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Monastero Below are, by way of example, some testimonies of people who want to thank and praise the Lord with us. For having overcome a problem, a disease, a pain and experienced the infinite Mercy of God.

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I send my testimony. My niece suffering from a very serious pathology got her body paralyzed, according to the medical opinion comforted by clinical analysis. After the prayers the miracle happened, now the same doctors hypothesize a normal life for my niece. Praise the Lord.
. Cristina

Dear brothers, I asked you to pray for my father who was suffering from an incurable disease. Now I inform you that the plea has been heard and my father is on the road to recovery.
. Angela

I asked for your prayers for my nephew who had a bad tumor and my brother-in-law who had abundant bleeding, and despite hospital admissions, he could not recover. Now, one year after and thanks to your prayers, both are perfectly healed. You are angels, thank you so much.
. Graziella

In my marriage there was tension, division, misunderstanding and desire to separate ourselves. Thanks to your prayers everything has suddenly changed. For a few months, my wife and I have attended the Holy Mass and together we receive the Eucharist, we recite the Holy Rosary every day. The way of life has changed and a great joy reigns in our hearts. Thanks for everything.
. Fernando

My son for a disappointment of love has clung to drink and subjugated by vice, he has had problems with justice. Desperate, I asked for prayers and with you I prayed very much. For a month my son has abandoned alcohol and serenity has returned to the family. I feel that God is near me and has met my requests.
. Giuseppina

I wish to thank the group of souls of the "Invisible Monastery" and the Divine Providence which make wonders. I asked you to pray for a young who was in a desperate situation, he is better now, and the wonderful thing is that he has left the psychiatric hospital and is abandoning the drugs. You cannot imagine how great is my joy. Many thanks to the Holy Heart of God that welcomes all and transformed us into health and love. Thanks to all of you, invisible brothers with a tender heart. God bless without limit all men of good will.
. Susanna

The prayers for my daughter worked, the doctors finally found the cause that caused the disease in my daughter. I'm sure God has enlightened their minds and now they can cure it. Thank you so much.
. Carla

Dear brothers, years ago, in a period of great suffering, I turned to you for help, my little act of faith surely joined to your prayers saved me. My life totally changed and now the Lord guides my steps.
. Veronica

Your prayers have obtained the grace; my husband is cured of prostate cancer. Thank you so much.
. Giuseppina

The Lord healed me from a deep depression whose were caused by my sins. Today I am fine and I realized that I cannot live without Jesus. Praise God and thank you for your prayers.
. Francesca

I wish to thank you that after two years of prayers of you and me I got from the Lord the grace of serenity.
. Eleonora

Today it has happened a wonderful thing to be amazed: I received the gift of conversion, my heart has accepted Jesus and His forgiveness. This Christmas will be very special; I wish to receive His light. Thank you for the prayers.

I've always been in love with Christ. How many books I read with passion. I enjoyed reading the thought of the great Doctors of the Church, Christ's friends, but I did not pray. I attended Mass, listening to the Word carefully, I enjoyed in the Truth but I did not pray. I knew the value of Confession and the Eucharist, but I did not pray. How many graces have I received in difficult times but I did not pray. I did not pray because I did not know the prayer. Then, the encounter with the Invisible Monastery. Believe me, It really was, something happened, I became a man of prayer, love to pray every day, invite others to pray, it has changed my life. Yes, prayer transforms lives. Infinitely thank you and embrace you in Jesus.
. Vittorio

With a heart full of gratitude I thank God and you brothers for having met the "invisible monastery", through your prayers I received a flood of grace which flooded my life. I'm happy.
. Anna

For several months I have prayed for my son, that he be free from the vices and bad companies. Today I wish to thank you for the prayers of intercession, since my son has been released from such evils. The grace of the Lord has entered my house. My son has returned to be a good boy: I am very proud of him, now he only brings me joy. Praise the Lord. I am grateful to participate in this enlightened group, which is a channel that the Lord uses to bring his grace to people. The peace of Jesus and Mary's love is with you all.
. Mary

I want to thank your prayers for my granddaughter who was in intensive care for a long time, he has now been awakened: eat, drink and is rapidly regaining health. Praise God.
. Rosana

The mercy of the Lord with me has been great because it has taken me from a satanic cult. It was God taking me off with His Holiness and the Holy Spirit. On my own it would not have been possible. Now we just have to keep praying for the rest of the evil left in me is neutralized. I praise the Lord for making me find the people who are helping me with the power of prayer. I praise Jesus my Lord, for his great and infinite mercy.
Praise our Lord Jesus that listening to your prayers; he healed my father Francisco, 84, of a heart attack and its consequences. Surprising the medical staff, he has come home soon, without signs of the disease. Infinite thanks to our gracious Lord.
. Miguel

I quit smoking and I found work, Thanks very important to me. I will thank Jesus, Joseph and Mary all the days of my life until the last moment. I also thank you, brethren, who have prayed for me.
. Lucia

Invisible Monastery Dear friends: My husband and I were out of work in a very difficult position to sustain, because we had no resources to support our family. Your prayers, together with ours, have reached the infinite mercy of God and the Virgin Mary's grace as required. We both found jobs and feel more serene. I thank you.
. Julia

Dear friends, although a bit unusual, I thank God and the prayers that you have done for me. It was a bad time of stress for cancer progressed in me. Once radiotherapy was made at the Cancer Center we have found in this environment many patients of different ages. My heart clung more and more. It is tremendous to see how many people are suffering from cancer: it's like the plagues of Egypt fall in these times. The worst is over and there is no danger. I can taste the joy of living again. Thanks to Jesus and his infinite mercy and thanks to you who have prayed for me.
. Jeanne

I wish to thank for your prayers: my son who was seriously ill and had no hope of life, has survived and is fine now. Thank the Lord for his infinite mercy. God bless you and fill you with peace for your great work.
. Patricia

I am writing to inform you that, through your prayer, I have received much. First of all, I apologize for being selfish and not considering my progress that has been determined by a sequence of events that I cannot explain in detail, but the important thing now is to offer my testimony. Today, finally, I can sing the anthem of victory and I want to give it to Jesus, because the victory is his alone. Thank you dear brothers and God bless you.
. Ester

Dear friends, I inform you that I am cured. There are some minor limitations, but I can walk normally and cycling. It was a grace reached from the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary by the prayers of the brothers in faith. It also has given me another spiritual grace, which I was in great need. The misery in which I was immersed was "laceration of the left femoral quadriceps tendon": this has been described by the surgeon as rare and debilitating trauma. I deeply appreciate your prayers.
. Mario

Dear friends: I am an old woman and my life was at the mercy of a river of bad and good events, and not acceptable, but this situation has finished. Now, in the twilight of my life, I aspire to elevate and I want to walk safely even with uncertain steps. I want to achieve peace for my soul, but above all to find Jesus. Help me. Praised be God and thanks for your precious help.
. Roberta

Dear brothers: A few months ago we asked prayer because I am going through a very bad period, but I can say with surprise that everything is resolved quickly and unpredictably. I have seen the hand of God every day and so I want to praise and thank him for all he has done for me. Thank you and God bless you.
. Rosita

Dear friends, thanks from my heart. Last summer I asked you to pray for my daughter who suffered from anxiety and depression: his health has improved very much, besides having regained Faith. Thanks. I will also pray for you. A hug.
. Isabel

Thanks to the prayers-my father was seriously sick and he was miraculously cured of a cardiac decompensation and pulmonary injury. I want to praise and thank God for this gift, today and forever. A hug for everyone. Thank you for existing. God bless you.
. Cristina

Dear Brothers in Christ, since I started praying my life has changed. I feel calmer, I live my day with Jesus and Mary returned to my heart and thanks to you I have peace in my soul. I desire to grow in the knowledge of our Savior.
. Sabrina

Dear brothers and sisters of the Invisible Monastery: praised be Jesus and Mary. Some time ago I turne to you to ask you for prayers that iluminated my Vocational Way, because I felt completely tested by God. Now I communicate to you with joy that I am in a community of Passionist Sisters, I'm fine and I'm very happy. I thank you infinitely and I wll continue asking for prayers to develop my mission of charity.
. Giuliana November 8, 2013

Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart because through prayer I feel led to Jesus. I will try to let know people suffering like me, about this wonderful instrument of prayer. I thank the light and heat that I'm getting. May Jesus protect you with His Love and Mercy.
. Giovanni

Dear Brothers, today more than ever, I am happy to belong to this great monastery where God the Father is manifests in all splendor of His Mercy. I wish to thank, with all my heart and soul, to the Heavenly Father, for taking away all my anguish, and for having released me from my problems and given me His love. I want to share my joy with you, my brothers, you have helped me to pray. I will continue praying with you at the same time every Wednesday of my life, so that God pours His mercy in your life. I have no words with which to thank you for your prayers for me to the Heavenly Father. I will continue being a member of the monastery for the rest of my life. Your friend and sister.
. Cinzia

Dear brothers, my five years old son has been operated in a serious condition in the heart. Everything went very well. During the days he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, doctors assured me the full recovery of his health. With the heart of a mother, and on behalf of my son, I want to thank God and all the saints, for the generous prayers offered by us. May God bless you.
. Elisa

I thank Jesus, the lord and to each of you for the prayers in favor of my sick brothers who already enjoy excellent health. One has survived the third heart attack, the second after a violent hit in the eye, lost his memory and spent six months with the tarnished view, but now he can see again, to the third one his medication has been drastically reduced for the panic attacks that had he suffered, and the few drugs that are now taken by him are cheaper. Ii has been truly wonderful, because happiness has returned to our home. May God help you all, giving you strength and hope. Thank you.
. Connie

Dear Brothers, I have gone through one of the most difficult tests of my life. It was horrible and I did not feel in the mood to live, because my life was meaningless. I was defeated by all that I had been done before, and I was not strong enough to restart and would have rather disappeared into nothingness. I was prey of despair, but when I began to pray with you using the booklet prayers I started to feel better the next day. Full of hope, day and night, and with you I have regained the smile and hope. I'm sure now that with prayers I can obtain the gracies that change the quality of life. Thanks to God and to you. We continue to pray together.
. Lucia

I inform you that Consuelo has left the state in which she was from some time ago: she reacts to auditory stimuli, sits in a wheelchair with a brush trying to comb her hair. Do not open her eyes, but with the right hand touches to whom she speaks. This result that seemed impossible was obtained thanks to the prayer group, to the will of God and the Blessed Virgin. I beg you continue begging the dear Jesus for her full recovery. Dear friends, God bless you abundantly.
. Carlos

I thank all the grace I have received since I asked prayers for my granddaughter who was in the process of separation and thanks to the prayers of many brothers, who belong to the Invisible Monastery, reconciliation has occurred. Thank the Lord, all passes by with love. I also asked for my cousin who was missing and she was quickly found. Thank you God. Great and Wonderful You: for You nothing is impossible.
. Isabel

Dear brothers, I'm really grateful that Inés, although unable to undergo surgery for specific reasons to her overall situation, is having a great recovery, almost painless. Thank you for your prayers and may God always bless your work.
. Adele

Dear brothers, we need Jesus, prayer, conversion, Light, Peace, and the Website you have created is a door that allows the meeting with all these treasures. I came across your site. I was the victim of a terrible obsession, fixed thinking, heavy, tough, lacerating, that stole me peace and serenity: it made me suffer terribly. I was a lost soul. I searched the Internet and found you. So I knew that was the only remedy to my insidious evil: Jesus. Only the Lord could save me. And it was the evening when I found your site, He held my hand, I was met again and and offered me His salvation. I began to pray and I cling to the Lord literally, and he has transformed my life in a few years. I have read almost all your beautiful books. In the meeting with you, the Lord has led me back to himself. The Lord works miracles in us, only if we let it.
. Elisabetta

Dear friends, I would like to share with you my joy: Jesus has solved all the problems I had. Thank you. And we remain in communion through prayer.
. Paola

Dear Brothers: of the Invisible Monastery: with joy and gratitude I thank the Lord having tended his hand and his eyes landed on me. I was beloved as a son, he wanted that my two tumors in the intestine, disspear with a successful surgery, and I did not suffer any physical pain. I want to thank all of you for your prayers of intercession. For my part, I felt the need to thank the Lord and pray for all of you who have given your time to pray for me that the Lord will grant me spiritual gifts with both hands. With affection in the Lord.
. Rodolfo

My son is overcoming this phase of transplantation and can go home soon. I still feel confused, as they have spent many, many months and God has not abandoned us. I thank you wholeheartedly for the help you have given me, and I will have life, I am most grateful.
. Paolo

This night I dreamed that I was in church and while I was in confession, I heard a voice saying: "Praise the Lord, you must praise him." Today I surfed the Internet and I have agreed to the words heard in the dream and I found your web site: it was just what I wanted. I think there is a Being stronger than us, he is called God. For two years I have traveled a path of pain, chemotherapy, tac, carcinoma, etc.., To remove the tumor without any warranties. And my prayers were progressively accumulated and multiplied. After resorption altered leaving everyone speechless. Beloved brothers, do not forget to join us in prayer that God always hears our prayers and not forget praise him because He is three times holy.
. Rosa

Dear Brothers & Sisters, When I requested your prayers for me, I was in a difficult situation with my marriage. To be honest I considered it already at its end.Thanks to your prayers, God has showen his light. He guided me and in my home peace and love returned. My husband has not only changed, he even prays with me. I asked the Lord to bless each one of you. Many thanks. together with you all.
. Marta

Dear Brothers & Sisters, I joined the prayer group in order to pray together with you all to receive God's grace of becoming a mother. The Lord answered our plea for now I am expecting a child. I can not express in words my happiness. Thank you.
. Antonella

Dear Friends of the Monastery, I joined the group when my father was extremely ill and recovered in hospital. I asked your prayers and along with mine, today my father lives. However the miracle I consider great is the change in me.When I think of the past I do not recognize myself. The truth is that Love transforms and the prayer is truly a powerful means to intercede. Thank you.
. Elisabetta

I wish to thank God for He liberated me from my depression. I now request prayers for my brother who has a rare form of a neurological illness of which there is no cure for now. I am certain with your prayers he may be healed. Thank you.
. Anna

Dearests, I wish to thank Omnipotent for saving my husband. I requested prayers for his serious heart condition and also diabetic. We have recently done medical tests and it appears that all is well. I also asked prayers for a dear friend without a home and she now has a home all for her self.
. Giovanna

My father was in agony with great suffering. The prayers united my family and my father passed away peacefull to the Lord.
. Eliana

Your prayers helped to save little Giulia. She is now well. I thank you with all my heart and may God bless you all. Now my desire is to unite my prayers with yours on behalf of others in need. May God's glory shine upon us with His endless blessings.
. Roberta

Dear Brothers & Sisters, I asked for your prayers for a young mother, seriously ill with a brain tumor. She was a non believer and due to this it was difficult to help her religiously. Our prayers have obtained a conversion for her and she now wishes to be baptized. She now watches religious programs. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you for the prayer group from the Invisible Monastery.
. Emanuela

While I was in coma, I was operated on to have 40 cm of intestines removed. My lungs were not functioning due liquid forming. With the many prayers recited, I received God's grace - the most precious gift - my LIFE. After this miracle, I will always be greatfull to the Lord for allowing me to live for my children.
. Florinda

Dear Brothers & Sisters, My mother received a miracle. Part of her problem was resolved with an operation and the rest was done by the Lord. Praise the Lord. Thank you and God bless and may He compensate you all. We shall always be united in prayer.
. Elena

God searched my heart and made me believe in Him for what He is for us - the source of life and salvation. I now have peace in my heart and joy and with this I wish to dedicate my prayers for others in need. God has answered my prayers and I praise Him with love.
. Maria

I was without employment and started praying for people in the same situation as me. Suddenly I found employment. For this reason it is important to pray for others in need of help and never stop thanking God for disseminating in our lives and above all the graces that He donates us.
. Rosalba

I would like to inform you and thank you because through the continuous and unceasing prayers my despair and the inner void are on the mend. God is infinitely good and merciful, God heard our prayers and saw my repentance. Now, I strongly feel his closeness and his love.
. Sergio

Dear brothers and sisters, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to pray together with this big group. I am a disable person and I cannot even leave the house and go to pray in some prayer groups, now I found my house and I am sure that the Lord will hear your prayers as mine. Thank you and thanks again.
. Giovanna

I requested prayers for José for his diagnosis of cancer and in order to eliminate this mass of tumor, he needed an operation. During the surgical operation, the doctors discovered with great joy that the tumor was no longer present and therefore, this was indeed a miracle. Further tests were made and this only confirmed that José was completely cured from cancer. Praise the Lord for His endless mercy and thank you all for your prayers of intercession.
. Elcy

When I wrote you, my husband was very ill in body and in spirit. For 20 days he was kept in intensive care and during this time the prayers helped his conversion - he encountered God and went towards Him in peace. I thank you with all my heart for your prayers, for they saved his soul.
. Ana

I requested prayers for Gianna who had a tumor in her leg and she had a passion for dancing and requested prayers for Laura, a single mother expecting another child. She also had a mental disorder. Gianna needed an operation risking the loss of her leg and Laura unable to proceed with her pregnancy due to her situation, she was convinced to have an abortion. Gianna's operation was a success and she completely recovered and went on with dancing. Laura after the prayers decided to continue with her pregnancy and gave birth to a lovely baby girl and returned to live with her family which she desired very much. I never had any doubts that the prayers would not be answered - I have been always absolutely certain. I can not find the words to thank the Divine Mercy and you all.
. Sara

Dear Brothers, I want you to know that since I have taken this spiritual journey, my life has changed. I now feel serene and animated with new energy. I understood that it was necessary to take this journey for my growth and maturity.
. Gabriella

Thank you Friends and Bretherns, of the Invisible Monastery. When it seemed there was no hope, instead, true hope returned. We are all in God's hands and and with His mercy, He never leaves us alone. His ways are mysterious. My economic situation is not completely resolved, but there is a solution. Thank you for allowing me to unite with you in prayer as a group. To pray for intentions is emotional for me. May God bless you all and I send my sincere gratitude.
. Rita

I want to thank the Lord for answering my prayers. I too am very happy for I have found a wonderful person.
. Monica

Dear brothers and sisters, Beatrice is out of the coma, thanks be to God the Almighty and thanks also to all of you who have prayed.
. Giuseppe

I want to thank the Almighty God for healing my daughter from severe depression. Through the numerous prayers God granted this grace. Thank you and thanks to Jesus.
. Maria

My request was for the conversion of my family. Today, after only three weeks, I have noticed the results which came from this prayer group. For many years my mother had not attended church services, but now comes with me to attend the Holy Mass. She is more attentive and I believe the Lord is converting her heart. I have never given importance to the Sacraments, nor have I confessed completely - only in a superficial way, for fear that the priest may think badly of me. One night, all the sins that I commited from the time I was a child to now, came to mind. due to this, I was unable to sleep, for my sins tormented me and so I began to note them down on paper - even the most shameful ones. I kept the note with me for two weeks and in the meantime I prayed to God to help me find a priest of whom I could feel trust, so that I could liberate my soul from the weight of my sins. Monday I was in the church of the order of of my town Standing at the foot of a statue of Saint (Padre) Pio, I asked for his help to find a priest to confess me. I waited two hours. Then an elderly priest with white hair and light eyes entered in the church. He seemed to be a wise and merciful person. Shaking and crying, I entered the confessional booth and asked him to read the notes I wrote of my sins, for I was afraid that the shame I felt would not allow me to talk. The good hearted priest gave the absolution. Because of my great joy, I wanted to kiss his hands or embrace him, but instead, I just thanked him. I then stayed for the Holy Mass in great joy - just as if I won a battle. Now I clearly see the under taking of my spiritual journey towards God's calling. I share this joy with all of you for having prayed for me. Our union in prayer will continue. I pray for all of you. Love you in Christ.
. Carla

Dear Friends from the Invisible Monastery, I wish to thank you all for your prayers. My husband's operation went well after a prosthesis was inserted in his knee. A warm embrace.
. Bruna

God's mercy changed my life. I marvel this gift and wish to communicate to the entire world the greatness of the Divine Mercy. When the hand knocks the door of your heart, do not refuse Him. Meditate with your conscience and open the doors without hesitating.
. Gioia

Jesus is as merciful as the week in which I received the request for divorce from my husband left me trembling and hopeless; I received the book of prayer of the "invisible monastery". It was for me a sign of the love of Jesus I felt always at my side, ready to take off my feeling of sadness. My parents like my friends admired the strength with which it dealt with the separation, but it was the Lord who worked great wonders for me. Past the worst period of my life, I wish to join with you to intercede for those in need of the mercy of Jesus every day I want to thank, praise and bless you all thank Jesus for this important and beautiful prayer initiative. The peace of Christ is with you always.
. Flávia

I want to praise the Lord and thank Him for the return of my boyfriend. Thank you Bretherns, for our prayers reached Heaven. Praise be the Lord for His infinite mercy.
. Rosilene

Since I started to pray with the book you sent me has changed my life. God is revealing to me what I should do to improve his kingdom on earth. Thanks to all and a fraternal embrace.
. Hiran

I would like to thank you for the prayers you lifted up to heaven because my husband came home. He is back and we are now living together. Thank God we are facing difficulties in a positive way.
. Martha

I am writing you to thank you very much. From the moment I have come to meet you, something incredible has happened. My situation has changed considerably better. First of all I feel such serenity that I have never felt before and then, the employment I was earnestly seeking came about in a short time. This is thanks to you. I will continue praying every Wednesday with the hope of finding one day my true conversion. An embrace.
. Alessandro

I am writing to thank you very much. Since I have known, is an amazing thing happened, my situation began to change significantly for the better. First of all I started to feel a serenity never before, and by the way my intention to find work has been heard in fast times. And thanks to you. I will continue to pray every Wednesday with the hope to one day find the true and final conversion. I embrace you.
. Alex

I wrote a few days ago asking for prayers for the intentions and the benefits were amazing. The Lord truly works through the prayers of intercession. Now I wish to offer my prayers for you. Many thanks.
. Pablo

Thank you Lord! In the end, sure I'd be heard. I finally found work. A heartfelt thanks to all those who prayed for us. The Lord reward you.
. Marina

I am writing to tell you the path of light that the Lord wanted covered. My life experiences have been very painful and suffered, but now I can say that the dark moments are the light of the resurrection. When I discovered I was pregnant the father decides that the child not be born, and I already mother agreed reluctantly. The grace of God was already on its way to me. Here comes the fateful day and with fear I went to the hospital with my husband ... In presence of the doctor, my husband took me aside and said: "let's go home, for this baby will be born". Now I have a wonderful little girl.
. Daniel

Dear Friends of the Monastery invisible, I would like to thank you for your prayers dedicated to save my marriage. I'm fine with my husband. God bless you all.
. Lucien

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, for some time now, I have felt the Lord's calling. In order to be close to Him, I did it through prayer and therefore, I came to meet the Invisible Monastery. We are a humble family and together with you, we received the Divine Mercy of God through prayer and with this, our prayers were answered - God noticed our sacrifices. Our daughter has completed her studies and has found a good job. A warm embrace.
. Josephine

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I want to inform you that the surgical operation my sister had on her head, went well, although, at first, the doctors stated that she needed a second operation because the first was not satisfactory, After two weeks and with further tests, the results were that she did not need the second operation after all. I am extremely happy that with this news, God gave me a wonderful gift. What can I say? I am happy to have met you all. An embrace in Jesus and Mary.
. Federica

I want to thank God for Henry's recovery. It seems that the tumour has disappeared and there is no reason for the operation. The biopsy was negative. Due to this, it has brought him closer to the Lord - from something bad has transformed into something good. Thank you Lord Jesus and all of you who have prayed.
. Isabella

Dearest, I wish to convey to the "invisible monastery" that our prayers were answered. Finally after many years of suffering for sentimental reasons, I met a good person, who loves me very much. Sending you a warm greeting and thank you for your help.
. Claudia

After receiving the prayer book from Invisible Monastery, my prayers have now increased. Within my family, there is now dialogue and a much better relationship. My parents have become more harmonious. It is more than I could hope for. I myself have come out of a dark period of my life of which I could not see a glimpse of light. I now understand the meaning of life.
. Daniela

I am healed from a very aggressive form of lymphoma. I want to thank all the people who prayed on my behalf to the Omnipotent. In my limited and imperfect faith, I feel Jesus, the Angels and the Saints close to me. I wish to improve for the teachings of Jesus is the only way to better the world.
. Fiorella

I prayed with you for the return of my husband who has abandoned me and my son, leaving us in a disastrous economic situation. He still has not returned, but on the other hand many people have offered their help. Their kindness has comforted our tears.
. Virna

My husband found employment and my son does not keep bad company any more. Thank you all for praying for them.
. Ilenia

I pray every Wednesday together with you all for the intentions of every one of the Invisible Monastery. I have great joy and lots of faith - raising my heart to Jesus, saying: help Lord those whom I do not know personally and feel the need to ask for them. I thank God for the presence of the Invisible Monastery which I discovered through internet. God bless you.
. Regina Elena

Thanks to your prayers, my daughter is out of coma. Her brain can now be operated. Let us pray together for another miracle, that she may live a normal life.
. Tiziana

The mercy of God has fulfilled all my requests. May His will be done.
. Mario

I bear testimony that my prayers have been answered. I underwent a court trial for a lawsuit unfairly against me. I praise and bless the Lord for the acquittal declared in my favour. Also thank you bretherns.
. Teresina

The Lord's mercy was so great for me I want to bear witness to his love. My son took drugs and is coming back little by little and with much struggle to live sober. I want to thank God and ask you to continue to pray for him so that he can live a day without drugs. Praised be God for ever.
. Heloisa

Dear brothers, I want to bear witness to the grace that God has given me, I confessed to the age of seven when I first communion, the shame of my sins prevented me from rushing to the Holy Mass and receive Communion. Today God gave me the strength to do it and I think I will start a new life, taking part in the Mass and the sacraments. I pray that the book you sent me and it was a blessing for me, thanks to this book I knew the chaplet of divine mercy that has become my favorite.
. Lara

Dear Friends, I am Angela and I asked for prayers due to an operation I needed. The surgery went well and the doctors and nurses were amazed that I had no side effects which normally comes with this type of operation. Close to my bed, there was an Orthodox lady who was amazed to see me on my feet in such a short time and exclaimed: "But then, the people who prayed for you must have used strong prayers". Thank you with all my heart and I will continue prayer every Wednesday with you all.
. Angela

Dear Brothers in Christ Jesus, I wish to make testimony. For some time I suffered of osteoarthritis and due to this, I underwent surgery on my right femur: it would have changed the articulation with the insertion of a prothesis in my knee. After receiving the prayer book, I dedicated myself to follow the prayers every Wednesday at the given time and with this I became closer to our Heavenly Father. The Lord answered our prayers and healed me. This came as a miracle according to the plans of the Divine Mercy. May God the King of the Universe be forever blessed, praised and thanked and as for you Bretherns, may God bless you all, send you spirituality in abundance, enlighten you and keep you in good health.
. Marta Ines

I want to thank God for He has answered our prayers. My children found what they desired for employment and I found harmony within the family. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, for great is His ministry.
. Cristian

My name is Luigia and for more than one year, I pray with you. Despite my gynecological problems, I desired a child. A few days ago, I was informed that I'm pregnant and this for me is a miracle, since my husband is almost sterile. With my testimony, I wish to praise and thank the Lord for his great mercy.
. Luiga

The Lord's mercy has come upon my family by removing problems which seemed difficult to resolve and with this keeping us all in a nervous state. The Lord has answered us and we wish to bear witness to the glory of God the Father.
. Sergio

Dear brothers I send you my testimony of faith: Last year I asked for your help in praying for the healing of my sister who suffered from breast cancer. Today, after treatment, the oncologist said that she is cured. I praise the Lord and the Holy Virgin for this healing. I would like to express my gratitude to the people of the monastery who prayed with me for her.
. Belarmina

The Lord had pity on me and cuddled me with His love. He loved me even when I sinned, came looking for me when I was in the pit of death when He embraced me and pulled me out. I am still cleaning away the dirt from sin, but I am certain that with Him I will rise. The peace of Christ.
. Mariadele

With prayers a great miracle has happened. My aunt was healed by Jesus Christ of throat cancer. The doctors confirmed her complete recovery. I wish to thank all of you who prayed with me. Peace and blessings.
. Daniele

Dear Bretherns, I wish to thank you, that ever since we prayed together many things have changed in my life. I have finally found a job which I like very much and of which came at the right time, when we had a difficult economic situation. With this our family has found peace and serenity. Now I never miss the important prayer encounter. I really need it. A warm embrace in Jesus and Mary.
. Federica

I went through a difficult time of my life due to my husband wanting his freedom and therefore asking for a divorce. My suffering was unbearable and because of this I became desperately attached to praying along with you. The Lord with His mercy saved my marriage. My husband has changed and in order to strengthen our bond, he now desires a child. God is great and we must put our trust in Him and we must accept His will. We must love and adore Him and not be afraid to take Him to those who do not know Him. The Lord is greater than anyone. Praise to you Lord and make appeal to the world which unfortunately has been subdued by the prince of darkness and maybe forgotten.
. Catherine

My little one has returned home and her father regrets of all his violence. The prayers were like a powerful magnet, keeping evil away. Alleluia. I thank and praise the Lord who sees all things and provides. Thank you dear friends for your support with your prayers.
. Marisa

I would like to inform you that by divine intervention, my brother has found work. Dear brothers continue with this mission, I am with you and I pray the Lord that there will always be people like you willing to pray for others. God bless you.
. Isabella

My father had to undergo urgent surgery in the vein aorta where, calcification, there was no more space for the circulation of blood. One complication to anesthesia had been compromised due to his lungs. I appealed to the prayer group and all went well, although the recovery was surprisingly fast. Now he is happy and want to thank God and all of you who prayed for this great grace.
. Ranieri

I wish to thank and share with the "prayer group" my joy at the awakening from the coma of Deborah. God has accepted our prayers and for that I thank him and commend infinitely.
. Lucia

Dear brothers, I want to bear witness to the grace that the Lord has given me, I confessed to the age of seven when I first communion, the shame of my sins prevented me from rushing to the Holy Mass and receive Communion. Today God gave me the strength to do it and I think I will start a new life, taking part in the Mass and the sacraments. I pray that the book you sent me and it was a blessing for me, thanks to this book I knew the chaplet of divine mercy that has become my favorite.
. Lara

With joy I would like to communicate to the "invisible monastery" that our prayers were answered. Today, after a new test, doctors have confirmed that the stain in the lung of our little Anna is gone. I think there was a miracle. The community prayer is a gift from heaven.
. Paul

Dear brothers and sisters of the Monastery invisible, long ago I asked for prayers to overcome his fear of all. Today, I can say we have overcome this fear and have returned: peace, serenity and joy. Thanks for everything.
. Josephine

Dear brothers, I wanted to share with you my great happiness. From when I pray with you, the spring came into my heart, my mother found a job, my brother is looking for a rapprochement. I cannot find words to express my gratitude. I will pray with you forever. A hug.
. Federica

The Lord has heard my prayers and your. My daughter has started a path of religious life after confirmation. My son has increased its commitment to study towards the degree. Praise and glory to God.
. Pina

Since I integrated into the prayer group "invisible monastery" and pray with you, I do not feel alone. The prayers in the booklet, helps me, reassures me, makes me happy. I will continue to pray for all who need it. Thank you for your moral support.
. Luciana

My health problem is gone, and I am pregnant. I thank God and all of you who have prayed for me. Praying God is truly an exceptional gift that gives me a lot. Really, I received the grace of the Lord. I want to thank him and shout my joy with all my heart, how I want to thank you, dear brothers.
. Alessia

I wish to praise God who has answered our prayers. Now I can hold my little and desired daughter in my arms.
. Angela

Dear brothers many times I wrote to you in moments of great difficulty and I prayed for you and with you. It's amazing the power of prayer. My plea has often focused on the health of my father, who suffers from colon cancer. Well since the disease is now almost seven years, in the course of the disease there were four transactions, the last one year ago for the removal of a metastasis, but my father now an eighty year old is still here with us to give and receive love. Thanks brothers that the Lord bless you always.
. Giovanna

Brothers, my surgery was a success. I faced this trial with great peace, without fear or dread comforted by your prayers. Thank you infinitely for all your prayers, brothers and sisters in Christ. The outcome of the surgical operation was positive, thanks to our Lord.
. Argelia

From the day I became a member of the Invisible Monastery, my life has changed. I used to live in sin. I now am not interested in the pleasures of the world to satisfy me. Instead I desire prayer. Before knowing of you, I failed at my studies, since inside of me was weak.
. Louis

Today I thank you because my son has found a good job. Prayer is the most powerful weapon to combat the difficulties of life, the Virgin Mary and Jesus we ask only the abandonment to the Divine Will (and how to do except to pray?). I must testify that this use was a mirage for the many difficulties that had to be overcome, but the Lord has made this dream possible. I have no words to thank you for your prayers. Thanks and thanks again.
. Angela

Dear Bretherns of Invisible Monastery, I am Annamaria and I wish to inform you all of my great joy. Recently I have joined your prayer group, asking help for my parents, "abandoned" by their beloved son. After we prayed, only three times, he returned to Mom and Dad. I noticed their complete desire, in their eyes to go on living, for my old parents were fully of joy. I will continue to pray with you. Thanks with all my heart.
. Annamaria

Hi all, I feel obliged to give evidence as I have helped the faith. My father died after much suffering, my mother became ill with bone cancer, and I had lost two children because I was desperate, depressed, my life was shattered. So I turned to you and I prayed to the Lord together with you. Now, I have a wonderful child. My mother has the metastasis under control, even decreased. I thank you immensely.
. Marzia

I thank the Lord and you also because with His grace has resolved all my health problems. Thank you, bless you and continue to meet in the communal prayer at 21.30.
. Carlos

I wish to thank and praise the Lord together with you, dear brothers in the "invisible monastery". For about four months I started to pray with you and a light was burning in the hearts of my family. Will take some time for everything to settle, but one thing is certain I'll never stop praying. The Lord wants us to turn to him with trust and I remain attached to his coat!
. Giusy

Want to thank you for your prayers and to share with you some good news. The malignancy of my husband had a good response to treatment and decreased. Thank you my God
. Sinon

Dear Bretherns of the Invisible Monastery, with much delight, I want to thank you, for the prayers dedicated to Maria, a young 25 year old mother who after joining the prayer group, she discovered to a a health problem which caused her not to be able to walk. She then had surgery and now she is fine and without pain.
. Magdalena

Dear Bretherns, thanks to your prayers, my work problems have found a solution. I am pleased and must give thanks above all to the Lord. I terribly regret to have doubted, for I under- estimated the power pf prayer. When one has moments of anguish, everything seems to be useless. I will continue to pray for you all. Again, thanks.
. Raffaella

Dear Bretherns, I askd help for my husband who had a serious drinking problem. His whole body was bloated and had great depression. After my request for help to the Invisible Monastery, he decided to have blood tests done and the results of the tests were allarming. Now after a month, he has quit drinking and his behaviour has surprisingly improved. He does things in a normal way together with the family. He even regained trust from our daughter. I thank you very much for your prayers and above all the Lord and our Virgin Mary, otherwise the healing would not have been possible.
. Daniela

The Lord has answered my plea - my husband received more than one job offer and this way he could choose the most suitable one. God's grace is always surprising and I thank you Lord for this.
. Sissa

Together with the Holy Church, I greet you all such as Christ greeted His Apostles: "Peace be with you". Dearest - praise the good Lord for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, of St. Joseph, of all the Angels and Saints for I received the grace to reunite my family. May God be praised for all eternity. Thank you all for your prayers and your sacrifices for God will give reward. The bretherns that have many difficulties, never lack faith nor hope nor trust in the Lord and due to this, the grace will be granted with the will of the Most High for the goodness of the soul and the glory of God. For God nothing is impossible. I embrace all of you and may the Holy Mary bless you all.
. Luciano

I want to thank you for the prayers and share with you some good news. The malignancy of my husband has had a good response to treatment and fell. Thank you my God.
. Sinon

I prayed and askd for your prayers for the only thing left in my life after becoming an orphan - for the return of my love. Now he has returned and I feel peace and serenity, of which I had lost. Thank you Lord, for You always listen to our plea. Now that I have found You, I do not want to loose you, because only with You, I feel secure and loved. Only with You, I find consolation. Please continue to follow me and I will continue to praise Your name and seek You.
. Roberta

As soon as I started praying with you, the bleeding ulcers on my mother's legs have finally healed. I also discovered the pleasure of praying for others. I will continue to pray for my and your needs. I send you warm greetings and thank you for your help.
. Anna Rita

I requested your prayers for a little girl seriously ill. Yesterday Wednesday, the day of our prayer date, the child removed the tube which was allowing her to breath and managed to breath without it, to the astonishment of the doctor. I thank God and you bretherns for this wonder.
. Patrizia

I wish to praise and thank the Lord for giving His grace and permitting me to have the gift of motherhood. I have been waiting ten years for this event and now it is here with joy. Thank you all for praying along with me, you all from Invisible Monastery.
. Antonietta

I prayed and asked for your prayers that my husband could find a job. Heaven has answered our prayers, for my husband was offered a permanent position. I thank God and you all for praying with me and will continue praying every Wednesday along with you. I promise.
. Dina

I have no words to thank the Lord enough for bringing you to my attention. With this prayer group, I feel united with you all who pray in the silent retreat of the Invisible Monastery. I forgave my working colleague for those difficult days we had. Believe and speak to the heart of Jesus, for He loves all of us without distinction, according to God's word. Peace to all.
. Claudio

After a friend of my was diagnosed to have leukemia, I requested prayers for his recovery. One year later, with treatment and prayers he is doing fine. I thank the Lord and you all for your prayers.
. Egidio

I would like to commend and thank the Lord for the work of the Invisible Monastery of charity and brotherhood. The path of prayer done in communion with these brothers, was discovering just how important and vital in their daily prayer life. The Strength of Jesus lights my days of smiles and serenity during my working hours and in everyday life. Through prayer, I strengthened my will and my ability to cope with new situations, especially at work. It enabled me to draw new roads that before I ever thought possible. Fears have disappeared. I have found with my daily prayer my simplicity of a child and got closer to prayer, when once I used to find it boring. Brothers of the Monastery Thanks for your help and support. Thanks with all my heart and I feel forever united to you. A fraternal embrace in Jesus and Heavenly Mother.
. Angela

Dear Bretherns, When I wrote you, my life was a disaster. I do not remember our encounter, but I am certain that it was the will of God. My life has now changed for the better. I am serene and this allows me to go on with my life, having my Lord Jesus near me. Without Him, I am nothing and without Him I can not get anywhere. He is the one that conducts my life. Thank you all. The power of prayer saved my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
. Francesca

I asked for prayers for the healing of a lymphoma and for the serenity of my dear ones. I now consider my illness to be God sent, for it permitted me to be surrounded with love and this made me fortunate. The illness is now in regression, thanks to God.
. Dolores

In faith I am sending my testimony on the prayers from the Invisible Monastery. I suffered of anxiety, sleeping for me was difficult, insecurity and also deeply depressed. I then received the prayer book and started praying with you all and gradually things started improving. I am now serene, I sleep well and the depression disappeared. I thank you for your prayers and my gratitude to the Lord for our encounter.
. Nadia

The Lord answered my prayers. I am expecting a child. The prayers have resolved my problems and helped me during my darkest moments. I suggest that everyone should unite in prayer every Wednesday, for you will gain peace in your heart. Thanks for introducing me to these prayers of hope.
. Raffaella

Dear Bretherns, I asked prayers for my colleague Francesco, who went in coma. Due to your immediate interest in praying, Francesco, not only woke from the coma, he recovered enough to be dismissed from the hospital and return to his family, with God's will. To God's praise and glory and peace to all.
. Luciano

I prayed and requested prayers for Teresa, a girl that I caused much suffering. The Lord wanted our relationship to end. She is fine now and gave birth to a splendid son. Despite my bad behavior, the Lord granted joy by answering our prayers. Hallelujah.
. Stefano

Dear Friends of Invisible Monastery, I am writing you with joyous words because the Lord has answered our prayers. A month ago I requested prayers for my cousin who was diagnosed a brain tumour. The blots that appeared became scars. This to me is a miracle, since a tumour and scars are two completely different things. I finally got rid of the anguish I was feeling. Praise be to God, who listens and answersour prayers. Thanks with all my heart, friends and peace to all of you.
. Irene

The Lord has answered my prayers and I will be forever thanking Him for the great gift He granted me. I am expecting a child. Thanks to the Invisible Monastery and the Virgin Mary who interceded, as a devoted mother could be. Thanks be to God and forgive me if I doubted you, Lord.
. Aurelia

My thanks to Jesus to whom I pray constantly, for the terrible illness that came to me, this brought me closer to Him and has appeared to me through pain, Nevertheless it is grand to suffer for Him. Now I pray for my family to find peace. For who loves Him, Jesus is present.
. Elena

Thanks for who prayed for me, for I am healed and do not need the surgical operation.
. Francesca

I wish to testify of the blessing I received along with my family. I am fine now with my wife. Thank you Jesus and thank you all for your prayers and God bless you all. A strong embrace.
. Sergio

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I thank you very much for your prayers of which they received God's mercy. My daughter who lost her baby and was well for four monthes - now after one year she was granted another child. I want to share with you all, this big dream of my daughters'. Thanks from my heart.
. Valeria

Dear Bretherns in Christ, I wish to testify a great grace received from God's mercy. I was married for ten years and separated for two years. I prayed and asked for prayers for the return of my husband. He has now returned to start a new family again with love. I wish to thank all of those from Invisible Monastery who constantly prayed. May God reward you all. God really listens to our prayers.
. Ana

After three years, finally I have reconciled with my father. Invisible monastery I adore you. Thanks with all my heart. Now I will pray for you.
. Virginia

Dear Bretherns, I am a sister who used to think that Mercy would not grace me. Jesus has granted me the joy of becoming a mother, finally after painful loses. I can not express my joy fully.
. Mercedes

My mother was in need of a coronarygraf for her serious heart condition. Suffering from diabetes, her risk was greater. Thanks to the Divine Mercy of God, the operation went well, for nothing appeared in the coronary. I am certain that this was the results of your prayers and mine that reached God. Praise be to God forever.
. Rosa

Dear Bretherns, I thank you for your prayers. My requests was for my health and to find the man of my life. I am coming out from a difficult period caused by strong attacks of anxiety. I have found a boyfriend who fills me with joy. This person is deaf. Thank you God and you all.
. Filomena

Three eye specialists diagnosed that I had glaucoma and due to this illness, my eyes have lost some vision. I was told to have more tests done, so that I was able to have the cure most suited. At this time I requested your prayers of plea and I also prayed very much. After two months, the doctor examined my tests and discovered that the glaucoma disappeared. Dear Bretherns, I thank you and may God bless your ministry.
. Eleonora

The prayers that I requested have been answered. Although my brotherinlaw waited eight hours before he was admitted in the hospital, after a heart attack. there was no further damage caused to his heart. After reviewing the tests done, the doctor was surprised to find no scars and this was unexplainable. But for me, it was the contrary - thank you, thank you, thank you.
. Patrizia

My 21 year old son finally had a confession. I praise and thank the Lord. Let us continue praying so that his conversion will not be weaken.
. Carla

It is one month that I recite these prayers. They are beautiful and makes us closer to our Lord Jesus. My opinion is that these prayers are a great gift from the Lord to purify and convert us.
. Maria

Through prayer, I received the strength and the courage in order to sustain the illness that was taking away my husband. He is now well. Evil was fought and won by the Good. Praise to God. He is alive in every way. Thank you bretherns, thank you with all my heart.
. Sonia

Ever since I separated from my husband, I have been praying along with you every Wednesday. My life has improved day by day. Although my husband has not returned to me, I feel strength in God. Lord, have pity on me.
. Rose

I've been engaged for five years and despite my love for him, they were the most painful years of my life. Even if he sworn that he loved me he dumped me. The end of the relationship was painful at the point that I could not breathe because of so much pain. I Joined the Monastery prayer group and prayed with everyone that he could return, but God Gave me the understanding that what we want is not always good for us. He made me realize that I was Blessed. So I ask you to continue to pray so that I can get a hold of my life again and learn to let go of the grief.
. Alessandra

Dear brothers & sisters, I spent this week in spiritual retreat in a cloistered convent of Franciscan nuns ( Clarisse ). There, I felt the necessity to answer to the inner call that I had heard other times but didn't have the courage to listen to. Now, after this experience, I feel it was quite a trial and experience, because the Lord talked directly to my heart in an indescribable way; in a way that I never knew before. I felt faith filling my soul of certainty, this is my vocation, my place, my family, my walk, the walk towards happiness. I'm full of joy and I feel a lot of peace and inner strength. I think that I've got a lot of help from the Invisible Monastery's prayers, since I received great answers from the Lord, after years of tribulation and doubt. I thank you and all of who prays every week. I ask God that every week that goes by we are more aware of the power of prayers. Thank you so much thank you, for the help that this group, with it's faith and words of courage, gives. With all my love.
. Lucia

Dearest everyone, during Lent, I joined the prayer group with the intension to ask God to fulfil my desire to become pregnant. In Jannuary I will have a baby. Thanks to the Grace of the Almighty. Thank you all, with all my heart!
. Enrica

After a year of prayers, I would like to testimony the Love and Mercy of God. He gave me back the desire to seek him. I was lost and the Lord saved me. My life changed, I found the right person to spend my life with and Got married. Thank You Jesus, thank You Mary. I want to tell the world that He is Real and loves us. Let's put our lives in His hands and be confident in Him. I thank the Invisible Monastery And all who prayed for me.
. Antonietta

Dear brothers and sister from the Monastery, the Lord is Great! He showed it even through you that prayed for me. After three month of calvary spent with a doctor after another, my daughter has no longer the pains she had-dizziness, her legs, her eyes and her back were sore- now she is well And even expecting the baby that she always wanted after a miscarriage six month ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
. Valeria

Praise the Lord and thank Him for my husband and I. Months ago I joined your prayer group to ask for the Grace to become a mom the doctors told us that it would be difficult for me and my husband to have a baby. Days ago I found out that I'm pregnant. Thank You Lord, I Praise You. Blessings to you bretherns and sisters.
. Luisa

My dearest Monastery brothers and sisters, I would like to give a testimony of God's Greatness. After I learned about the existence of your prayer group, I asked to pray for my son, and now he is doing well, the Lord answered my plea. Thank you all, friends, God Bless you and always protect you. Thank you with all my heart.
. Barbara

Thank you for your prayers. My husband, atheist, used blaspheme words and would often cheat on me. He totally changed. He cries in church during the Holy Mass he doesn't curse anymore and became loving and caring. The Lord looked over me and I will always thank Him. Thank you for your prayers.
. Serena

Dear friends, I would like to share my joy because the Lord answered my plea. My spouse amazingly changed and went back to be the the loving man that he once was again. Praise the Lord for His Mercy And love and I thank you all for your prayers.
. Lucia

I asked for something quite impossible; for my son to be transferred . Miracoulosly, in a few months, he was transferred. I thank God and all of you that prayed with me. Every wednesday evening we join in prayer together, this gives me peace and joy. Thanks again.
. Maria

My family was going through a hard time financially. My mother was desperate because they couldn't afford any longer to pay the rent that was expensive. I prayed and we found a house to live in. This is one of the prayers that God answered.
. Milena

The Lord answered my prayers and now I'm expecting a baby. I'm five weeks pregnant. Now I pray that everything goes well. With all my Faith.
. Maria Stella

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I have many reasons to praise the Lord for the Mercy I received through the Invisible Monastery prayers. I sked to pray for my brother's healing from sickness, Freedom from being an alcoholic. I prayed with a lot of faith in August, 2007; well, It's been five months since he has not had a drink and he even quit smoking. I thank God and all of you from The Monastery, for your prayers.
. Orsizia

After two years praying with the Invisible Monastery, the Lord granted a dream that I had in my heart. I have no words to express my gratitude of this immense joy that He gave me. I thank all of you too for praying with me. Praise the Lord.
. Gianfranco

Tonight Patrizia has left us and became the Angel that she was when she was on earth. Now she seems like she is smiling. Due to her illness, I started reciting the Holy Rosary every day of which I have not done in years. A grace that God donated me. For this reason I will continue praying in a constant manner with all of you. This is the inheritance from Patrizia.
. Sonia

I'm writing to give my testimony of what the Lord did for me! I've been searchin for a job for years I've done qualification test, I tried and I tried, but nothing happened When I thought that I would lose hope I found a job!! and a lot of joy!! Don't think that he doesn't listen, God loves us and He is just waiting for the right moment to show us how much immensely He loves us. A hug to everyone and don't stop praying and believing that God is Great in His love!
. Daniela

Since I received the booklet I never stopped praying and thanks to all of you my father's MRI result was much better.
. Alida

I thank you all for your support and sensibility. Now I'm better after much turmoil and struggling I've been through these past months, I think they served me to become stronger in faith, purified. I ask the Lord to allow me to fight against my pride and selfishness, for the many mistakes I made in my life. I really want to serve the Lord with faith and open my heart with humility.
. Lucia

Dear brethren of the Invisible Monastery, I wish to bear witness to the greatness of our Lord who has answered my calls that I entrusted to you some time ago. I asked for work for my brothers who are working now, health and peace for my family who was going through a difficult time, and I received the Grace! My mother is gradually emerging from a bad depression, and for this I thank God and you of the Monastery heartily, who have prayed for me! I always entrust the health and serenity of my family. Thank you very much!
. Erminia

I have been praying for several months on Wednesdays with your booklet and in my family peace and serenity returned. Moreover, I returned to attend church, to go to confession, to take the Eucharist. I discovered that praying gives me strength, serenity, peace and joy. Now I do not feel alone, Jesus is with me and he will never abandon me. Thanks.
. Giuseppina

Two months ago during a medical control, it was found that my wife was affected by a serious form of autoimmune hyperthyroiditis with thyroid nodules and probable bone metastases. The world collapsed and left anguish in our hearts. Then, I prayed with you and today, after controls, we received the wonderful news that tests have excluded bone metastases and the results show improving results. I wish to thank Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Group of prayer for the comfort you offered us. I will now pray for suffering people. God bless you.
. Angelo

Dear brethren of the Invisible Monastery, I wish to inform you about the grace that I have received with the aid of your prayers! On January 2006 I asked you to pray for my unsettled wedding plans. Now I will marry in the Church, in the month of June a day before the "Corpus Domini". Shall God and the brethren's love be praised! For the rest of my life, I will continue taking part of our every Wednesday appointment. It is really true; praying together is a force that can move mountains! Further thanks, brethren!
. Anna Rita

Some months ago a serious disease was diagnosed to my father. I was very worried about his health and I asked the Invisible Monastery to pray with me for his recovery. Today he is perfectly healthy. Shall God be praised.
. Adele

I began praying in September, together with all of you every Wednesday, to obtain the Grace to have a child. I prayed so much to Our Lord, to all the Saints and Angels to please grant my request, until finally, a few days ago, we discovered that my wife is expecting a child; a son or daughter. I wish to give testimony of my immense joy for this gift. I thank you for prayers received, but, above all, I wish to praise God and all the Saints for this favor.
. Jacopo

I am Antonella and I have written you many months ago asking for prayers because of problems with my stomach, uterus and ovary. I could not sleep as pains tormented me night and day, and they were so strong that I thought I would die. You sent me the prayer booklet and I have prayed, I have asked for prayers, I have painted a beautiful picture of the Divine Mercy and now I feel well, I feel alive again... I heartily thank my beloved Jesus and all those people who have prayed for me. Now I am still asking you for prayers so that God answers my calls and gives me a baby even if I feel a fire inside me and I fear, as I am a doctor, that I am sterile. I rely on Jesus and on your prayers... I thank you heartily.
. Antonella

Thank you very much to all the bretherns of Invisible Monastery. Power and faithfulness are the most treasured gifts and surely have helped me gain strength and determination in order to deal with people and situations during a difficult period of my life. I noticed day by day, I gained understanding and wanting to get involved, as much as possible. Inside of me I found a resouce of which I did not know of having. Life is a continuous struggle and one can not say 'enough of it'. There really does exsist an never ending source where one can dip in and obtain fulfilment and with our prayers can enrich it constantly.
. Mirella

A specific examination had shown a remarkable expansion of my kidney, a large black spot that proved the presence of a cancer and the torsion of the kidney. This meant that I would have to go into the hospital for a surgical operation. I was afraid and while waiting to be admitted into the hospital I prayed heartily with you, brethren of the "Invisible Monastery". I cannot avoid to talk about that long moment of anguish and inner torment destabilising my certainties about life. Then, on the time due, I went to the hospital where the astonished doctors informed me with my great joy, that I was perfectly recovered. I wish to share my overflowing joy with all you and to thank and to praise God forever.
. Simona

Dear brethren, the Lord has answered the prayers that the "Invisible Monastery" has raised to the Heaven for me. In this hard and difficult period, I prayed without faith and I had understood that I could pray as long as I wanted, but it would be useless without faith. Then one day I felt quiet, more serene, surer: that was what I was looking for. God has met my desire and I am joyfull and I wish to glorify God and His Mother.
. Maria

Ever since I was a child, I seeked real love - the one that fills ones heart. But my parent, friends and boyfriend were not able to give it to me. However through prayer, I got to know the Heavenly Mother as well as her Son who have given me true love. So from the 'beast that I was, I changed completely and became a mild person.
. Jenny

My name is Ricardo and I wish to thank everyone from the Invisible Monastery that raised prayers to God on my behalf. With the favour from God the Father and the grace from Jesus, my requests were granted. My marriage was at a limit and close to a divorce, but now instead with the Divine Grace, peace and harmony has returned. For this reason I wish to testify for God and our Lord Jesus Christ.
. Ricardo

Shall God bless all you of the group raising prayers for all the suffering persons. I am very glad that I have had the joy to enter a so charismatic group through internet. It is really true that God's ways are infinite. Marcello, a young man who walked on evil ways, has come back home. Jesus, who has listened to the prayers, has dried the tears and healed the painful heart of a mother. Now the son who was dead has returned to life, he was lost and he has been found again, and like in the parabola of the prodigal son we must enjoy. God bless you, not only one but thousand times for all what you do.
. Maria

My uncle whom I have loved as a father since when I was a little child and who had been always beside me in the difficult and happy moments of my life, on 3rd January 2005 was affected by a virus paralysing his feet and his head and involving his organs. The doctors said that he had no salvation and he just had little hours of life left. While he was suffering, his wife was concerned with his inheritance and assets. In those days I received the booklet of the Invisible Monastery and I prayed; the result was an immediate spiritual aid, faith and a new force. Months passed, but there was no improvement and the doctors said that I had to resign myself. Now the virus is suddenly disappeared as well as the paralysis, and my happiness is complete. I thank God that he has listened to me and has given me much force. Now I know that He loves me, so I can live. Beloved brethren, I join you with my prayer to invoke for people in need, because I know that there is a God living inside us. Many thanks for you are instruments of God.
. Mariela

Dear brethren, God's ways are really infinite. I would never imagine that I could find so much grace, so much love in a web site! For many years I have been looking for a strong reason in my life; I have often gone up on the way to our Lord, but I have many times slipped down and even gone to the bottom... And every time the cursed depression, which was always for me lack of a true sense of life, has come again. But thanks to you of the Invisible Monastery, to the Wednesday's prayer, to the extraordinary books, which have been inspired by the Lord to brothers Guelpa, I have found the most important thing that is worth to be known in all the life: GOD ALWAYS LOVES US. Believe me; it was wonderful to acknowledge in deep that Jesus loves us because He is Love! Brethren, just rely on Him totally.
. Armando

I wish to thank our Lord who has cured me of a tumour at the intestine and has given me in this way the possibility to be still useful to my family, to all those people in need of help that I meet on my way and, in particularly, to the souls in Purgatory. Shall God be praised.
. Anna Maria

I was in despair because my daughter had been taken in by a boy-friend who didn't love her and just took undue advantage. However they had already fixed the wedding day. Neither my exhortations nor my tears could make her give up. I felt alone and resigned in my pain. Then, through a friend, I have entrusted my daughter to the prayers of the Invisible Monastery. I did not believe that I would be answered, but Jesus has wiped my tears. I am happy now and it seams a dream to me. Suddenly my daughter has returned to reason and has cancelled the wedding. I wish to thank you for your prayers.
. Maria Teresa

I was suffering because of a strong stomach pains, which gave me no relief; I was invaded by fears and hesitations preventing me to live serenely; a shadow was darkening my mind. Even if I strongly wished it I could not go out from this labyrinth imprisoning my mind. Then I met you and I began to pray with you. I have seen my life changing in an unbelievable way. I have recovered memory, ability to reason and to understand. The shadow oppressing me has dissolved like snow in the sun. I have also recovered from the stomach pains without taking any medicine. I am happy now and I look at my future with optimism. I feel joy as well as emotion and thankfulness towards all of you, who have helped me to raise my plea to God.
. Maria

Thank you Lord Jesus for the daughter you have donated me. After my prayes and requests for prayers to the Invisibile Monastery, Maria Elena was born on July 26th, the saints day of St. Anna and Joachim and she was Christened on Sept. 19th, the day of Our Lady of La Salette. I want to praise the Lord along with you dearest brothers and sisters for this wonderful child. My baby belongs to God and we who are the parents, will be her guardians and keep her in the Holy Catholic faith. Amen.
. Carmela

I wish to thank all the group of prayer of the "Invisible Monastery" for the assiduous prayers that you have offered for my recovery, for having loved me so much. Thanks heartily. I required a very dangerous surgical operation, but for divine light the Doctors have decided not to proceed. So I have come back to my job with the certainty that Jesus is powerful and great in love. It is source of great consolation and joy to know that there are so many good persons around me, remembering and helping me with their great charity. May God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit reward and bless all of you. United in faith, I send warm greetings.
. Ruggero

Very dear brothers and sisters of the Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity, I wish to thank you for your prayers. For family problems that I could not and I did not want to accept, I was unhappy, deprived of hope and without peace. I have jointed the prayer group and after nine months I have begun to feel joy in my heart, serenity in my spirit and a general happiness. I can testify that my faith in God and the incessant prayer have resolved my problem. Now that I feel the presence of God close to me, I have the courage to invite the persons to pray with the Invisible Monastery, so that they can experience peace and quiet in this group of prayer.
. Maria

I wish to thank and praise God because thanks to your prayers my husband has come back safe and sound from Iraq. I thank you heartily!
. Stefania

My whole Being and in particular my Soul raises a constant prayer in favour of the "Invisible Monastery of Charity and Fraternity" and its promoters, all the participant Souls, all the Angels and the Saints who I feel present every time I pray with the booklet of prayers. Mine is the song of the saved people! On 30th January 2004 I fell in prey to the biggest trap which God's enemy can set for a human being who unfortunately drinks in his venomous tales: THE TRAP OF PRIDE FOLLOWED BY A LOST OF HOPE AND CERTAINTY! I suddenly gave up my job without an actual reason and without the possibility to come back. However in effect from that action my conversion way has begun. Helped firmly, lovingly and with much holy patience by all human and supernatural beings of the over mentioned Monastery, Now I am here and SINGING: GOD IS BIG, KING GOD! From the 1st July I have been working again... I am continuously receiving graces in particularly from the moment when I realised my devotion to the Celestial Mother" beside my devotion to the Holy Spirit. I am receiving something unthinkable, something unimaginable. I am like the prodigal son coming back home to the Father. For me and with me He is preparing festivities with jubilation dances. I will never give up to thank this intervention which is VERY VISIBLE at the eyes of the Soul. My Soul will sing and thank eternally for what It has received!
. Angela

Dear brethren thanks to Our Lord Jesus and to Our Lady I received the grace of the conversion of my husband Filippo. He had always been a believer, until the time when he started to refuse all my proposals as well as to go to mass. I prayed with you and, also with the help of a course we attended together, his love for Jesus has inflamed again and now he is himself asking me to begin a spiritual way together. Praise and Glory to my Lord and thanks to all you who prayed for him.
. Simona

They cried to you, and were saved; in you they trusted, and were not disappointed. Dear brethren, six months ago I started to have intestinal troubles and bleeding. Medical controls and the result of a biopsy showed an ulcerous rectum colitis in a acute phase and a proneness to the Crohn's disease. I have immediately begun a cortisone and anti-inflammatory therapy, but I have never given up hope. I had constantly Jesus' words in my mind:" ...Anything you will ask to my Father in my name, He will grant it to you!". Why couldn't the Lord heal me? At the first control, after which other examinations, other therapies and an incubus life should have followed, my intestine resulted sound like new. The doctor on that occasion said:" You don't need me any longer". I answer the astonished doctor with my gratefulness to God, as He met my prayers, He healed me giving me His complete Mercy, The Lord made me understand that the greatest wonder is to be able to live fully ones life as the smallest of creatures and be loved immensely by Him. I also thank you dear bretherns for praying along with me and in such a short time all was resolved.
. Paola

An oculistic control had shown a very high pressure in my left eye so that the specialist said that there was a beginning glaucoma. Then he prescribed me a cure before the unavoidable surgical operation. I was afraid and I asked you, dear brethren, to join my invoking prayer. The Lord has answered my calls and has cured me. The last control attests this recovery. I cannot contain this joy and very grateful, I wish to thank Jesus and all people of the Invisible Monastery who have prayed for me. Now I will pray God with ardour so that he meets the prayers of the other suffering brethren. Praise and Glory to God.
. Barbara

By grace of God and the intercession of the Celestial Mother and yours, I will begin to work again after six years of inactivity on next Monday the 9 of April 2004. To all you who are reading these lines I say: "Don't deprive of hope, the Lord knows when the time has come for every thing' He knows the priority in our life and from where he must begin to fill and to complete us with His love and His light. But we must do our part. Therefore he will give His mercy sooner and He will meet our requests before our desperation. We must have not only faith, but also an absolute confidence in the Lord, in order to entrust to Him whatever worries, troubles, and hurts... and to rely totally on His divine Mercy. May my Lord be praised and blessed. Shall His very holy Mother and our Mother be blessed. Blessed be my beloved 'Padre Pio'. May the Lord bless all people who pray in the group of the Invisible Monastery.
. Patty

From the death of my husband due to an accident, I had sunk into a deep depression and, in spite of the treatments, I had no more wish to live as well as hope in a better future. In the desperation I found you and I asked you to pray the Lord for me, so that I may receive some relief from His grace. Now I have found the joy of living and fighting again and I wish to share with all of you, my happiness. My recovery is certainly the fruit of your prayers towards Heaven. Therefore I thank you. With my heart full of gratefulness I will continue to pray for those who are still in trouble and suffering. Thanks.
. Giuliana

Shall the peace of our Lord Jesus be always with you. Esteemed brethren in Christ Jesus I wish to share my testimony in order to glorify and honour our Lord Jesus. My brother recovered after having undergone an operation in which a cancerous tumour, as big as a baseball, as well as twenty centimetres of intestine were extirpated. The Doctor told me that such dimensions cancers are usually deadly. However later he did not need any therapy, as there were no metastases in his organism. May the Lord bless you.
. Rene

Dear brethren in Christ Jesus, I had asked you for prayers for my daughter Silvia who waited for her third child and she did not want to carry on with the pregnancy. I wish to testify to all of you that the prayers have been answered. My daughter has accepted the pregnancy and with this she avoided the awful possibility of an abortion. Hallelujah, Praise to God our Father. Thanks heartily, shall Mercy come down on all you.
. Donatella

After I was betrayed and infected with a serious contagious disease, I had no further wish to go on with my life and fell in a deep depression. For eight years I suffered the consequences of this terrible illness and I do not know how I managed to have the strength to go through that period. I then put trust in you prayers and I must say that I recovered from my depression and I also forgave my husband. The AIDS is now under control. I want to thank you all and may God bless you.
. Maria

Due to a lot of work,I fell into a deep depression. I could no longer do my job, inspite of the medical treatment prescribed to me by Specialists. I was loosing every touch with reality. One day I was driving on the apposite side of the road, when fortunately a police patrol noticed me and prevented me to cause an accident. Of course, they withdrew my driver's licence. At that time I was in a condition of profound prostration and lost all hope of recovering. Fortunately a dear friend persueded me to ask healing through prayer of intercession from the Invisible Monastery. After five months I recovered and found again the joy of living. I wish together with you, to praise Jesus for His goodness and mercy. Now I will always be united with you all in prayer so that the Lord may comfort those in need of Him.
. Don Mario

My name is Annamaria, a praying mother. Dear brothers and sisters, approximately a year ago I asked God through your prayers so that my son Mario could find a job. I now want to witness that some days after my request my son found a job and moreover he now has the opportunity to enhance his income. I thank all you in God's name so that you continue in this initiative full of love and availability. Peace and goodness.
. Annmaria

I wish to testify my gratefulness to God: through your prayers my father risking his life after having undergone a heart operation has recovered and has come back home. Only four months have passed since I asked you to pray and wonders are still happening also in my family. I praise and bless God while I thank heartily all those people who have prayed for me.
. Roberta

My name is Rita and I wish to testify the event of a miracle. Last Tuesday my boyfriend, Jack was operated for lung cancer. The doctor stated that it was a miracle that he was still alive. The tumour was as large as a football and the cancer was spreading towards his heart and the doctor placed a protection for the safe keeping of it. Now thank God he can live long enough to play with his grandchildren one day. I want to thank you all from the Invisible Monastery - thank you with all my heart.
. Rita

I call Mirella and when I have known that I was seriously sick, my world collapsed. I was reliving the same suffering as my dear mother who died for the same disease. Every hope and the confidence in the future were crumbling; lost in the darkness of my mind I strongly clung to God. I have relied on Him trustfully and in the meantime I have asked you for intercession prayers. In a very short time I have felt a great relief and an inner voice was spurring me to pray and to hope. Then, with the astonishment of the doctors, I recovered and now I am singing my joy. I am sure that your prayers with mine have obtained the grace of my recovery. For this reason I am thanking you heartily.
. Mirella

Dear brothers I thank you heartily for your intercession calls which gave me a renewed spirit of prayer and a total trust in God. Now I am able to face my onerous financial problems, always present, with great serenity. I am sure that our Divine Father's Glory and Power will be triumphant when He wants. A fraternal greeting in Jesus' and Mary's name.
. Carmine

Some years ago my son Davide decided to enter a religious sect of oriental origin. Therefore he left the Christian Catholic religion and espoused the new faith. At home he became irritable and unwilling in the studies. Therefore I decided to pray and I asked the Invisible Monastery group to pray for him. After hardly six months my son has recovered his senses, he is brilliant in the studies, affectionate with his family and devoted in the parish church. I wish to share my motherly joy with you and to praise God with you.
. Ombretta

My name is Federico and I wish to bear witness of my vicissitude. From five years I had been suffering from a disease, diagnosed as a diabetic arthropathy with haemodynamically important stenoses, which had progressively forced me to walk with great efforts and with the aid of a stick. Although the drugs and the cures of the Doctors, a certain graduate aggravation was foreseen in my future. Then I have decided to entrust me to your prayers. Just after and with great astonishment I have noticed the first and considerable improvements with the opening of the supplement circulation pertaining to the superficial femoral artery on both sides. Now, thanks to God, I am able to walk quickly and the stick's support has become only a memory. I feel a new man and I cannot express my joy totally. Therefore I wish to thank you and to praise God with you for His immense Mercy.
. Federico

I am Carla, Mark's mother. My son was affected by necrosis to the right hand wrist for already two endless years and in that period the specialists were curing it with several therapies, but without result. Finally he has entrusted himself to the prayers of the Invisible Monastery and he did not really wait too long time for the results. Now, I can announce that Mark is so perfectly recovered that he can start working again. My joy is really immense as well as my heart is swollen of gratefulness. I wish therefore thank God who has listened to our prayers and all you, jointed to the Monastery, who have prayed for my son. From today I will join to you for praying in my turn for all the other ill people. Let give praise to God.
. Carla

My name is Rosalia and I wish to give testimony to Jesus. For some time I had been suffering for heart pains that no specialist was able to diagnose. Tired I have entrusted me to Jesus, who is merciful, and, at the same time, I asked the Group of prayer "Invisible Monastery" to pray God with me to solve my problem. A while later wonderfully, the same specialist let me to perform the coronography test. It showed a nearly total closure of my arteries, which required an unavoidable and very urgent surgical operation to the heart. I was driven to the hospital and while I was waiting my turn other people, in the same condition as me, were crying and seemed to have lost the hope. On the contrary there was serenity, tranquillity and peace in my heart, as I was glad to donate my suffering to Jesus. In that moment, I felt on me the force of your prayers and the love of God, who, like a father, had accompanied me in the pain way. Later the Doctors confirmed that I could likely have come back to God. I feel well now and wish to sing my joy to Jesus and, grateful, thank all you of the Monastery. Thanks heartily.
. Rosalia

My name is Guido and I have joined To the proposal To make part of the Invisible Monastery asking God the gift of a son and also my parents' recovery. Today, My wife Lucia and I, we are very glad To announce that the prayer of the Group has been met. On the 7th March Davide Pierdomenico, the most wished child, arrived in our family. All has perfectly gone. While we keep To trust in God's help, we wish To heartily thank all who has prayed according To our intentions.
. Guido

I call Marco, and I have suffered from depressive crises for some years; even if I was Catholic, but not practising, I did not succeed To find a way out of my serious situation. I have been under treatment at a specialist, but his drugs did not have any effect To me. Therefore my life was passing away in a wrong way leaving in me no satisfaction nor joy. Then I have known, for grace of God, the Invisible Monastery and things have changed. After four months of prayers, in fact, I have found again unexpectedly the will of living, the joy in the heart and the love for my family; in short a ray of light has come in my life. I want therefore To thank the Invisible Monastery which has led me towards the joy and engage myself To pray with them for the rest of my life.
. Marco

Dear Monastery, my name is Carla and I wish to thank all members of this wonderful group as they have prayed for Marta, a beautiful child of ten years with very serious problems to the heart, several allergies and diabetes. Urgently took to the hospital for big problems of respiration, she was submitted to a very dangerous surgical operation. Well, the result of the operation and her quick recovery has astonished also the doctors. I am convinced that Jesus has met our prayers increasing the ability of the doctors as well as supporting this child, a little angel. I would like to embrace all and to transmit to you the praise singing in my heart now.
. Carla

I call Daniela and I have learned, since when the life tested me with all its hardness, to entrust me to that God lodging in our heart. At the beginning there was anger with the prayer, but then, after three years of commitment, prayers and bitter tears the peace has took place in my heart. With the peace also a strong wish to pray with the Saint Rosary and to let it know to the people. After having received from the Parish priest two categorical refusals, I have entrusted to the Invisible Monastery my appeal. Well, after hardly two months, that permission, dreamed so much, was kindly obtained. Yes, now there is a village, which prays in the local church, and therefore I want to thank the Virgin Mary and all the group of the invisible Monastery, with the heart full of joy, for obtaining the Grace that I strongly wished. With affection.
. Daniela

I am Giulia and I wish to give my regards to all the group of prayer of the invisible Monastery, which spiritually follows my mother. I am hugging you with immense affection in particular now that the Doctor assures that my mother's disease has stopped! Even if the sickness has progressively undermined her, Jesus, now, has taken back her to a normal life. Praise to you, God, and thank you, brothers. My pains were long painful silences, only this I was able to offer him, while you were my voice. I am looking at her while she is resting here in front of me and I acknowledge that I am a lucky daughter, she is my Guardian Angel. My thought, my simple prayer is for her and for the Invisible Monastery. God bless you. Yours faithfully.
. Giulia

I am Lydia, a mother who recommended her to your prayers when a heavy problem arose at the fifth month of pregnancy. I was very worried, but never in despair, because I was feeling that God was asking me, in that test, faith and trust. I have never given straight line to those doctors who wanted the therapeutic abortion. Irene was born on 25th March, she is a healthy and lively child filling our house with joy. This peace and serenity are the answer God gives to everyone who accepts his will always and any way. I wish to thank those who have prayed and shared this faith experience with me.
. Lydia

I am Mara and since i was ten years old suffer of allergies, asthma, rhinitises, chronic bronchitis. The situation, despite the vaccines and the cares of the case, was worsening and I did not know to whom to appeal. Five years ago I became Valentine's mother. We have soon found out that also she was affected with alimentary allergies and with asthma. In the first three years there were so many difficulties that I have weakened in the physique and I have lost the hope for the future. In other words, I did not know what to do any more. Then I have entrusted my daughter's pains and mine to the prayers of the Invisible Monastery and the situation changed soon. It happened what I was not daring hope: all the causes of my indisposition have suddenly disappeared, while my daughter has been going quite well. I have found peace, quiet, hope and joy to live. I wish, so, to thank all you that have joined me in the prayer. Please, praise God who has made me experience for myself how big His Mercy is. I thank you heartily.
. Mara

My name is Maria and I want to give glory and praise to God because He only is able to perform wonders. I knew a family situation, which was a true disaster, and then I entrusted to the prayers of the Invisible Monastery the members of that family. The problem was of such gravity that a solution seemed impossible, at least from the human point of view. However, God listened to the humble and sorrowful begs. Today that family has found balance, serenity and peace again. I thank with joy God and always recommend that little community to him so that it grows more and more in love and unity. I thank all you heartily.
. Maria

I am a mother who wishes to witness how big God's mercy is. Corrado, my son, who has always been a boy God fearing, is suddenly plagiarised by a divorced woman with a son and wants to follow her anyway. My exhortations and admonitions have had no effects till I decide to appeal to God with my prayers, as well as those of all the supporters of the Invisible Monastery. The situation is solved now and I wish to praise God with you, members of the Monastery. I thank you heartily.
. Corrado

I am Marco; I had some complications after the operation. I have asked prayers to the Invisible Monastery to solve the new problem for which I was worried and was suffering very much. With big joy, after few days, the problem disappeared and my pain with it. I thank heartily all those who have prayed for me. I am convinced that thanks to the prayers my problem has been solved.
. Marco

My name is Mariangela and I am 69 years old. About six months ago an evil tumour was diagnosed in throat. I prayed, as usually, both God and His Saints asking their help. I was submitted to the cares required but I had only 50 per cent possibility to recover. So I asked to the group "Invisible Monastery" to pray for me. In the first days of January I went to the centre for tumours again for the control visit and, with my highest joy, the total regression of the disease was discovered. I thank the group "Invisible Monastery" heartily and want to praise and to thank God together with them. Thanks again.
. Mariangela

I am Ida; for reasons and events bound to my activity, I felt in a strong depression. From 27th April 1999 an anguish life has begun for me. I was not able to find the way to come back. A wall stood in front of me, that I could not remove. My heart was sad and I often cried. Also my activity was involved, I could not be laborious in any way. Then, in the day dedicated to S. John Evangelist, I got up from the bed with joy, peace and lightness in my heart. I had, to say it with few words, a new conversion. I can now say to you of the Invisible Monastery, that the past appears to me like a bad dream because I have forgiven all and therefore I thank God. I am sure than my recovery occurred thanks to your persistent prayers and mine. I thank heartily the people who have prayed for me and I will do the same for them to be together in prayer and faith.
. Ida