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Monastery To address this issue, first of all, let us relate faith to reason, indeed, faith does not fear reason, indeed research and trusts it.

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Faith and reason - for John Paul II - are like two wings with which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth. And this desire to know the truth comes from the heart of man, where God has placed it.

Faith - more specifically Saint Thomas Aquino - is in some way an exercise of thought; and the reason for man does not nullify or dissipate by giving assent to the contents of the faith.

And nowadays, where reason gives us many questions, the desire to know more and more deeply the fundamental truths that faith proposes as a sense of existence exists. Here it is, "God, as a source of love, wants to be made known, and the knowledge that man has of Him brings to completion every other true knowledge that his mind is able to reach about the meaning of one's existence."
(Encyclical Letter Fides et ratio).

For all, in fact, comes the time when the need for anchoring their existence to a truth recognized as definitive is felt, which is no longer subject to doubt, certainty of truth, and absolute value.

Faith, then, is the foundation of what is hoped and proves what cannot be seen, in itself does not need theoretical supports because, its roots, sink into the absolute authority of God and the credibility of the content that Reveals it, since it is God himself who guarantees it.

There is no need for scientific and instrumental investigations to believe the child who runs in the arms of his mother because he follows the reason for his heart in perceiving Mother's love. And it is always the heart that spurs a mom to run to help her son to cuddle him, spur him, help him and sustain any sacrifice for him. It is, therefore, the facts that testify the goodness of our actions and show whether and how much it works for love. There is no need for any other scientific evidence.

Now let us try to answer: who was Jesus Christ? How to judge what he taught and did during earthly life? The answer can be deduced from his early followers, the Christians, that to follow their Master suffered persecution and condemnation to an atrocious death. Their fate could only change by denying Jesus, but they preferred to give great testimony by choosing martyrdom. What had they ever seen and heard to become so brave, what burned in their heart so important to overcome the value of life?

The messengers invented new and fierce tortures to stain their faith in these believers, but they were placed on heated chairs, hanged, scourged, reduced to a cluster of flesh that the lions themselves refused; they were proud to spend their lives for the beloved Jesus.

Faced with these martyrs, many spectators wondered, "Who is the One who can die in this terrible way? What a love of love he will have sent to their hearts to give this testimony of love." And many became converted because this kind of supreme testimony shines beyond doubt, faith, certainty, and love.

Faith, to be born, seeks to find out Jesus' pulsing heart through the Gospels. There it is written that the Savior healed every infirmity, recovered hearing to the deaf, the word to the mute, the sight to the blind. He was compassionate with every cry of help, he was so merciful to bring a corner of heaven to the heart of those who met him.

Even today, he urges us to listen to his wonderful teachings to make us walk in his footsteps. The Master has not taught a simple philosophy, but an extraordinarily effective way to transform our hearts. His work has paid him with life, such a horrible and horrible death to witness, beyond any doubt, his wonderful love for us. Yes, Jesus was consistent: doing what he taught, and in fact, proved to be the only begotten Son, and he was the same God Father who gave him witness through his wonders. Then the Apostles also testified to him with life. Can there be a more reliable form of this?

Believing revealed truths is the starting point for having a personal experience of the mystery. Faith is necessary as the air we breathe, and it is the light that envelops our whole existence because it reveals ours tomorrow and makes us walk in the spiritual life, gives us the hope of reaching the promised goal where it reigns to the highest degree, Love and happiness.

Many mystics and great Saints have spoken of God's realities and many others will do so in the future but have failed to translate in human words those realities in which they were immersed, since the things of the earth, even the most sublime and enthusiastic ones, are nothing Compared to heavenly wonders.

This is the kingdom of God, a reality in which there is working Love, a place accessible only through faith, and through it, flying like on eagle wings to approach those altitudes never seen or thought.

Below you can enrich your path to understanding the meaning of believing, the truths and enemies of faith, the teachings of St. Augustine, St. Thomas and the Fathers.

Remember that the foundation of every spiritual journey is inscribed in prayer, and it is only through it that God is near us and can open our minds in understanding those sometimes unknown events.

Of course, there is Sunday prayer, but then, throughout the week, we are absorbed by the seductions of the world and God is obscured by our mind and forgotten in some corner of our heart. Well, you know that there is a powerful group of prayer designed for you so that you can join, along with other marvelous brothers, a wonderful experience of a personal encounter with Jesus alive, through prayer, from your home.

We welcome the invitation of Jesus: "Because where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them." (Mt 21:22) Therefore, not solitary prayer, but communion with other brothers, invites Jesus to be in our midst.

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If you want to come to this joy and acquire the virtues, listen to Jesus' invitation: "All you will ask faithfully in prayer, you will get it" (Mt 18:20). In fact, without prayer, no spiritual journey is possible, nor can we follow the footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

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