The imitation of Christ

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In Latin: "De Imitatione Christi" is one of the most popular texts in Christian literature.

The work has as its object the way to go to achieve ascetic perfection, Following in the footsteps of Jesus. St. Therese of Lisieux always carried this book with him wherever he went and knew many parts to memory.

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From: "The imitation of Christ"

In everything keep your eyes fixed to the aim; you will appear in front of the supreme judge; the judge that searches everyone’s heart, that does not let Himself be placated by gifts, that does not accepts excuses. He judges in accordance with justice. (cfr. Is 11,4).
Oh! Unfortunate and stupid sinner, how you will be able to answer God, which knows all the badly that did; you that tremble sometimes to the visa of the alone one I turn gotten angry of a man? Why you do not think about what will append of you in the day of the judgment, when no will be able to be exonerated and defended from other, and each will constitute for if stupid and despised for love of Christ.

In that day will be expensive every tribulation that is been endured patient, and "every iniquity will close its mouth" (Sal 106, 42); the pious man will be in the delight, while will be in the pain who lived without belief.
In that day the body afflicted will enjoy that if was been nourished of delights; will shine the coarse and that garment end will be darkened; a wretched residence will be admired of a golden palace.

In that day a patience that has never come less, more than the whole power of the earth will benefit; sincere obedience will be glorified more than the whole astuteness of the world.
In that day the pure one and straight line conscience will give delight that the erudite doctrine; the scorn of the rachises of that the treasuries of all of the men.
In that day you will have greater delight from an ardent prayer that from a choice lunch; will draw delight from the silence that will have maintained, that from a long one to speak.
In that day the good works will be worth more than many words; a strict life and a hard penitence will be more important than every pleasure in the world.

Learn to suffer a little now, so that then you are able is freed by greater sufferings.Test you same first, down here, to taste of that does will be able then. If now you knows things a few suffer, as can you bear the eternal torments? If now a small suffering makes you so incapable to bear, how to make you the gehenna?
Here, in truth, are not able her all and two, these joys: enjoies in this life and then reign with Christ. What would serve you, if, till to today, you were always lived among the honors and the pleasures, and it praies happened you to die suddenly?

Everything, is therefore vanity, except to love God and to serve only to Him. End so, the man that loves God with all her heart is not afraid neither of the death, neither of the sentence, neither of the judgment, neither of the hell. A perfect love bring with all safety to God; who instead continues to love the sin is afraid and — this doesn't make wonder — of the death and of the judgment.

If then have not still enough love to be far from the evil, it is well that at least the fear of the hell holds back you; in effects, who doesn't hold in the correct account the fear of God doesn't succeed to sustain to long in the street of the good, but it will fall before long in the drawstrings of the devil.