Catherine form Siena

The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

Catherine was a visionary and frequent were her ecstasies. During the prayer he had continuous family talks with Jesus Christ his bridegroom who projected her on the other heights of spirituality..

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The Four Torments

Human tongue not enough, gives birth mine, to recount the trouble of these pitiful souls. If three are the main vices - that is to say the love of himself waves is born the second, namely the consideration of if same, from which proceeds the third one, that is the pride accompanied from fake justice and cruelty, with the other iniquitous and dirty sins that achieve to these - so I tell you that in the hell are yourselves four main torments, to which achieve all the other.

The first torment consists in the make that you are see deprived themselves of my sight; thing that is of so much suffering that, if was their possible, would choose rather of to see me, also being in the fire and between the rawest torments, rather that lacking every trouble without to see me. This first trouble produces in them the second one, that of the worm of the conscience that always gnaws them, since for them fault see deprived themselves of me and of the conversation with the angels, and for of more see become themselves worthy of the conversation with the devils and of their sight.

TWO to see then the devil, that is the third trouble, multiplies every their suffering. If in fact the holy always exult in my sight rethinking with joy to the fruit of the sacrifices that supported for me with large love and scorn of himself, the opposite one is of these unlucky, that in the sight of the devils sharpen the actual torment: in the to see the devils recognize if same, that is to say understand that for actual fault if of it son given back worthy. In manner the I be worm-eaten some conscience even more gnaws them and ever has truce the fire burning of this consciousness". (cf Isaia 66.24)

Even more large their drift suffers from the to see the same figure of the devil, very horrible than is not yourselves human heart that can appear itself it. If quite memories, in fact, you will know that, having yourself I shown the devil in its shape, and for a small space of time - almost a point! - You, after returned in you, you chose, rather, of to walk a road paved of fire, lasted too until the day of the judgment, arranged to trample the fire with the your feet, rather than to see it still. But although you have seen, still you do not know how much he is horrible, because, for divine justice, he himself even more repulsive show to the soul that has deprived of me, and in manner more or except for serious to second of the seriousness of the faults subsections.

And the fourth torment is the fire. It is a fire that burns but does not consume the soul; this consumes not, is not what material that the fire can reduce to nothing, from the moment that is incorporeal. But I for divine justice I allowed that the fire the caterpillars tormenting, you torment it and do not consume it, and torment it and caterpillars with large sufferings, in different manners to second of the seriousness of the sins, who more who except for, according to the weight of the faults.

These four torments are derived all the other, with cold and warm and strider of teeth. Here in that wretched manner they received the eternal death, after their reproaches you upset in life for the fake judgment and for the injustice, is not itself correct on the occasion of this first accusation, how I said, of the second one, that is to say in point of death when did not want to hope, sore itself of the made injured party to me but tormenting itself only for the actual trouble.

From: "Conversation of the Divine Providence"
of Holy Catherine from Siena.