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"Who will have persevered until the end will be saved".
(Mc 13, 13).

The perseverance is fruit of the prayer, because it means the speech that the soul receives the indispensable helps to resist to the assaults of the devil.

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The Perseverance

In its book "Of The big means of the prayer", Saint Alphonso writes: "Who it prays itself safe, who it does not pray they are given". Who it does not pray, also without that the devil push it... to the hell there goes with the actual feet! It is advisable the following prayer than Saint Alphonso introduced in its meditations on the hell:

Or my Mister, here to your feet who held in little account your charm and the your punishments.
Poor me if you, Jesus mine, had not pity of me! From how many years I would find myself in that abyss burning, where already burn much persons like me! Or my Redeemer, like not to burn of love thinking about this? Like, in future, to offend you again? It does not be ever, Jesus mine, rather die. Already that you began, finish in me your work. It does that the time that me from the I spend it all for you. How much would want the damned to be able to have a day or also alone an hour of the time that to grant you! And I than of it will do? Continue to spend it in things that disgust you? No, Jesus mine, not to allow the for the merits of that Blood that up to now all hindered to end me' hell. And You, Queen and Mother mine, Maria, prays Jesus for me and grand me the gift of the perseverance. Amen.

Precious help of the Celestial Mommy

We should entrust us in the hands of the Madonna because like celestial Mommy will do the impossible to get us our salvation, we have to be the devoted with the daily performance of the Rosary is You same to advise us it across the apparition of Fatima.
In 1917 the Holy Virgin apiaries to Fatima to three children; when opened the hands of an I bind of light that seemed penetrated the land. The children saw then, to the feet of the Madonna, like a large sea of fire and, immersed in it, black devils and souls in human shape fellows to transparent charcoals that, dragged upwards from the flames, fell down like sparks in the large fires, between shouts of despair that make horrify.

To such stage the clairvoyants lifted the eyes to the Madonna for ask helped and the Virgin added: This is the hell where go to end the souls of the poor sinners. You recite the Rosary and add to every mail: Jesus mine, lose our faults, you protect from the fire dell' hell and door in all sky the souls, especially the needier of the your pity.

The good will

The thought dell' hell and of the terrible sufferings that in that place undergo, sometimes are able to be a good deterrent to avoid the common satisfactions. The will is stimulated from the determination of the will to reach where is prefer.

Who it is not in a position of to activate the will falls easily in the impure vice as is not in a position of to monitor the look, has not the force of to dominate the disorderly affections of the heart or the determination of to renounce the illicit fun. The number of the sins add themselves until not to have it the perception this way lives itself in the edge of the hell. And if God cropped your life now? They will not count your recriminations of the type "I was decided first or then of to activate the good will", but of me with God, to be systemized everything. It remembers that "not any servant to serve two owners" (Lc 16,13). Sometimes for a moment of pleasure it is risked an eternity of sufferings, of it farewell the trouble?

If desires to save drawn near you of frequent to the Sacraments of the Confession and of the Community, seeks with all of the means of to flee the next occasions of sin. Not to put the test your force, remembers that sometimes is the occasion that does l man thief. The Mister says: "Who it loves the danger in it will be lost" (Sir 3,25).

It is necessary to reflect

If it is not taken the good habit to reflect every day in order to lose of visa the last sense of the life otherwise it is put out the desire of a deep relation with the Mister and, being lacking this, succeeds to do nothing or almost of voucher and it is found the motive and the force to avoid that is badly. Who it ponders with diligence, it is improbable that it lives in misfortune of God and that it go to end the hell.

The pleasure-loving Life. ..la freedom of the senses. ..i sinful fun. .. the total indifference or almost towards God... the derision of the eternal life and specially of the hell. If the death picked us in prey to these longings as has been the Judgment of God? The sentence will be like for the rich one "Glutton" and likely hear the verdict "you Go, enlivens cursed, in the eternal fire!".

As would it be able to be the reaction of this poor soul: "Cursed me! For the delight of a moment, that it is vanished like a flash, to burn in this fire, distant from God, for always! If it had not cultivated those dangerous friendships... If it had prayed of more, if it had receiver more often the Sacraments... I would not find me here of extreme torments!
Cursed it you please! Damned assets! I trampled the justice and the charity to have a little one of riches... Now other if they enjoy it and I should deduct here forever. I agitated from crazy!

It hoped to save myself, but I have been lacking the time of to replace me in charm. The fault was mine. I knew that myself will been able to damn, but I preferred continue to err. The curse fall on who me given the first scandal. If it was able to return in life... how it would change my conduct!".

Perhaps the time to renounce it is connected the desire of the richness destined to end and to put alone in is our hopes. And now of to stop following the carnal desires and inhale to things, for the that it is hard to then seriously to be punished. And' the time to stop to love that goes with so much swiftness and to hasten itself in the walk that lead to the eternal joy.

Let us reflect

Now we are still in time "Who follows me does not walk in the darkness" (Gv 8.12) the Mister says. They are words that urge to imitate us the life of Christ and its conduct, if we want really to be illuminated and freed from inner every blindness.