San August of Ippona

The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

Father, doctor and saint of the Catholic Church, said also Doctor of the Mercy.
And'is the maximum thinker and certainly also one of the greatest geniuses of the humanity.

Its more famous works are:

  • The Confessions.
  • God's city - (De Civitate Dei).
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Quality of the punishments it

It will be completed therefore complete what God announced for its profit by the way dell' eternal torture of the damned: "Their worm not moral and the their fire do not will be extinguished" (cf Rom 11,17-24) "Who suffers scandal without that I burns?" (2Cor 11,29). Writer is "Like the moth gnaws the garment and the I be worm-eaten the wood, so the sadness gnaws the heart of the man".
(Prov 25,20).

It is read in fact in the Writings dell' Ancient Will: "The fire and the worm will punish the meat dell' wicked" (Eccl 7,17). Perhaps the Sacred Writing wanted to say that will punish the meat, because man the fault will be punished of to be lived according to the meat, and so will undergo the second death meant Apostle when said: "If you will live according to the meat will die".
(Rom 8,13).

The fire is able of the Gahanna, if is physical, to burn the malicious spirits that are incorporeal?

If the fire will be not incorporeal like the is the pain of the soul, but bodily, fatal to the touch so as to be able to torture the bodies, how will be able to serve from punishments also for the malicious spirits? The same fire in fact will be assigned like torture to the men and to the devils because the Christ said: "Via from me, cursed, in the eternal fire gotten ready for the devil and for the angels its".
(Mt 25,41).

I would say, send other that these spirits will graze without some body, so how burnt hell that rich when exclaimed: "I burn in this flame" (Lc 16,24). That Gahanna, called also "Pond of sculpture and fire", (Ap 20.10) will be a bodily fire and will torment the bodies of the damned, is the solid bodies of the men is those airplanes of the devils... Sole in fact it will be the fire for the unit and for the other, how the same Truth said.
(Cfr Mt 25,41).

The justice demands proportionate punishments to the malice, not to the duration of the sin.

Some they retain unjust that because of the sins, for how much serious, committed in a relatively short time, l' man is sentenced to an eternal trouble; like if the justice of the lecterns should demand that everyone is punished in a proportionate time to that employee in the to commit the sin...

It will be judged perhaps that one to should be much time in prison how much employed to commit of it the crime for that comes imprisoned? And it was not yourselves ever know that it retained that the torments of the guilty that should last same space of time employed from you are to commit a murder, an adultery, a sacrilege or any other crime, that instead should be punished, not based on the duration of the time in which was committed, but based on the seriousness dell'action.

Now, if the men come excluded from this deadly town with the torture of the before dead one, is just that come excluded from the eternal town with the torture of the second death. And like the lecterns of this town cannot make yes that a person killed returns, so not even the lecterns of quell' other town can allow that a sentenced to the second death is recalled to the eternal life.

Seriousness for that an eternal trouble is had to.

The eternal trouble seems hard and unjust to the human feeling, because in the misery of this deadly life we left that sense of pure and high wisdom that does to include us the seriousness of the sin committed in the first one abuse of power. So no it this escapes just and deserved punishment, if not for pity and charm do not had to; and the mankind is divided so as to appear how much is able in some the merciful charm and how much in the other the right revenge. Perhaps the damned they will be more numerous of the taken pleasure, so that, in all manners, it is clear what all we would have deserved.

Some they believe that no trouble will be eternal.

Some they do not admit that it will be yourselves an eternal trouble for those who the just judge will judge worthy of the torture of the Gahanna; but retain that they will be freed after a certain time, more or except for long, according to the seriousness of their erred.
The most merciful one to this resolution was Origen which believed that even the devil and its angels, after serious and long proportionate tortures to the their erred, will be freed from those you suffer and associated to the holy angels. (Origin, for its doctrinal mistakes was condemned from the Church).

We have to first of all to ask us because the Church did not be able to accept the opinion of those who promise the purification and the forgiveness also of the devil, is too after long and serious punishments.
It believes that it cannot be canceled invalidated the sentence that the same Mister it declared of to utter in the judgment: "Via from me cursed, in the eternal fire, gotten ready for the devil and for the angels its" (Mt 25,41). With these words demonstrate that the devil and its angels will burn in the eternal fire. Can be canceled what knell is written Apocalypse: "The devil that seduced was hurled them in the pond of the fire and of the sculpture, where had been hurled also the animal and the fake prophet; and had been tormented day and night for the centuries of the centuries"
(Ap 20,9-10).

In the first step it is had eternal, in the second, for the centuries of the centuries: two expressions that in the divine writing mean endless.

Jesus said "So these will go all' eternal torture, and the just to the eternal life", so to say that the eternal life will be endless and the eternal torture will have fine is absurd. So, since the eternal life of the holy will be endless, also the eternal torture, for those that will fall, will be certainly endless.
I discuss from: "De Civitate Dei"
of St. August