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Benedictine monasticism is the most influential form of religious cenobitic life in the Western world. The men and women who devoted themselves to the spiritual life before the time of Benedict of Nursia (V-VI century), they did so mainly as hermits or disciples gathered around a spiritual guide. Benito, however, the disciples gathered in stable groups whose spirituality depended on mutual relations as well as their respect for the abbot. The effect was to create a sense of the twofold dimension, social and private life, the spiritual life.

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Cross of Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict In a world where the certainties seem to vanish in the night of the sensuality and the enjoyment, the man feels himself more alone and astonished with respect to the questions arising from the heart, questions, which expect answers.

The mind is bewildered because of the nonsense and the soul, seized by the senses, moans. Uncertainty generates sometimes anxiety and fear because the man needs firm points. Faith is one of these points and it is strengthened by its symbols.

The Cross of Saint Benedict is not a magical symbol that cancels every difficulty of our life, but a means, which can help overcoming them.

This crucifix is one of the Sacramentals of the Catholic Church. It is a sacred symbol whose effects are obtained through the prayer of the Church.

To profit by this crucifix it is not enough to have it blessed and to take it like a mascot. The benefits depend on the degree of our faith and on the confidence you have placed in God and in Saint Benedict. The good effects, which are awarded to the crucifix of Saint Benedict, are many.

In fact, if it is used with faith and with the aid of the Saint it protects:

  • From epidemics;

  • From poisons;

  • From some special diseases;

  • From spells;

  • From spiritual and material dangers which the Demon can cause;

The Holy faith has enriched it with several indulgences:

  • Plenary indulgence in point of death;

  • Partial indulgence..

Saint Benedict was a true monk. Its work was the fruit of an ascetic native wisdom from the fathers of the oriental deserts, and transmitted to the West across a patrimony as a rule, stories of pilgrimages, biography and dissertations. It denied the privileges of its patrician origin to himself shelter in the Subiaco forest to live from hermit. There, in the silence and in the ecstasy it matured the prophetic wisdom of the Holy Scriptures, it despised the world and increase to excess the burning desire to look for and bitter God.

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