The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

Every sinner turns from himself the flame of his fire, not that it is immersed in a fire lit by others, and existed before him. The field that feeds this fire are our sins.

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Quotes on hell

Between us on one side or hell heaven there is no other means of life: the most fragile thing that exists.
(Blaise Pascal)

Hell is paved with good intentions.
(St. Bernard of Clairvaux)

Most of the souls that are there are souls who did not believe that there was hell.
(Faustina Kowalska)

The life we have been given to seek God, death to find it, to possess eternity.

We are proud to have eliminated the hell, now it spread everywhere.
(Elias Canetti)

Two things kill the soul: the presumption and despair. With the first hoped too, with the second too soon.
(St. Augustine)

The man can always say to God. "Not thy will be done." It is this freedom from home to hell.
(Pavel Evdokimov)

To be saved you must believe, for no damned! Hell is not proof that God does not love, but that there are men who do not want to love God, will be loved by him, nothing more.
(John Pastorino)

That man is torn from heaven and earth, patience, but the worst is that at the end of the sky wants a shred that was torn to hell, and hell is hungry for that conquered the sky.
(Stanislaw Lec)

One thing disturbs me deeply is that priests do not speak more of hell. It passes over in silence modestly. It implies that all will go to heaven without any effort, without any conviction precise. Do not even doubt that hell is the basis of Christianity, that this danger was to wrest the Second Person in the Trinity and that half of the Gospel is full. If I were a preacher and start increasing in the chair, try first the need to warn the flock of sleeping appalling danger that is running.
(Paul Claudel)

Ever since man no longer believes in hell, has turned his life into something that is very similar to hell. Obviously cannot do without it!
(Ennius Flaiano)

It has been said with profound insight, that heaven itself would be damned to hell in their spiritual distortion now incurable. If they could, to absurd, out of their hell, he was in paradise, having considered the enemy of the law and the grace of love.
(John Casoli)

A just God would be merciful to all a good godsend, a just God would be just a terror, and God is a horror or a godsend for us. It is a Father, as Jesus says, that as long as we live is always willing to welcome the prodigal son who returns home, but it is also the master who, at the end of the day, giving everyone the right salary earned.
(Gennaro Auletta).