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The resurrection of the dead will be conclusive action of the human story, the Last Judgment. In the I Believe we proclaim that Jesus Christ, ascended to the Sky, will return a day "to judge the living persons and the dead".

Jesus Christ side to the right hand of the Father He will come to judge the living persons and the dead, and, "To its arrival all of the men will rise again with their bodies and should give back account of their actions".

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The Universal Judgement

The Kingdom of God receives its sense full from its completion, from its moment final, that it is opened with the stage of the universal judgment to the presence of the sole judge, the Christ. Saint Paul affirms that "we all should before appear the tribunal of Christ to restore each the second its life deadly of reward what will have done, either of well or of badly".
(TWO Cor. 5,10).

And Matthew so represents it: "When will come the Son of the man in its majesty and all of the angels together with him, then itself will come on its throne glorious. All the people will have before gathered he; and he will separate them from the other, like the shepherd that separates the sheep from the Billy goats; and will put to its right hand the sheep and the belly goats on the left. Then the king will say at those that are to the right: come, or you, blessed some Father mine take possession of the Kingdom... and to those of the political left will say: gone away from me or you, the cursed, to the eternal fire".
(Mt 25, 31-41).

This moment and this stage returns often in the story of the Evangelists and return with persistence in the letters of San Paul. The subject of the paresis, namely of the arrival of the Christ to the end of the times, intimately is join with that of the Last Judgment, a lot constitute two appearance of a same eschatological reality. An echo of this state of mind is had, in the letters that Saint Paul writes to the Thessalonians, admonishing them of not to lose itself in vain matters and of "do not to leave easily to be gotten upset the spirit from rumors and from claimed revelations almost that the day of the Mister is imminent" (TWO Tess. 2,2), because of the day of the Mister alone will know a thing: that "will come like the thief of night" : the important is to hold itself always gotten ready (THE Tess. 5,2). The weight of the day of the Mister, documented from the letters to the Thessalonians, how awaited of a next event, is one of the arguments on that it is melted the eschatological interpretation of the Church.

The truth of the Last Judgment is not alone a reality revealed, but seems to come meeting also to certain necessity of the reason, because the reason the suitability warns of it and the meaning. The Last Judgment answers to the social nature of the man because the life of the individual it is interwoven unavoidably with that of the other things also the works whether be good or bad reflect even if in different manner also in the environment that surrounds man. Even if the individual judgment already defined is drawn it some individual nevertheless is necessary that this judgment and this is drawn is sanctioned and caused in front of everything. For this, the day of the judgment said "the big day" (Apoc. 6,1). That day will be for Jesus the time of the glorification before all of the men, and for the men will be the day of the truth and of the justice before God.

The big day

Jesus announced a lot of times this day of its glorification and lastly in the moment in which appeared in garment of defendant before the tribunal of the Sanhedrim, that it to death was about to condemn: "Then the highest priest told him" I implore You, for the living God, of to say us if are you the Christ, the Son of God". "You said – answered him Jesus – or rather I tell yourselves: d' now ahead will see the son dell' man sat to the right hand of the Power of God and to come on the clouds of the sky".
(Mt. 26,64).

Every sinner, erring, throws the actual blasphemous challenge to God: "I committed the sin, and what I have happened of badly?". In the life of a lot it is like if Jesus the son of God not pits ever existed and so live "separated from Christ... without hope and without God in this world...” (Ef. 2,12). Well then, it is necessary that facing all of the humanity the Christ you claim its glory, because all should recognize, trembling odd acclaiming, that He is the Son of God, the omnipotent, actual in the same action of the judgment as will be l' sole judge of the mankind.

"The Father does not judge no: every judgment replaced it to the Son, so that all honor it" (Gv. 5, 22). In that day — writes Saint Paul — when the Mister will be demonstrated Jesus from the sky, with powerful angels and fire burning, to punish those that do not recognize God and those that do not obey to the gospel of our Mister Jesus.
(TWO Tess. 1, 8)

In that day there will be the fear of the sinners and the consolation of the just because will be the day of the absolute truth and of the absolute justice, for that is the sinner that the just one will appear that I am. All they will see of each outcome in the most inaccessible zones of the conscience, namely there where the actions breed themselves and where receive their ethical value, and every action comes revealed with the actual name and not with the value that fake the sinner attributed them blundering itself and deceiving the other. Now the cruelty will be not called stronghold, and not even the pride in dignity so like the sensuality in sweetness and not even the mildness in cowardice and not even the justice in arrogance. It will be the day of the truth for each and for all, everyone of we will appear like really before is God, to if same, to all.

Everyone will be judged according to good his works or bad: "The Son of men.. will give back each according to his works" (Mt. 16, 27) ... "It will give each according to his works..." (Rm. 2,6). To nothing they will serve the success, the honors, the offices, the richness, the science, the economical power if did not realize the well. As will it be the upset in the staircase of the human sizes! In the hierarchy of the human values! How much of what it is retained grain it will appear pula, and of what pula seemed will appear grain! The executioner and the martyr, the slanderer and the slanderer, the profits and the victim, the bully and the humble, the wicked one and the honest will find in the sentence of the judge the just balance of that I compare that had been too long altered. Who it is very secure of himself for that day when should before appear the Redeemer become judge? "What I will be able to say I, wretched, to my excuse? What patron I will be able to invoke in my help? ... in that moment when to difficulty the just one hears itself secure?". Saint Peter in its first letter writes: "If the just one itself safe to toil, where will appear the wicked and the sinner?".

With the I triumph of Jesus, there it will be the I triumph of the good: "They will not have plus hunger will have plus thirst, not the alone some in drought will hit them, because the Lamb, that is in the middle to the throne, will be their shepherd and will drive them to the sources of the waters of the life. And God will dry every tear from their eyes".
(Apoc. 7, 16-17).