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A look on the soul

See, the kids when they play seem birds singing their joy and you, how come you so deepen perhaps the sun do not warm you, the breeze do not mess up your hair and the flowers do not caress you look? Nothing satisfies you because you have sadness inside; constantly push you towards something that could make you happy. Past the moment, you start all over again. Peers, then, in my heart and you will see that you are missing the joy of loving and being loved.

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Joseph comment

Read these pages you will find the ancient taste of genuine things where the sun shines high to illuminate our deep life. They are not empty words that leave a bitter taste in the end after having given the illusion of intelligent and original paths, but they leave in your hearts the unexpected joy of discovery, the feeling of having walked on a path of light that still continue to accompany every day.

In the author’s pages, they have already communicated to a good number of people, who have received through their work a psychic and spiritual well-being remarkable, offering intense considerations that aim to give some indications very relevant and enlightening for those who want to navigate in the vast sea of spiritual quest.

Look inside the own soul is like sinking into the transcendent universe in front of which the secrets of the universe are not other that weak metaphors.

Elizabeth comment

I have just finished reading your wonderful book "A look on the soul", I liked it very much, it helped me in my reflections on the Christian life. Here you are my brief comments.

This book surprised by the richness and accessibility of its content. An enlightening journey to discover the Master, through our everyday experiences. Suffering shows us how we really are. Suffering is a powerful ally of the Spirit, but few understand it; to reach the "sublime heights of the Spirit" there are difficulties to overcome. Understand the pain in this way, as a means to get closer to God and His infinite love and not as evil or as punishment; open and not close in front of the suffering, opens us a new reality, and eliminates our sense of loneliness, helplessness, and hopelessness, to show us the Truth of Love.

For all of us can walk the path of holiness through faith and prayer. Prayer with the heart is the bridge between the human and the divine. For Love, through prayer you can ask for and obtain. In prayer there is comfort, strength, communication with the Most High. Today seems to have been forgotten the great power of prayer, and rarely, only when you are in difficulty, in despair.

Prayer should be, instead, a daily search for the Lord, a continuous turn to the Creator for not interrupting a bond filled with spiritual gifts. Because people do not know or seem to have forgotten this? The Word is the bread of the Spirit, a "light that can wait", a seed waiting to sprout in our hearts and in our lives. Where the mind cannot reach your heart comes without difficulty. Love is joy. Joy is to think that the Lord loves us infinitely, one by one and waits we seek, that we open our hearts.

Meditating the greatest sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and participate in thought and heart to that atrocious, saving suffering, relieve our pain, cleanses us, enlightens us. Jesus left us his teachings and his example to teach us the way of Good that begins in this earthly life. Follow the Master, deny ourselves, take up our cross, be humble, willing to forgive, love of neighbor, enemy, moving away from the "noise" and the enticements of the newspaper are the actions that allow us to build, every day the "Treasury", already here and now. With heartfelt thanks.

Sister Gloria Comment

I had a wonderful feeling: I felt taken by the hand and guided through all the steps that the book indicates to reach God and I realized that a subject is related with the following harmoniously.

Who reads the book is pervaded by a great serenity and joy of belonging to a God so great, but also as little humility, always is near us, even inside us through the Eucharist and the other sacraments.

Sometimes there are very strong warnings that a little scared, but immediately there is a word, a phrase that heartened. I think that the whole book follows a logical thread that helps to meet God, are the arguments that as many rings linked together make us prisoners of Christ, but it is a state of love in which one is at ease.

The concepts are repeated and it is a good thing, is the love of God toward us, his immense mercy, His infinite goodness that requires us to recognize Him in humility and at the same time recognize ourselves in need of Him, of his help and his understanding.

As background music throughout the book there is the Mother par excellence, Mary, who takes us by the hand and invites us to move forward to put into practice everything that is contemplated during the reading of the book. I heard her benign and loving presence that has accompanied me in reading and gave me so much serenity.

This is an interesting book, nice, deep and does good. Everything is explained with clarity and simplicity and, at the same time, in depth. I wish each person to read it because they will find in this book so well.

Rosa Comment

The book "A Look on the Soul" made me work hard, after reading it twice I could not grasp the message. Reading this book has enriched me with new concepts and gave me messages that awaken my curiosity for consolidating and inner growth. After a break to relax my mind, I started reading and the message came through loud and clear.

"Clean your Soul" has enlightened my mind and understood the topic, Confession. I documented with commitment and I found that I knew little. I made a sincere and painful introspection in my own "self", to check, events, facts, thoughts, opinions, and how, when and why I gave them an answer, a solution, an expression, in hindsight, wrong . The profound knowledge of its true meaning has given a change in my life.

I felt like the parable of the Talents servant to whom the Lord delivered one talent, and he out of fear, laziness, ignorance, and lack of resources instead of daring to make it grow and buries it, then return it for fruitless.

Spiritual reading of my books and yours have broken through to begin a true spiritual path aims to fill my ignorance, but above all to have faith and to love Jesus and Mary as I know them now.