Francis of Sales

The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

Proclaimed Saint and Doctor of the Church by Pope Alexander VII in 1665.

His main works are:
  • Introduction to devout life.
  • Treatise of the love of God.
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Meditation on hell

They are fundamental texts of religious literature of all time. That of God's love was the argument with which he persuaded many to return to the Catholic Church.

The hell us from an obvious measure of the malice of the sin. We, that normally we are dominated from the sensitive world, we stretch out almost without to notice us, to judge the compression to the things of our experience erred: and the judgment that we give results of wrong everything. The sin, is necessary to confirm, is a offended sort to God; and alone when we want to we represent us the trouble like result of the sin, that is the hell, alone then we can gain a knowledge more living person and more effective on our human behavior. The hell, therefore, does to understand us paradoxically the sin.

To think that alone the leap of love is sufficient to the man to realize the well and to flee the badly, means not to include fully the human nature.

For how much incredible it l can seem assertion than the hell is work of justice and also work of love, is certainly true. True because God, according to the revelation of John, is love; so nothing comes from God that does not proceed from the love. Not for nothing the divine poet remembers, to the some hell enter, that it was done from the divine justice, but also from the "first love".

The hell shows us that the love of God is a serious thing, because the love did not correspond has a superior punishment to every imagination.

The life of the man, of every man, is a terribly serious, since it is resolved in a sole fundamental relation, that with the absolute, with God. And such relation is even more serious, since is a relation of love, and the love is what serious, and implacable like the death. How could it be affirmed that Love of God for the man is a serious thing if was indifferent to the answered of the man? If God for absurd accepted the ours "no" to its Love like an "itself". Since the hell is just this "no" of the man, that it is extended endless, bolting for always that "itself" that the freedom would give him and the salvation.

If the meditation of the hell disturbs our spirit and puts us in anxiety, thinking about our weakness, we should reassure thinking about it that Jesus has done man to save us from the hell, and that recommended to hope us in Him. We should hope in our salvation and this hope is not a hypothesis, but is firmness, because been based on not over we, but only on Jesus, that has done actual man to save us.

And on the belief and on the hope it will be lit perhaps actual also in charm of the meditation on the hell the more burning the love. That love overwhelming that does to strengthen us the resolution of not to err and the resolution of to be faithful to the love..