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I will even make a way in the wilderness

Besides, it is a very open-minded in terms of Catholic orthodoxy that some Catholic publishing houses, of proven loyalty, no qualms to publish, at no "imprimatur", well-being of these impeccable publications in terms of orthodoxy, which may contribute to the establishment of that mentality nonsectarian and truly Catholic Church.

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Joseph Review

The Lord accepted the incessant cries of the poor of the whole world and to the four corners of the universe sends his Spirit to "give life to the broken-hearted, to bind up their wounds." For the fulfillment of this planetary design, the Spirit uses all the resources of its originality and unpredictability, as the wind slips everywhere, arousing new charisms and multiplying them to capacity, taking all the gates allowed by the unit of men who rely on him.

Another very interesting aspect of the book is the theological correspondence between the insights "charismatic" and the acquisition of modern theology is dogmatic and spiritual.

Definitely a masterpiece is the wonderful pages that relate to the story of the Passion, both in view of the dramatic scenes, as in affective and spiritual clarifications, which help to a truly exceptional deepening the mystery of the suffering of God and of the profound significance of the liberation of sin.

There is no doubt, in this book, a unique flavor of liberation and joy as if the words read, have the power to penetrate and lead to the truth of yourself and of your mind, as if someone took you by the hand, you enlighten and leaning back in his heart, he had the joy to communicate its beats, his warmth, his transforming love.

Daniela Review

I tried to immerse myself in the passion of Christ through his mother Mary, this remarkable woman, immaculate, the first place to start than with her YES allowed that might be fulfilled the great divine mystery. The stages of the crucifixion were moving; I cried tears of sorrow for all the unimaginable evil suffered and tears of joy for the unimaginable mercy and goodness. The question that has arisen is this: If we ordinary men suffer so much when we are abandoned by a loved one, what Christ had to suffer for having been abandoned by all? I think that suffering is the only road that leads to love.

Rose review

Reading this book really opens a road in the desert of our hearts. There are descriptions so real that I was touched and enriched both internally, and mentally. Also, how many of us call the Celestial Mother without knowing it! We know the story of his life as the plot of a novel, but not the beauty of his essence. In these pages, you will show in all its greatness and goodness. He urges us gently to act without fear. It reassures us of his love and his help that will never fail. There narrates his daily life made of joys, sacrifices, and anxiety for its sweet Son. She is the Mother who at the foot of the cross has experienced an immense and unparalleled pain for the innocent Son sacrificed on the scaffold.

Here, saying the sweet word "Mom" swells with love hearts. Invoke it becomes really a prayer that gives weight and meaning to the words. Yes, you have an Allied that follows us on our journey and intercedes for us the Almighty.

The Crucifixion narrative is so realistic that every gesture is a pang. You cannot stay with a dry heart after reading and meditating these wonderful pages. I had moments of anger, a healthy rage thinking that today I crucify with my fear, distrust and lack of faith.

I thank the authors for writing this book because it opened my heart making me know the Heavenly Mother. I felt deep and painful emotions that have caused me to reflect on my life.

I urge you, Corrado y Enrico to keep writing not only for me but for many others Readers who wish through the stimulus of strong emotions and meditations finally start the spiritual path that leads directly to the heart of Jesus.

With immense gratitude.