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Life is not a desert              
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If you are looking for answers, although you are a winner in life, if you have no friends or no love, you are in the right place.

You certainly know that today’s essence sinks its roots in infancy, but you do not know that joy and happiness come from the soul as it has its roots in God’s Heaven.

This machine-world does everything to convert you into an idiot consumer, in a happy egoist, in a man enslaved by the efficiency apparently offering you everything you wish. All this generates individuals
who are passive, infantile, neurotic, etc etc etc

Are you happy? Try to answer! Go on and leaf through these pages: perhaps you will find the
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Life is so wonderful that wasting it is a pity: therefore do not be lost in those people who want to see you despairing, do not listen to those people who want to take off all your hope do not pay attention to the discouraged, to those people who want you to become disgustin

  The existence can make you happy beyond and above all human obstacles.
      The true happiness has its origin in the feelings and in those values which have gone across the centuries
Would not you be happy if you were loved by a creature giving you His heart completely?      
      Would not you be happy if you were understood, helped, and liste?ned?
Per un ulteriore saperePer un ulteriore sapere Per un ulteriore sapere
The Group of Prayer
of the Invisible Monastery of charity and fraternity prays for all the brothers in need. If you are a generous person, or one in nedd, come with us, you will be received with open arms.

The Angels
They are being of light, they burn with love of God and are our wanderful allied.
The Passion of Jesus
The extraordinary power that the meditation of the passion of the Christ has on our soul can be experienced with a sense of peace, with strong feelings and with a sense of strength and new hope.
Mental illnes
Angela is struggling with mental obsession and depression like many other people, then she decides to start an impassioning inner journey and she finds her recovery.
Saint Benedict
You will learn about the power of the cross of Saint Benedict against epidemics, diseases and curses of the demon. He is not to be seen as a magic symbol which wipes away all the troubles in our life, but as a way which can help us to overcome them.
Virgin Mary Mother of God
No one should resist to our Mother’s call. It is the most sincere, the holiest and the most efficacious one. She has been calling us for a long time. Her voice seems to have almost grown faint by tiredness, it seems almost to be broken by her tears...
The Sanctuary Our Lady of Oropa
In the Sanctuary of Oropa where itself venus the Madonna Black, have verified Miracles, Recoveries, Conversions and Marvels in big number. Here it meets the Heart of Mary.
Eucharistic Miracles
If the miracle is a sign of the power and love of God, it is at the same time a call to faith because it leads to believe those who have been miraculously healed, and the witnesses of the miracle.
The human mind refuses to believe that the bread and wine can be transformed into real flesh and real blood of Jesus.
Purgatory, the place of purification
Only by suffering we can achieve purification; just like the fire, which burns all the impurities. You can find many brothers there, hoping to receive an act of love which can take them towards the eternal sun.
Hell a terrible reality
The hope is of not to sink in that horror that do not will have ever end.
Saint Joseph the Patriarch
The greatness of this Saint is incomparable and unimaginable. God gave Him power over everything.
Saint Rita from Cascia
Saint Rita is one of the most beloved Saint; she is one saints people most love.
Saint Gemma Galgani
The mystical image of Saint Gemma Galgani with the stigmata, still fascinates us for her unique spiritual and mystical experience. Her dialogue with the Angels, her ecstasy...
Saint Lucy
With her martyrdom, She has left her message of love for Jesus in the history.
Saint Elizabeth from Hungary
The Saint princess who takes care of the sick people and heals the leprosy with extreme penitence and charity.
Saint Therese of Infant Jesus
Holy Teresa of Lisieux upsets the Church and the world with a hurricane of glory.
Saint Francis of Assisi
The life of Saint Francis borders on legend. Francis of Assisi was a young man likes so many thrown in the pleasures of life, but one day had to deal with the call of divine love and it was not easy for him to divest himself of everything.
Saint Anthony of Padua
Saint Anthony from the depths of his heart longed for a new life, where faith could act with full force the total abandonment in God's hands.
Reflections on transcendental meditation to illuminate the soul and discover a patch of sky.
Sin and morality
There are no other rules if not the "Ten Commandments". Ten rules can be summarized in a single rule that is: Love.
Marian apparitions
The Marian apparitions have continued from ancient times until today, while the content of messages has become increasing with apocalyptic traits.
The decalogue
To rescue the man and guide him in time for the steep streets of the world, God gave the Ten Commandments or Decalogue. They are rules dictated from His ardent love.
Heaven is the expansion of the light of God that brings to itself to those who come from Him and that have stayed for ever in his holy look.
Maria Valtorta
Great mystic of our time. For a supernatural impulse, Maria began writing as dictation, an opera about the life of Jesus and other minor works.
Saint Catherine Laboure
The history of St. Catherine Laboure is extraordinary and moving: she reached the point to be one of the most luminous saints of catholicism.
Devotion to the Savred Heart of Jesus
The devotional practice of the Roman Catholic Church of the First Friday of nine months originated from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque following a great promise for detection by Jesus himself.
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