The Paradise

Transcendental truth

Monastery The way we are going to take is exciting because it will take you to discover the truths that gradually melt away the doubts that perhaps secretly in your heart.

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Introductory notes

We will try to answer to the questions:
  • Does the Heaven exist?
  • As it is possible to go us?
  • A court of God and one Judgment of his it exists last?
  • Saints and Mystical they had the vision of the Heaven?
Every human person tries to complete and overcome their limitations in opening up to the reality that feels able to raise the purity of joy and love. The reason may participate in this upward movement only if you leave grasp the tension towards the Absolute. Moreover, in each of us there is a longing for the lost paradise that haunts and feeding the tension that you hope. The Hidden Face of Love sends its signals through the beauty of nature and the presence of God, we have to admit, is the foundation of our existence. The flow of energy that he exudes can discover within us and any loss even if severe can be filled by His Word.

Often the man denies the transcendence of God in order to assert its own immanence, so it segregates in the cave of lies and it is unable not only to know the truth, but to seek in himself entering into the vortex of evil.
Well, to deny the existence of God leads inevitably to think about anything, that nothing spontaneously thought of as empty of everything. A black space and empty place in our imagination that is also something well organized. The real nothing, in fact, is something else: it is also the absence of all of your thoughts.
The reason, therefore, has the precise boundaries, in fact, cannot go out by her to get into anything because it was not created to think about anything but what exists. The same our eyes are not resigned to observe anything behind and in front of the moments that we are living, but dare to turn beyond the time it consume. What worries the human being is given by the immortality of the soul but the existential question: what will happen to me after my death?

Understanding how we spend our existence is not enough, more important is to ask: why? A question to which science cannot answer because it transcends and surpasses the same subject matter with which the universe is structured.
The reason recognizes that infinite reality beyond it, but the bodies, the firmament, the Earth is not the case as the smallest of minds, in fact, from all these bodies cannot be let out a little while thinking. This is our intellectual dignity.

The sense of the world as things is not enclosed within ourselves, in the eyes that behold, the heart that loves, rather lies in taking the notes beauty of the wind, the birds singing, the breath of the sea, the flight of the eagle, in the glow of the stars. God is manifested in so imperious dazzle the eyes and sometimes make us blind.
The presence of God is really necessary to answer the questions posed by the pain, the presence of death, the good, the bad, the true meaning of existence. And the answer that God gives is engraved in the freedom of man, or rather in his free will.

Hope in a life that continues after death and eternity, is the gift offered by a word that tells us: "You do not die." He was stronger than death having it fought and defeated.

Accept the word of the divine Master is a logical choice that opens the door to faith and Jesus, through faith, brings us with him in the sky of God There we experience the joy of flying in the heady truth without any shading or uncertainties. Words printed in the Gospel and come down to us to reveal to us an ultimate reality in which there may be an eternal joy in Heaven, Purgatory temporary atonement, eternal damnation in Hell. And who could reveal it but the One who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of all things visible and invisibly that are lost in the Eternal. We click through moral behavior where to place our future home.

Many of those who sleep in the dust of the region shall awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt for. The wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever.
(Dan. 12:2-3).

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