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In the Master's Footsteps

Oh! Man, stop for a moment to reflect, it will not be wasted time, who knows that the intellect is illuminated and heart complaints his rights. Maybe you'll understand a gentle reminder.

After the noise of the world you will find a bit of silence, and the silence and peace so much desired, but little known. The Word is truth, it is life, and it is love.

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Joseph testimony

It is a conversation full of sweetness and love that shines through all rows and remains so even if the proposals or the calls that are made to take the strict boundaries of the reprimand or the deep pain for the evils of our time.

In the book there are all reflections that aim to help you get to know what God wants from you at this time of your life.
It will be astonished by the similarities that exist with the exhortations and practice of Saint Ignatius about the insistence with which it is proposed the examination themselves to the purchase of the necessary virtues.

Pedagogy also permeates the pages of the book because it takes into account all the difficulties of the way. Much emphasis guessed the love as the driving force and the vortex that drags irresistibly over obstacles.

Daniela Testimony

I think we cannot remain indifferent, so that everyone who reads this book, can be reflected with their own life, and realize that just totally trusting the Lord can overcome any obstacle that life presents to us, and that we should not fear anything if we decide to stay with him. I realized that there is no limit in the faith, and I am aware that mine is destined only to grow.

Rose Testimony

"In the Footsteps of the Master" it is a book to not read quickly, such is its beauty. It calls into question their own way of being Christian, awakening the consciousness. Reading those pages comes the doubt about responsibility, honesty, sincerity, the guilt for human excuses. The words "I am he who searches the hearts, I also see the internal motions that sometimes are not visible on the outside", give the feeling of failure, for a thousand doubts and call for a thorough examination of the newspaper.

It has the feeling of being before a Special Analyst that while peering very depths of the heart, follows step by step, without being intimidating but offering His Divine help, to facilitate the spiritual path and the normal daily journey. And a book to be kept at hand and read in small doses, for a continuous check on the beliefs, the values, the principles and actions of everyday life. Just open the book and read a page to meditate without any trouble but with the healthy fear that helps, stimulates and gives the awareness that the temptations are golden and appealing and it is easy to fall. And an invitation not to be discouraged, He is close by, ready to help anyone who asks.

Words such as "Look for me and I will come" console, excited. It is assured to have him next when less, courage, perseverance, perseverance, will; strenuous achievements but not unattainable, with his hand ready to lift up those who fall. It caters for your readers, exhorting, admonishing, explaining, with Sweetness, Love and Mercy that only the Father, the Brother, the Divine Espirit can give. Thanks to Corrado and Enrico who wrote these wonderful pages, in them I found help to meditate on my faith, prayer. The discussion on how to be a Christian will always be open, in a continuous and serene reflection, for spiritual improvement and a healthy internal growth.
With immense gratitude and affection.

Elizabeth Testimony

I read in one breath "In the footsteps of the master," and I think it's one of the most beautiful books I've ever read, if not the most beautiful. I would like to ask if the truths contained therein and the teachings you have been communicated in real appearances of the Lord, because it seems so in reading the book. The book is great because it is an explanation of the truths of the Gospel, step by step, so that you can translate in the daily work. This book gave me so much comfort and strength, I felt Jesus closely, talking to me and invited me to follow him. I was impressed by the phrase "Keep your gaze steady on me", and that is what I tell myself in the most difficult moments.

Lia Testimony

As for my opinion on your wonderful book, I'll start by saying that I am going through a very difficult personal moment, sometimes I let myself fall into moments of despair and hopelessness, but when I approached the reading of your book I found a lighthouse, a reference point, a reason more to keep going ... it was like rediscovering the taste for life that seemed obscured by the fog of suffering and resignation.

When I read those messages I got magazine reflected in a mirror, and I believe like you that humanity can still be saved from the brink of self-destruction if each of us will hear the voice of his heart, so that the soul of each one can soar in heaven to see the light of God.

I ask you to continue on this path, never stop to spread the messages of Light that He has sent to all humanity so many people like me can learn from them, and they can shake off the dust of apathy and indifference, so finding the strength to start that process of moral and spiritual renewal, that gave us the true essence of ourselves so shamelessly hijacked by this society who, day after day, more and more strengthens the bars of its multiple cages.

I am convinced that, thanks to your fruitful and loving service, many people finally manage to capture the true essence of their existence, trying to stem the ever-lurking distractions and temptations, to divert them from it. I really admire you because your mission has in it an exemplary value: being at the service of the most vulnerable and the poor with charitable love, just as He has taught us, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

I greet you warmly and I apologize if I made you lose a bit of time, but I felt a duty to express these thoughts of gratitude, which in their brevity can transmit much of entire superficial and empty pages.