Anna Katarina Emmerick

The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

German nun and Mystic, venerated by the Catholic Church thanks to the gifts of seer and other supernatural gifts, such as Stigmata, Levitation, bilocation, divination and ecstasy.

Emmerick stated that, if he went to a graveyard, in front of the tombs he perceived light or darkness depending on whether the soul of that deceased was in heaven or hell.

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"When I was seized by many pains disorders become very cautious and sighs. Maybe God would give me just one day quiet. As I live in hell.
Then I had a severe reprimand from my guide, told me: "So as not to compare the longer your condition really want to show you hell.".

So it led me to the extreme north, the side where the land becomes more steep, then more distant from the earth. I received the impression that it came in a terrible location. Descended through the paths of a wilderness of ice, in a region above all'emisfero land, the northern part of that. The road was deserted and go I noticed that it was becoming increasingly dark and icy.

Only to remember what I saw I feel my whole body tremble. It was a land of endless suffering, dotted by black spots here and there coal and dense smoke is raised from the ground and the whole was wrapped in a deep darkness, like an eternal night".

The pious nun, was subsequently shown in a fairly clear vision, like Jesus, immediately after its separation from the body, fell in Limbo:

"Finally I saw him (the Lord), proceeding with great gravity to the center and closer to hell of abyss.
Had the form of a gigantic rock, illuminated by a light metal, black and terrible. A huge gate and served as a dark entry. It was really frightening, closed with bolts and bolts incandescent that stimulate a feeling of horror. Suddenly I heard a roar, a horrific scream, the doors were opened and the world seemed a terrible accident.
This world corresponded precisely to the exact opposite of what the heavenly Jerusalem, and many conditions of the Beatitudes, the city with the most diverse gardens, full of wonderful fruits and flowers, and housing of the Saints. Everything appeared to me that was the opposite of bliss. All bore the mark of the curse, of punishment and suffering.

In the heavenly Jerusalem seemed shaped by everything you have blessed and organized according to the reasons and the relations of peace infinite eternal harmony, but here the discrepancy appears in all the disharmony and immersed in anger and despair.
In the sky you can see the buildings indescribable beautiful and pure joy and worship, here instead the exact opposite and left countless prisons, caves of suffering, of the curse and despair, there in heaven, are the most beautiful gardens full of fruit for a divine meal, here heinous deserts and swamps full of sufferings and pains and all that most horrible of you can imagine.
To love, to contemplation, joy and happiness, to temples, altars, castles, to streams, rivers, lakes, fields wonderful and blissful and harmonious community of Saints, will replace him in hell mirror opposite of the peaceful Kingdom of God, the delaminate, eternal disagreement of the damned.

All human errors and lies, were concentrated in the same place and appeared in countless depictions of suffering and punishment. Nothing was right, there was no calming thoughts such as divine justice. I saw the columns of a temple dark and horrible.
Then suddenly something changed, the gates were opened by the angels, there was a conflict, escapes, injuries, cries and laments. Individual angels defeated whole armies of evil spirits.
All had to recognize Jesus and worship him.

This was the torment of the damned. A lot of them were chained in a circle around the others. At the center of the temple there was a chasm wrapped in darkness, Lucifer was chained and thrown in while you raised a black vapor. These events happened as a result of certain divine laws.

I think I heard that Lucifer will be released and will be taken off the chains, fifty or sixty years before 2000 AD, for some time. I heard that other events would have happened in certain times, but I forgot. Some damned souls would be freed to continue to suffer the punishment of being led into temptation and exterminate the mundane.
I believe that will happen in our time, at least for some, others will be released in the future".