Veronica Giuliani

The New Ones - Heaven - Purgatory

Veronica Giuliani was an abbess of the monastery of Città di Castello and Italian mystique. It is considered among the most important contemplative-penitents and its model was the Franciscan spirituality.

He wrote the diary "The Hidden Treasure" in which he tells his mystical experience.

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Meditation hell

"In a sudden, I found myself in a dark, deep and smelly, you heard bulls, braying of donkeys, lion roars, whistles of snakes, ghastly confusion of voices, and thunders that contributed great terror and fear. I saw flashes of fire and dense smoke. Adagio! Still nothing.

I seemed to see a big mountain all covered with snakes, the snakes and reptiles braided together, no one recognized the other, and in quantity without a number. Feeling, beneath them, curses and ghastly voices, turned to my angels, I asked them what those voices were, and they told me that there were many troubled souls, and that this place was the cooler. Indeed opened immediately, the great mountain, and I seemed to see it all filled with demons and souls! In large numbers! Those souls were stuck together as if they were one, and thus kept the demons associated with chains of fire to themselves, as if they were demons and souls the same thing and every soul had so many demons upon which we could just distinguish. The way in which the views I cannot describe it, just so I said to myself understood, but I do not say anything of what it is.

I was transported to another mountain where bulls and horses were unbridled which seemed to me that they might be as many dogs bite angry. In these animals was fire from the eyes, mouth and nose, their swords sharp teeth seemed that, suddenly reduced to pieces and nothing whatever was in their mouth, and realized that kicking and devour souls. Which clash and terror that made it! Do not you ever stopped and realized that last forever so. Then I saw other mountains with most ruthless torments, but it is impossible to describe, and the human mind can never, ever understand.

In the midst of this place, there is a throne, high, broad, and composed argali all of the demons! More ghastly struggle, and in the middle of it there is a chair made up of demons, the heads and the principal. Here he is sitting Lucifer, ghastly, horrible. O God! What an angle picture! Come over to ugliness, all other demons, that seems to have a head size of a hundred head, and it is full of very long spikes on top of each of which there is like an eye, big as a head of beef, which sends arrows fire burning all hell. And although this is a very big place comprising millions of souls and demons, all they see this view without veils, and all were suffering the same torments over Lucifer. It sees all, and everyone sees him.

Here, my angels, I did understand that, as in heaven, the sight of God, face to face, makes everyone happy and blessed those present, as well, in hell, the ugly face of Lucifer, this diabolical monster, is to torment all souls. They see all of them, face to face the enemy of God, and having lost God forever, and have not ever, ever to enjoy, is well worth it. Lucifer was in itself, and he stands out so that all the damned. It curse and blaspheme all, it all curse and curse, and it haunts, and torture.

And what is this? I asked my angels, and they answered me: Forever, for all eternity. O God! I cannot say anything, of what I have learned and understood, with words, we do not say anything. Here, now, I did see that the cushion was in the chair of Lucifer, if it was seated in that throne. He was the soul of Judas. Even under the feet of that Lucifer was a very big cushion, all torn. I was made to understand that these were souls of Religious; opened this throne and I seemed to see, among those demons that were under the chair, a large amount of anime. Then I asked my Angels: Who are these? And they told me that were prelates, Head of the Church, and the superiors of Religion.

O God! Each soul suffers, in a sudden, all that suffer from the damned souls of others, and I seemed to understand that my way was there to torment all the demons! And all the souls in hell. I believe however, that not only I accompanied my Angels, but I accompanied incognito my dear Mother, Mary most holy, because without her, I would have died of fright. I will not say more, so I cannot say anything. All I said is nothing, and everything I've heard from the preachers is an anything. The hell does not understand, I never can learn the hardness of his pains and its torments. This view I was very good, made me take the decision of departing from everything and to do my transactions with more perfection as I am so neglected. In hell there is a place for everyone, and there is still my, if not silent life. May be all to the glory of God, according to the will of God, for God, God!.