Inner travel
Inner travel
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Angela, a girl like many others, hasnít got the true sense of the life and she is subdued by other peopleís will. Her life based on nonsense and false preconceptions makes her to undertake a way leading far away from her wishes towards unhappiness. Dismayed as her heart is not able to throb any longer, she is struggling in the darkness of desperation and depression.

Without hope and joy of living, pressed by a mental obsession, she suddenly gives up work and friendships. Feelings vanish and her world collapses. It can be said that it is the beginning of the great refusal of a day without day after, where the present, which is imbibed by suffering, scares and annihilates.

She cannot get free from the mental obsessions and her reason cannot other than shouting its impotence. Psycho-therapeutic sittings and drugs are little worth. Angela takes shelter in bed and waits idly that the time goes by.

Result of the past inheritance and the mind bounding her to nothing, she decides to rely as last resource on the power of the prayer and on the spiritual guide of an expert. Here is the wished change; she has finally found the way leading her out of the tunnel where she will meet the true joy of living. A story which, passing through the psyche and the ghosts of the mind, moves and reveals a wonderful girl.

She ends her story as follows: Now I will tell you what happened when I went out of the Church after the celebration. A happy and enthusiastic child ran out speeding up its parents: "Mother, father, hurry up! Bells are playing". I was grateful to that child because its spontaneity made not only myself but also other
People to stop and look at the bells! The child had looked upwards! How many times I had walked with bending head taken by worries and goodness knows whatever else I had missed! ...
... Godís spirit is singing inside me today...

After this short preamble the exciting story begins ... 

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