Sister Josefa Menendez

Monastery Sister Josefa was a mystical Catholic nun. Born of a Christian family in Madrid had to suffer for many trials.

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Vision of hell

"In an instant I found myself in hell, but without being dragged like the other times, and just like you should drop the damned. The soul rushed there by itself, it throws away as if it wanted from the sight of God, you can hate and curse.

My soul is dropped into an abyss of which no one could see the bottom, so immense ... I saw hell as always: caves and fire. Although not see corporal forms, the torments torn damned souls (which between them are known) as if their bodies were present.

I was thrust into a niche in the fire and crushed between the plates as hot and as if the irons and sharp peaks are red-hot in my body.

I felt as if, though unsuccessfully, we wanted to tear the tongue, which I reduced to extremes, with a terrible pain. The eyes seemed to leave, I think because of the fire that burned horribly.

You cannot move a finger or to seek relief, or change position, as the body is compressed. The ears are stunned by how horrible and confused cries not cease an instant.
A nauseating smell and a repugnant asphyxiation invades all, as if burning flesh rotting in with pitch and sulfur.

All this I felt like in other occasions and, although these are terrible torments, would be nothing if the soul did not suffer, but it suffers so unspeakable to the deprivation of God.
I saw and felt some of those souls damned to eternal roar torment that know that they have to endure, especially the hands. I think that during his life have stolen, as they shouted: "Cursed be the hands, where the hours you have taken?".

Other souls, screaming, accusing his tongue, or eyes ... each what was the cause of his sin: "Now pay atrociously delicacies that you grant, or my body ... It is you, or body, that you wanted to.. For a moment of pleasure, an eternity of pain. "It seems to me that the souls in hell are especially earnings of sins of impurity.

While I was in Hell, I saw people precipitate impure and cannot say nor understand the horrendous roars that came from their mouths: "eternal Darn ... I was mistaken ... I lost ... I will be here forever ... forever!!... forever!!!... and there will be no remedy ... Hell in me.".

A young girl desperately screaming, cursing against bad satisfactions in life gave to his body and curse the parents who had given too much freedom in following the fashion and entertainment monadic. He was damned by three months.

Everything I have written - concludes the Menendez - is only a pale shadow in comparison with what is really suffering in hell".