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Monastery Mercy is that feeling generated by compassion for the misery of others, which leads to pity for the unhappiness and misfortune of the neighbor that leads to help, to forgive and likewise links people with an authentic bond of love, loyalty, goodness and tenderness.

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The Mercy of God

Mercy flows only from a heart that knows how to love. Without love it is impossible to feel compassion and to come to the aid of the other. Only love can accomplish this miracle and it is that reality that makes you similar to the sun, makes you shine and burn, and it is an inestimable richness that pushes you to act anyway and always. It is in the mercy that love expresses itself and it is in the act of mercy that the language of love is expressed in the radicality of its free self-giving.

In God, pure and sublime love is expressed, where everything takes on its meaning through active love. The same creation which is the bearer of joy and joy attests its marvels and its finality. Yet the language of love is mysterious and largely ineffable and ever new, like the breath of life or the beating of the heart. Love will never be a dialectical necessity or a structure of matter, but it will always be the consequence of freedom. In which place can I seek Love, where does it speak of itself, revealing its mystery, its essence and its presence? This place is the Gospel where you will find the command: you must love.

The wonder of love as a casket of precious stones offers itself to the request for words of eternal life. The new word that is emphasized is reconciliation because it is placed at the center of the possible communication of the human with God. According to the reasoning of human justice, it is the man who, having offended God, must take the first step to reconcile with him, which is the offended part. Instead the opposite happens because it is God who comes to meet man to try to reconcile him with himself. What abyss of depth, what ineffable mystery of love, which invites us to understand the law of love, that is, what is necessary to listen to a language that is not of this world, but is the language of God himself, of love that he talks about himself.

In every man, God has laid down love, and no matter how evil he tries to annihilate him, love remains as an inextinguishable thirst for living water that restores the desert and the aridity of the heart. We are indebted to our injustice before God, in fact the offense is so devastating that only the infinite forgiveness of eternal love can erase it.

The flames of mercy burn in the heart of God and await only your acceptance to be poured out on you with a sea of graces. The wonders of God's mercy are inscrutable and can not fathom the sinner or the just. "Too little we speak of divine mercy and we must always talk about it because this is the omnipotence with which God prefers to act and that opens our hearts to joy and hope".

When the soul illuminated by faith understands in the splendor of the light it receives, as a confidence given to you personally by Jesus, this God, creator and Father, reveals himself as the infinite Love, this God is love and all his creative work it is a work of charity, then a boundless love of gratitude must blossom in her.

God has revealed His Merciful Love that relieves man of sin and repairs all human weaknesses and shortcomings. Mercy manifests itself in every action of God on the outside, both as a creative force and as a salvation. All that God does for man is an expression of His Merciful Love. The path of hope passes through the knowledge of God's mercy. From the depths of human suffering, the invocation of mercy must rise, especially where hatred and thirst for revenge reign. The grace of mercy is necessary to placate minds and hearts and to bring about peace. The merciful love of God is indispensable so that the inexpressible value of every human being is manifested and that every injustice in the world finds its end in the splendor of truth. Only in the mercy of God will man find peace and happiness!

Thank God for His mercy, he pleads with God. "You are rightly thinking of the Lord". With these words, Wisdom urges us to have more confidence in Divine Mercy than fear in divine justice, as God is more inclined to benefit than to chastise, as St. James says: "Mercy always has the best in judgment". In our difficulties, both temporal and spiritual, the Apostle Peter exhorts us to abandon ourselves totally to the goodness of God, who takes the greatest care of our salvation: "Cast your every concern in him, because he cares for you". David says. "Our God is a God who saves". Saint Paul recommends that we always trust in the Lord: Do not therefore abandon your trust, to which a great reward is reserved. St. Bernard writes that divine mercy is like an inexhaustible source where, who brings a larger container of confidence, draws more abundance of graces. He who trusts in the Lord will always be surrounded and protected by His mercy and will be sure not to lose himself. The Gospel episode of the adulterous woman is extraordinary; Jesus says: «Neither do I condemn you, go and from now on do not sin anymore». It strikes the attitude of Jesus: he does not pronounce words of contempt or words of condemnation, but only words of love and mercy. The face of God is of a merciful Father who has infinite patience: he understands us, awaits us and does not tire of forgiving us if we know how to return to him with a contrite heart. As it transpires from the other Gospel episode of the merciful father: "When he was still far away, his father saw him and, moved, ran to meet him, threw himself at his neck and kissed him."

To implore the intervention of God's Mercy means not only obtaining the forgiveness of our failings, but also the intervention of God in our human misery, which does not only mean finalized to the conditions of life, but also to unhappiness, to the sense of desolation. That oppresses us, the moral weaknesses and the cares and pains that afflict that sooner or later every human existence. Well God can intervene to fill all our misery, our every lack and even more by giving us the fortress, the lighting, in short, everything to escape unhappiness.

When love speaks, we must listen to its voice to perceive the dazzling truths of its saying, and the help it can give us will be superior to any human help because it is also a bearer of hope. The whole of humanity needs the message of God's mercy is, at the same time, a strong call to a more lively trust: Jesus, I trust in you and it is difficult to find more eloquent words.

Raise the invocation to Jesus to obtain His Mercy because He is greater than all our misery. Even if you had fallen into the abysmal depths of evil, do not despair, ask God for forgiveness, repent and be sure that He will welcome you. David writes that the Lord is not only good, but is full of mercy towards those who invoke him.

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