Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi
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The Poor Man of Assisi

The life of Saint Francis borders on legend. Francis of Assisi was a young man likes so many thrown in the pleasures of life, but one day had to deal with the call of divine love and it was not easy for him to divest himself of everything. Yes, Francis had the audacity to blindly trust God and put his life and his destiny in His hands. Became poor among the poor, he was free to sing my heart joyful, in harmony with all creation. Was dragged by divine love on the highest spiritual heights, and from there he could see in every being, the spark of God's Love.

Francis was not gentle with himself. Subjected the body to an iron discipline just to eliminate all desires and all impure desires. One day, tell the chronicles of the time, rolled naked in the snow to quell the temptations of the flesh. To mortify his humanity wore a hair shirt that torturing the flesh. She wore a dress made of coarse and humble hair that reddened flesh and neither cold nor defended by climatic conditions. Subjected his body to many fasts and gain the strength to overcome the human and climb rapidly up the steps of true love. His soul so purchasing power and glory to shine in the love Pure.

One day Jesus conquered with so much humility, loyalty and love, asked this poor man what he wanted as a reward, Francis did not think of any way to himself, but asked the salvation of souls. Thus obtained for all men of good will pardon of Assisi. Pope Honorius III, certify this request and enacted very quickly a plenary indulgence, known as the Pardon of Assisi. Even today all the faithful may take advantage of this forgiveness in the form decided by the Church. It is a great gift because it allows each of us to open the gates of Paradise.

The folly of Francis was the folly of the cross. So great was his desire to imitate Jesus, even in the atrocious suffering of the cross, which was granted. One day he received from Christ on the mountain of Verna, the five wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ and the stigmata were imprinted in the flesh. This immense suffering that lasted for years to come was born only for his immense love. Francis crucifix, emits a light more pure and so intense that charmed the world, as it was reflected light from God.

Francis wanted to be the lowly among the humble, be a little tender moment of Creation. The cheerful voice of his ardent heart, pierced the clouds and reached the heart of his beloved Jesus Francis assisted, supported by the love of God, suffering, sick and lepers. Never was heard in the land greater things: "The dead resurrected, the blind see, men and women heal from any illness and many are freed from the devil." Amazing facts that occurred not only while the saint was alive, but even after his departure to heaven. During the process of canonization of Francis were recognized more than forty miracles.

Poverty of the humble friar was a sensation. He proved to himself and the world that it was possible to join a radical love of God's love through this agreement explained the wings of the spirit, and he became one love.

When, on time by Grace, was called the Father's house, while the brothers laid him on the bare earth, already you could see his future glory. Despite going to lower the dusk, the Skylarks were in great numbers on the roof of the house, just at the hour of his passing. It was as if God's creation would pay homage to his soul, that pure sink into divine.

His lifestyle, his love as his acting, she shocked the crowds in the spirit of that time. Today, as then, the intense light emanating from this beautiful creature every saint can lead to reflect on the questions of life.

Francis can ask the modern man to walk on the paths of conversion to get immersed in the burning fire of divine love, burning but not consumed, which liquefies all impurities and allows needed ardor for living with joy earthly experience. And the soul released from human chains, will be free to fly in the sky of God jolly.

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