, with its basin is a classic Celtic stone circle, where the "Barma", ie the cave formed by boulders transported by glaciers is a "menhir" natural.

And in this cave formed by erratic and sacred to the Celtic matrons, in the fourth century AD St. Eusebius introduced the cult of Mary, carrying a wooden statue of the Black Madonna with the child in her arms. Tradition has it that the saint has gone with him to Oropa a wooden statue of the Virgin, found in Jerusalem and carved by St. Luke.

Since then, the Virgin Mary has extended his Coat to protect all her children in a crescendo of miracles, wonders, conversions, and thanks to the supernatural order. And this abundance of wonders unleashed the gratitude of the faithful, who have built in the succession of centuries of uninterrupted worship, a beautiful sanctuary. A marvel that has been recognized by UNESCO, "World Heritage".

His loving protection was extended upon the faithful, has defended siege from many cities, has protected people from three plagues that in the infection were similar to the scourges of God has restored sight to the blind, made the lame walk, the deaf hear even before the fifty thousand people. Donated by the handful every type of healing, of relief. He released his short due to a suffering humanity who flocked from everywhere to meet and supplications.

Often the suffering humanity along the stretch of road 10 km long, which rises from Biella to Santuario, walk with crutches, barefoot, raising Marian prayers and hymns. All penitential acts which shall give to the Virgin by the handful. Sometimes crutches, no longer necessary for the grace obtained, thousands remained in the shrine as a silent witness.

And the Shrine of Our Lady Oropa, upheld by a loving embrace, these pilgrims and hosted free of charge for three or four days in the rooms devoted to reception, placed inside the shrine. For the poorest were also provided free food.

But the miracle par excellence, the "miracle of miracles" occurred twice at the Shrine of Our Lady Oropa, on people who had cut off his tongue. Well, in them, after his devotion to the Virgin has grown wonderfully and instantly the language. Two miracles recognized by the ecclesiastical law, after the formal process established by the Bishop, which had been summoned and questioned: Doctors, theologians, priests and many eyewitnesses.
By analogy these shocking miracles, but firmly established by history, can be compared to the miracle done for the intercession of Our Lady of Pilar - Our Lady of Zaragoza -, a young farmer who was shot in the back leg amputated two years previously.

Writes in this regard "Vittorio Messori" in his book: The Miracle, survey on the most shocking protect Marian, the first reaction of disbelief from the Catholic, could be not only understandable, but somehow necessary. And not just by atheists, agnostics, infidels, deist or whatever. But even for a Christian, a Catholic himself. Enough is enough: even in the miraculous well that seems to have no limits.

A blind man who finds the sight, a silent word, a crazy reason, the deaf hear ... who can tell us that there has been an error in diagnosis? The growth of a leg cut, or as in our case of a language hub, is something completely different.

This event of overwhelming evidence, the noise began to Europe since the ruling of the trial held in Zaragoza on 27 April 1641 was: "... therefore, we affirm and declare that Miguel was returned .. the leg that had been cut two years and five months before, and that was not a fact of nature, but wonderful and miraculous work, obtained by the intercession of the Virgen del Pilar".

As we will see the following pages, including the Shrine of Oropa the process of investigation leaves no room for doubt.

About Oropa said Pope John Paul II in a famous sermon held at the Shrine of Our Lady Oropa: "How many people have found between the walls of this shrine to the joy and peace of the encounter with God in the eyes of the Mother have read the decisive word, which has dissolved the fog of doubt and gave the necessary extra energy to the will wavering. Here, at the foot of the Mother, they found the strength to renounce evil suggestions to adhere unconditionally to the information demands, but at the same time liberating, of the Gospel."

You can find out the miracles, graces, healings, the miracles bestowed by the Goodness of the Virgin Mary, or the history of the great Bishop Eusebius, the church our lord Oropa, continuing to browse the pages.

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