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Jesus want to convert sinners and away from the path of perdition. He came into the world to provide eternal life to all who want to harm nobody.

Jesus reveals to Sister Mary Faustina Kowalska "I have all my life to use the eternal justice and I only have the life that I can use mercy, mercy now I want to use.".

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Divine Mercy

Jesus, therefore, want to forgive, there is no guilt so great that he can’t destroy the flame of his divine Heart. The only assumption required to obtain his mercy is repentance and hatred of sin.

In recent times, the evil is spreading throughout the world as impressive as the Redeemer showed more intensity in his mercy, to want to give a message to humanity, and sinful, to implement his plans for love, has served a privileged creature: Josepha Menendez. On June 10 1923 Jesus appeared in all its celestial beauty based on sovereign majesty. His power was manifested in the tone of voice. "Josepha, write to the souls. I want the world knows my heart. I want that people know my love. I know what I did for them. The men are seeking happiness away from me, but in vain: not found".

"I appeal to everyone, men as simple to the powerful. A show that if all seek happiness, they are the happiness and if looking for peace, I am Peace, I am the Mercy and Love. I want this Love is the sun that illuminates and warms the soul".

"I want the whole world knows me as the God of mercy and of love, I want that people know my ardent desire to forgive and save them from the fire of hell. Sinners not fear, the more guilty I will not escape. We expect as a Father, with open arms to give them the kiss of peace and true happiness".

"To be happy does not need God or man or his services, because enough in itself. Its glory is endless and no one can diminish it. But God, who is infinitely powerful and infinitely good and has created man only to love, how will suffer and then let it die like that? No! The give another proof of love and, faced with an infinite evil, offers a remedy of infinite value. One of the three Divine Persons will take on human nature and repair the harm caused by sin".

"Speak first to those who do not know me. Yes, you dear children, I speak to you from a very early age that you live far away from the Father. Come! I will tell you why I do not know when and who will understand what is and loving and tender heart has for you, you can’t resist his love. It often happens that those who grow up away from home are not evidence of any paternal affection for their parents. But if one day experience the tenderness of the father and mother no longer distinguishable from them and love them more of those who were always with their parents".

"I speak even to my enemies. To you that not only do not you love me, but I am persecuted with your hatred just wonder: why this hatred so bitter? What evil I have done so because I abused? Many have never made this request and the same time that the appeal to them, maybe say: "I feel inside me that hate, but I do not know how to explain it". Well, I will answer for you. If in your childhood you have known I was there because no one has taught know. As you grow, natural inclinations, the attraction for the pleasure, the desire of wealth and freedom have grown with you. Then one day you heard about me, you have heard it said that to live according to my will, to be endure and love our neighbor, to respect his rights and his possessions, to subdue and tie its nature, in short, to live under one law".

"And you that, from the earliest years is not that following the whim of your will and the impulses of your passions, you who do not know what law would you have protested vigorously:" I do not want other law that my desires; I want to enjoy and be free. "That's why you have started and to persecute. But I, that is your Father, you loved and, as with so much fury worked against me, my heart more than ever, was filled with tenderness for you . Just spent too many years of your life ... "

"Believe in my love and my mercy. I offended you? You lose it. I have persecuted? He love you. I hurt you with words and works? Want you good and give you my treasures. Do not think that ignore how you lived so far. I know that you have despised my thanks and that sometimes you have profaned my sacraments. No matter, you lose it! Yes, I will forgive you! Are the Wisdom, the Happiness, Peace, I am the Mercy and Love.

"Unfortunate people who are deaf to his voice! If you do not leave the sin, if you do not give to the love of God for all eternity will be victims of their hatred of the Creator. If while on this earth are not receiving the divine mercy in the Hereafter will suffer the power of divine justice. It is horrible to fall into the hands of the living God.

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