Ilness and spirituality

The illness


Health and wellness

The disease not only affects the biological aspect whose competence is from doctors but binds to another existential man.

At this point the question arises: what can cause imbalance or the disease?

If the disease is threatened in us, there is a way or a chance to get out of his grip that tightens more?

One answer can be found in God's Word..

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The disease affects the human body that is the set of physical, mind and spirit, these forces may act independently, in opposition to each other, creating struggle and imbalance, creating the malaise assumptions. Health is founded by the harmony of the action of these forces, which gather their balance being guided by the spirit, which means to be led by that breath of life infused by the creator.

The man was placed by God in the Creation, and from there he can take everything he needed for his health and well-being. The man to remain in this condition should maintain a strong relationship with the Earth that God is restoring the beauty to this relation and will allow them to immerse themselves in the enchantment like the birds of the heavens and get dressed like the lilies of the field.

In creating the birds live, do not sow nor reap; in other words they do nothing, they live to give praise to God. In so doing, in fact, does not necessarily mean in living, because what's the use if you carry out multiple activities but in the intimacy you're dead? Not servants for nothing, God, in fact, has created you so that you could give him praise.

God does not only think about your spiritual side, even to your mind and your body. If gives you the grace of the Spirit, also it gives you the fertility of the earth. The land is in his hands, as well as the universe contains at His imprint.

Saint Paul writes: "Indeed, we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth". As has been subdued, the creation waits for the manifestation of God to be freed.

The Scriptures show that the man has forgotten both of the Earth, is the blessing of God, because he has appropriated the Earth as a place of their performance.

Abel offered to God the firstborn of his flock and God appreciates the sacrifice. Cain offers the fruits of the earth, but God does not appreciate this sacrifice.

God does not like Cain's offering because it lacks the essential element for the forgiveness of sins: the blood, and looks forward Abel's offering because it offers him the firstborn of his flock.

So Cain ruined the relationship with the land, ruins the relationship with men and, finally, become, for the fault of envy, murder. The entire history of mankind was, is, and will be for all ages, stained with blood and marked by suffering, especially in this century.

The hurt and pain are expressions of disease and illness, sometimes; you can be traced back to our foolish act. "God created man ..." The Devil has tried envy and under its action has taken over death. The book of Genesis tells how man was kicked out of the Garden of Eden: "Cursed is the ground because of you! In toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life." From this moment the man can no longer enjoy the beneficent earth, not even the state of health intact as God had intended.

The Devil has decided to destroy the Earth, place in which God created the abode for men created in His image and likeness. Since God has given man the power to rule the Earth, the Devil tries to destroy this wonderful plan of God, implementing it through seduction to break the union of man with God, make him weak and helpless now lead on the way of human power.

How he can deceive you? Simply convincing you that you are acting for your own good, so you'll be free to extol and act without any moral. Earth will become the theater where you can exercise your power and follow your interests; in this evil action you destroy the harmony of Creation.

The earth for the effect or the intervention, the man deranged gets sick, therefore it cannot gush health and well-being, but it will be a source of many diseases. This is the effect of the action irresponsible of the man who kills himself; the demon took the man, where he did not want.

It is a reality certified by science that the pollution of water, soil and air is all an onset of cancer, respiratory diseases, and genetic diseases. An exponential growth of diseases that have given you, oh man, with your senseless act, did the interests and endless greed. Creation groans because you have placed in bondage.

By insurgents and multiple mental illnesses cause more than puzzlement because they attack the man's mental faculties and take away the ability to act as understanding.

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