Faustina Kowalska

The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

Is venerated all over the world as the Apostle of Divine Mercy.

He has had revelations, visions, Hidden Stigmata, the gift of ubiquity, the gift of reading in souls, the gift of prophecy, and the mystical marriage..

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From: "Diary of Sister Faustina Kowalska"

Today, under the guidance of an angel, I was in the depths of hell.

E 'a place of great torment for its size frighteningly large.

These are the various penalties that I saw the first penalty, which is hell, is the loss of God, and the other, the constant remorse of conscience, and the third, the awareness that the fate that will never change, and the fourth sentence the fire that penetrates the soul, but destroys not, is a dreadful penalty is a purely spiritual fire lit by IRI God, the penalty is the fifth continuous darkness, a horrible stench unbearable, and although the dark demons and damned souls are seen between them and see all the evil of others and their own, and the sixth sentence the company continues to Satan, and the seventh is a tremendous penalty despair, hatred of God, the imprecations, curses the blasphemies.

These are the sentences that all the damned suffer together, but this is not the end of torments.

There are details of various torments souls who are the torments of the senses. Every soul with the sin which is tormented in a terrible and indescribable. There are horrible caves, chasms of torment, where torture is different each other. I would be dead at the sight of those horrible torture, if I had not supported the omnipotence of God.

The sinner may know that the sense in which sin will be tortured for all eternity. I write this on the orders of God, so that it is justifiable saying that hell is not there, or that there is no one and no one ever knows how it is. I, Sister Faustina, by order of God I was in the depths of hell in order to talk to the souls and witness to that hell exists. Now I cannot talk about this. I have the order from God to leave it in writing. The demons have demonstrated a great hatred against me, but on the orders of God had to obey.

What I wrote is a weak shadow of the things I saw. One thing I noticed, that most of the souls that are there are souls who did not believe that there was hell. When I returned, I could not recover for the fear, the thought of the souls that are suffering so terribly there, so I pray more fervently for the conversion of sinners, and incessantly invoke God's mercy for them.

O my Jesus, I prefer a death until the end of the world's largest torture, rather than offended by the smallest sin."