Mary Valtorta



The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

It was a great mystique. He offered himself to Jesus as a "victim of love before, to console the divine Love that is not loved, and then also of justice, for the salvation of souls and the world".

Vision of the hell

The men of this time no longer believe the existence of hell. They have prepared a beyond to their taste and would be less terrifying to their conscience worthy of much punishment.

Disciple more or less faithful of the Spirit of Evil, they know that their consciousness back from certain crimes, if truly believed In Hell as Faith teaches that it is, know that their conscience, made a crime, he would return in itself remorse and repentance would, in fear find repentance and the repentance for the way back to Me..

I told you that the fire of Purgatory is love. Hell fire is required.
Purgatory is the place where, thinking of God, whose essence is particularly shone on the point of view and has filled with desire to possess it, you expiate the failures of love for the Lord your God. Conquered through love, and degrees of love turned increasingly washed your capacity to make it white and shiny to enter the kingdom of light whose radiance I have days are shown.
Hell is a place where the mind of God, the remembrance of God sees in the particular trial is not, as for purgatives, holy desire, heartfelt nostalgia but full of hope, hope, full of quiet waiting, which will secure the peace When perfection becomes a victory of God, but the spirit that already purgative activity Purgatoire because every sentence, every moment of pain, brings them to God, their love, but remorse is NOVELLO is damnation, is hatred. Hatred towards Satan, hate men, hates themselves.

After adored. Satan, in life, for me, now that they have and see the true appearance, no longer hidden under the smiling milliard meat, under the gleaming gold tipsy, under the powerful sign of supremacy, hate it because of their torment.
Having, forgetting their dignity as children of God, adored men to be murderers, thieves, the Brattier, the merchants of for them, now find that their employers for which they have killed, stolen, cheated, sold their honor and the honor of so many unfortunate creatures, weak, defenseless, making the tool defect that the beasts do not know - the lust of attribute poisoned by Satan - because now hate them because of their torment.

After worshiped themselves giving the flesh, blood, and seven appetites of their flesh and their blood all the rewards, riding roughshod over the law of God and the law of morality, now you hate because you can see because of their torment.
The word I hate carpets that boundless realm; Rugged in those flames, the screams of demons caching; latria in sobs and moans of the damned, rings, rings, rings like a bell hammer eternal; rings like a whelk eternal death; impious self the recesses of the prison, is, in his torment, because renew to every sound the remembrance of love lost forever, the remorse that he wanted to lose, the NOVELLO of not being able to ever again. The soul dead, among the flames, as the bodies thrown into the burning oven or in a crematorium, and we contorted stride as animated by a new and vital movement awakens to understand his mistake and dies and is reborn at every moment with atrocious suffering, because the remorse in the killing and the killing curse back to the revived for a new torment. All the crime that he had betrayed God in the time in front of the soul in eternity, all the error that he had rejected God in his time is for this torment to it for eternity.
In the fire the flames simulate larvae that adored in life, the passions are in hot paint strokes with the most appetizing ways, and clash, they clash memento: "You wanted the fire of passion. Now Flats fire lit by God Holy Fire which you laughed".
Fire meets fire. Paradise fire of love is perfect. In Purgatory is purifying fire of love. Hell fire is in love offended. Since the elected loved to perfection Love is given to them in its perfection. As the warm purgatives loved, the love you bring the flame to perfection. As the cursed parser of all fires, even the God of Fire, the Fire of God's wrath burns them forever. And in the fire is cold.

Oh! Hell is that you cannot imagine. Take all that torment of man on earth: fire, flame, frost, flooding waters that, hunger, sleep, thirst, wounds, sickness, wounds, death, and make a single sum and multiplied million times. You will not have that a larva of the terrible truth.
In the smell will be unsustainable commits frost sidereal. I damned parser all the fires have only human spiritual frost for the Lord their God. It expects them to frost freeze after the fire will take them as salted fish placed to roast over a flame. Torment in this move of the smell that melts the ice that condenses.

Oh! Is not a metaphorical language, since God can do that souls, heavy for the sins committed, have sensitivity equal to that of meat, even before assuming the meat. You do not know and not believe. But in truth I tell you that it would suffer most of all the torments of my martyrs rather than an hour of those hellish tortures.
The darkness will be the third torment. Dark material and spiritual darkness. Be forever in the darkness after having seen the light of heaven and be in embracing the Darkness after he saw the Light that is God "Debate in the dark the smell which illuminates only the glare of the spirit burned, the name of sin for which there are horror conflict, do not find pretext, in that stirring of the spirits who hate and harm one another, only in desperation that makes them mad and increasingly bloody. Eat it, lean with it, kill it. Death nutria death, it said. The death and despair is nutria the dead for eternity.


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