Marian Apparitions


Monastero The many appearances of Mary that have emerged over the centuries to tie those already known to Christians through the New Testament, and are conveyed to us as a fact of church history. Mary with its action as a mediator, clarifying and announcer, over the centuries accompanied the history of mankind.

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Marian Apparitions

During the first century Christian Our Lady's presence on Earth has been interpreted as divine intervention protector and therefore closely related to prayer and grace. A typical feature of the Marian messages of Christianity of antiquity has been the expansion of faith.

Our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego shows the misunderstanding of faith in the Aztec goddess of the serpent Quetzalcoatl Tonéntzin and powerful, explaining the meaning of their true savior. The Aztecs ended up in mass to welcome the message of Mary with the results of evangelization very positive for the whole country.

The Marian apparitions have continued from ancient times until today, while the content of messages has become increasingly apocalyptic traits (see La Salette), where the disasters predicted by Mary with the explanation of their necessity, as a consequence of sin. However, these disasters may still be avoided with obedience to the laws of men of God and the commitment in prayer, penance and sacrifice to stop the hand of God.

Despite appeals from the Heavenly Mother, after the end of World War II, with progress, in affluent societies have become large materialistic ideologies that have excluded many creatures in need of God, prayer and the commandments of God.

On the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the apparition of La Salette, the Bishop of Grenoble was expressed as: "There is a powerful means to ensure our good, is the Holy Virgin! She expects us to please give us his help. She urges us to do so. But we have not given enough value to help her, so she never tires of warning: in 1930 does give a medal in 1846 at La Salette and cries of the devil tells us that winds among his clergy, and so great miracles in Lourdes, Pontmain, Fatima etc.. Wherever the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God spread his alarm!
All of his appearances are tied to one another like a chain of pure love to warn of the dangers threatening the world and are in the world. Unfortunately, this link between all appearances, this talk only of the Madonna is not seen by human blindness.
The tendency is to give absolute every single message of Mary and lose sight of the totality of the speech only. But suffice to note the repeated recommendations of the Mother of God "atoned! Repent! Pray a lot!".

At Fatima the Blessed Virgin calls the dormant conscience of Christians to an immediate awakening to faith and church tradition. Is primarily an urgent call to prayer, especially the recitation of the Rosary and meditated to the practice of communion of reparation. Urgent and impressive exhortation to repentance and conversion.

The pilgrimages to the great places of worship bear witness to the faith of the masses. The motivation that drives the masses of the faithful is the human search for the sacred, the fact that in these places that have a connection with the apparitions of Mary, receives divine grace.

Like the Apostle Thomas, also for us "see" may be an access to "believe." The Gospel of Mark ends testifying that the preaching of the apostles was not a simple story, but was accompanied by miracles, that they might confirm their words with these signs. "And they went and announced the gospel everywhere, the Lord acted with them and confirming the word with signs that accompanied it" (Mk 16:20). Many Fathers of the Church, from St. Augustine to St. Athanasius, insisted on this permanence of visible signs that accompany the preaching and not a less, a concession to human weakness, but are inherent in the reality of the Incarnation. "In the minibus nostris codices, in oculis facta," says St. Augustine (in our hands the codes of the Gospels, in our eyes the facts).

Take part in the feel and see the visionaries directly accessing the living reality of the SS. Virgin Mary, means to perceive and experience in our intimate, this encounter with the supernatural that has appeared or will appear, may raise a strip of sky and open the way of "believing.".

Thanks, Mom or why we continue to renew the invitation to conversion and return to God, teaching with maternal care in a journey of faith and prayer.

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